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NOVAT – Novosibirsk State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet image
NOVAT – Novosibirsk State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
Performing arts theater
Iconic theater building founded in 1945 & known for its unique architecture & large dome.
4.90 (7K reviews)
Новосибирский зоопарк имени Р.А. Шило image
Новосибирский зоопарк имени Р.А. Шило
10,000 animals from around the world in a major zoo helping to conserve numerous endangered species.
4.80 (37.1K reviews)
Pobeda image
Movie theater
👍 It's nice to relax and watch a movie on a wide screen. You can listen to music in the cafe.
4.80 (8.6K reviews)
Square of Fame image
Square of Fame
👍👍 Huge, lots of trees and enough things in playground. Really loved the place!
4.80 (5.6K reviews)
Dolphins, oceanography and marine biology center image
Dolphins, oceanography and marine biology center
Vibrant center providing dolphin shows, an aquarium with 300+ fish species & oceanography exhibits.
4.80 (4.6K reviews)
Krasnyy Fakel image
Krasnyy Fakel
Performing arts theater
👍👍 Red Torch is my favorite theater! I think he really is the best in town. If the theater, then only KF! I've been going there for half my life, more than 20 years. The most talented actors! Irina Krivonos, Konstantin Telegin, Vladimir Lemeshonok, Pavel Polyakov, Tatyana Klassina, Oleg Mayboroda, Vict...
4.80 (4K reviews)
Novosibirskiy Muzykal'nyy Teatr image
Novosibirskiy Muzykal'nyy Teatr
Performing arts theater
👍👍 Our kind, cozy home of musical comedy. We go exclusively to see our famous honored artist Veronica Grishulenko. She's fantastic. Her voice is mesmerizing. The performances go off with a bang, all the artists are worthy of praise. It’s nice that there is a place for flowers, it’s very convenient, you...
4.80 (2.5K reviews)
Glory Monument image
Glory Monument
Historical landmark
👍👍 This place has such a strong energy. This place transports you back to the world War-II era. The sense of patriotism and heroes is felt in strong way. Reading name of the martyrs makes you think how the sons of this land stood up to defend their motherland. Love and respect to all the martyrs and t...
4.80 (2.3K reviews)
Khochu Puri image
Khochu Puri
👍👍 Очень вкусные шашлыки всегда. Хинкали просто класс. Персонал приветливый. Рекомендую.
$$ $$
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Muzey Prirody. Novosibirskiy Gosudarstvennyy Krayevedcheskiy Muzey image
Muzey Prirody. Novosibirskiy Gosudarstvennyy Krayevedcheskiy Muzey
👍👍 An excellent museum that gives a complete picture of the history of wildlife in those parts. The animal world of the present time is also presented. For self-development, and even more so for the development of the child, the very thing ... I hope the museum will continue to develop and prosper.
4.80 (1K reviews)
Skver Slavy image
Skver Slavy
👍👍 Красивое место,много лет гуляем!
4.80 (961 reviews)
coffee Academy image
coffee Academy
Coffee shop
👍👍 Very good coffee shop
$$ $$
4.80 (917 reviews)
Akademiya Kofe image
Akademiya Kofe
Coffee shop
👍👍 Отличное место рекомендую всем. Если хочешь с утра покушать вкусно и не дорого иди сюда. За 250 рублей ты получишь: Кашу (рисовую или овсянку с фруктами), Круассан, свежевфдатый фрешь(яблоко или апельсин) , кофе.😋😋😋 Ну и основное блюдо это кофе очень хорошо варят кофе. P. S. На фото Кашу ребёнок...
$$ $$
4.80 (834 reviews)
Mega image
Shopping mall
👍👍 Very quickly I found what I wanted. Dreams come true in Mega. Service is excellent. Glad for the Left Bank. Thank you
4.70 (27.3K reviews)
Akvamir image
Aquatic centre
Indoor water park with slides for adults & children, a large wave pool, saunas & steam bath.
4.70 (15K reviews)
Mirotel image
Bright rooms in a relaxed property with a restaurant, a bar & a pizzeria, along with a dance club.
4.80 (799 reviews)
Troitse-Vladimirskiy Sobor image
Troitse-Vladimirskiy Sobor
Russian Orthodox church
👍👍 Here is the most beautiful and bewitching male choir. Come to the evening service on Saturday and you will understand that you have never heard anything more beautiful before!!! Thank you God🙏
4.80 (777 reviews)
Zaeltsovskiy Bor image
Zaeltsovskiy Bor
Open since 1932, this green space offers picnic pavilions, cycling & walking trails & play areas.
4.70 (8.5K reviews)
Barak image
European restaurant
👍👍 Если вы любите мясо так, как люблю его я, то вам сюда. Вкуснейшие стейки, рулька, ммммм, пальчики оближешь. Уютная атмосфера, немного столов, быстро обслуживают и цены приемлемые!!!
$$ $$
4.80 (673 reviews)
Park Chudes Galileo Novosibirsk image
Park Chudes Galileo Novosibirsk
👍 Interesting experiences and experiences, but very difficult if there are a lot of people. The room is small, stuffy and dark, you have to stand in line while you play enough and take photos. It wasn’t easy to find a way out of the mirror maze 🙂 Overall, I liked it. There is a cafe and a souvenir sh...
4.70 (3.3K reviews)
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