Waxing hair removal service
5.00 (100 reviews)
STALKER, лазертаг-клуб активного отдыха и развлечений image
STALKER, лазертаг-клуб активного отдыха и развлечений
Laser tag center
👍👍 Perfect place. We celebrated the birthday of our son Bogdan - 9 years old. Cool guys, attentive administrator Alexander, the man who withstood the screaming horde of children - Vitaly and a wonderful girl-photographer, thank you for the festive atmosphere and pleasant communication!
5.00 (65 reviews)
Prostranstvo Yogi "Aerotoriya" image
Prostranstvo Yogi "Aerotoriya"
Yoga studio
👍👍 Уже почти 4 года хожу заниматься йогой в студию Аэротория. Уютное пространство, отзывчивые тренера, чуткий руководитель Юлия. Также хочу отметить, что в студии есть различные направления: мой путь начинался с аэройоги - йога на гамаках, но сейчас я влюблена в направление Айенгара. Регулярные занятия...
5.00 (36 reviews)
5.00 (33 reviews)
Академик | Многопрофильный медицинский центр Краснодар | Косметология, УЗИ, стоматология image
Академик | Многопрофильный медицинский центр Краснодар | Косметология, УЗИ, стоматология
Medical Center
👍👍 Сегодня впервые посетила этот медицинский центр, записалась на приём к гастроэнтерологу Новоселовой. Добираться удобно, есть парковка. На ресепшн встречают приветливые девочки-администраторы. Быстро оформили документы, напомнили про бахилы и проводили к доктору.Получилось прийти пораньше и доктор см...
4.90 (117 reviews)
Фитнес-клуб Digger image
Фитнес-клуб Digger
👍👍 I go every day. Club 🔥 if you don’t need a pool (it’s not here), then there’s no better fitness center in Krasnodar. The price/quality ratio is beyond praise. Super modern training equipment and mountains of iron. There is plenty of parking. In a word, the best there is in the area. House of athlet...
4.90 (87 reviews)
Kafe "Artom" image
Kafe "Artom"
👍👍 Cafe ? It would be more correct to say a restaurant. This is a real paradise for a gourmet. We started having lunch there on the advice of friends and were not disappointed. We will never change this establishment for anything. Thanks to the friendly staff and cooks, you feel at home. We kindly ask...
4.90 (71 reviews)
Гостевой Дом "Огонёк" image
Гостевой Дом "Огонёк"
Guest house
4.90 (49 reviews)
N Fitness image
N Fitness
Fitness center
👍👍 Хороший, просторный зал! Есть все необходимые тренажёры. Отличный персонал. Всегда доброжелательные администраторы и профессиональные тренера. Отдельное спасибо персональному тренеру Игорю. Если хотите профессионала в своём деле - однозначно выбирайте его.
4.90 (44 reviews)
Wine & Vine image
Wine & Vine
Wine bar
👍 The cuisine is not bad, a glass of good Russian wine 200 grams costs 900 rubles. In my opinion, a little expensive...
4.90 (43 reviews)
Best Barber Shop image
Best Barber Shop
Barber shop
👍👍 Margarita is a pro, an excellent master with flair. First of all, the work is done the way the client wants, and only then any corrections are discussed with him. She cut my son's hair perfectly, many thanks from both of us! Well, the salon itself is very clean and cozy, well equipped. For us it is...
4.90 (40 reviews)
Family doctor image
Family doctor
Dental clinic
👍👍 I hasten to tell you about my experience of dental treatment in this clinic! I can’t help but express my delight! I liked absolutely everything: from the first appointment with the doctor to leaving the clinic with healthy teeth! The girl from the reception desk answered quickly, clearly and promptl...
4.90 (35 reviews)
Yoga studio "Kailash" image
Yoga studio "Kailash"
👍👍 Работают профессионалы! Осторожно, Вам может очень понравится и появится зависимость!😉😁
4.90 (33 reviews)
Город Детей Pro Fashion image
Город Детей Pro Fashion
Family restaurant
👍👍 A chic establishment, the waiter is generally super, just darling, attentive and gentle! Thank you very much for the super service. WAITER GERMAN HE'S COOL!!! (Special thanks to Herman for helping me carry things to the car) attentive in everything!
$$ $$
4.80 (880 reviews)
RedPoint hotel image
RedPoint hotel
Bright quarters in an informal hotel offering a warm restaurant, a fitness center & a sauna.
4.80 (448 reviews)
Alanskaya Kukhnya image
Alanskaya Kukhnya
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Amazing 😋😋😋 charcoal chicken, tender meat, aromatic. And the pies are just a fairy tale - real, traditional. I also tried national soft drinks - sooooo tasty, and most importantly, without any chemicals, using natural products. And what’s important, for all this - reasonable prices, 350 rubles fo...
$$ $$
4.80 (299 reviews)
Anor-Anor Chaykhana image
Anor-Anor Chaykhana
Tea house
👍👍 Everything we tried was very tasty! The service is fast and without problems. There are two parking lots - Solnechnaya and Rossiyskaya.
4.80 (109 reviews)
YUM YUM | Крафтовые бургеры image
YUM YUM | Крафтовые бургеры
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 For the first time I tried a burger with falafel and it turned out to be very tasty 😍 no worse than a meat burger) potatoes, grill sauce, cheese pillows - everything is fire 🤤 Pavlova’s dessert is delicious, but it’s cut hard. For the long wait we were given a donation 🍩 😍very nice ☺️
4.80 (103 reviews)
Академия ФК Краснодар image
Академия ФК Краснодар
👍👍 Free football lessons for children over 3 years old
4.80 (80 reviews)
Pekarnya Khlebnyy Dom image
Pekarnya Khlebnyy Dom
👍👍 Unfortunately, there are no rye baked goods. And everything is fine, everything is delicious. I recommend
$$ $$
4.80 (63 reviews)
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