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Experience the best that Sochi has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 1.6K places in the city.

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Стоматология Доктора Косневича | Сочи | Виниры, имплантация, стоматолог image
Стоматология Доктора Косневича | Сочи | Виниры, имплантация, стоматолог
Dental clinic
👍👍 What a pleasure it is to come to this family clinic! The atmosphere here is friendly and transparent! As he says, my wife Anton Davidovich is the master of toothache. We have already resorted to him more than once with the words “Save, help, it hurts so much that you can’t do anything and don’t want...
5.00 (85 reviews)
Feedback - массажный салон image
Feedback - массажный салон
Massage therapist
👍👍 Years and centuries will pass, but I will always come to the massage FeedBack Sochi. Style, staff, professionalism, atmosphere, HSE in one word. Masseuse Olga, goddess of massage
5.00 (82 reviews)
Family Beauty image
Family Beauty
Beauty salon
👍👍 Why are the most talented colorists not in Moscow? Having arrived with dead hair after Covid, terribly cut bangs by a hairdresser from a promoted studio, and fear of finishing off my long hair, in Lazarevskoye I accidentally fell into the hands of Ksenia Dzyubko. In 4.5 hours the complex dyeing and...
5.00 (53 reviews)
Клиника Эстетической Стоматологии “ЮГ-ДЕНТА” image
Клиника Эстетической Стоматологии “ЮГ-ДЕНТА”
Dental clinic
👍👍 a few years ago I had the opportunity to urgently look for a dentist, but several attempts turned out to be failures - either a pure scam for money, or they generally go to pull out and insert implants...... and to be honest, I was already thinking about going to my hometown for adequate doctors, bu...
5.00 (52 reviews)
Tropical healer spa image
Tropical healer spa
Massage therapist
👍👍 Good afternoon, Maria, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the massage. The massage in a new format for me was simply wonderful! I received great pleasure and of course relief in my back and legs. The warmth of your hands simply carried the sun's rays, which warmed and took away the...
5.00 (51 reviews)
Studiya Ulybok image
Studiya Ulybok
Dental clinic
👍👍 I came for teeth cleaning on the recommendation of friends who had previously visited this clinic and were very pleased with the cleaning, treatment and whitening, I can also speak for myself) I am satisfied with the cleaning, the difficult removal of an impacted tooth. Tooth extraction is a complex...
5.00 (42 reviews)
Yoga and dance studio "Perfection" image
Yoga and dance studio "Perfection"
Yoga studio
👍👍 I thank the studio “Perfection” for the quick effect of oriental dancing, my stomach immediately “went away”, the body became plastic and flexible, became more feminine and graceful, mastered “belly dancing”, strengthened the pelvic floor muscles, improved health “like a woman”, added the effect of...
5.00 (42 reviews)
АРТапарт image
👍👍 Мы жили в этом замечательном отеле в декабре 23 года, выбрали его по отличным отзывам и не пожалели! Первое общение с администратором Натальей по бронированию, встреча и проживание в отеле - все было на высоте! Это замечательный, небольшой отель в центре Сочи, с атмосферой тепла и уюта, а так же с...
5.00 (42 reviews)
Navaginskaya Ulitsa image
Navaginskaya Ulitsa
Hiking area
👍👍 A beautiful walking street with tall palm trees, large-flowered magnolias and other evergreen trees. There are many flowers, the flower beds are constantly renewed and they delight citizens and guests of the city with year-round flowering. Lots of benches to sit and relax. On Navaginskaya there are...
5.00 (42 reviews)
Klinika Ukha, Gorla I Nosa image
Klinika Ukha, Gorla I Nosa
Medical Center
👍👍 I was at the clinic for an appointment with an ENT specialist. Wonderful clinic, friendly staff and professional doctors. The doctor quickly examined him, another doctor quickly took pictures, and in the end they made a diagnosis and prescribed treatment. They also offer you tea/coffee while you wa...
5.00 (38 reviews)
Hooknrolla image
👍👍 Часто прихожу сюда простo перекусить или выпить вкусных коктейлей вечером. Тут очень бoльшой выбор блюд, каждый найдет свое. Мое любимое блюдo: утиная ножка с печеной морковью. Тут весь персонал привeтлив и дружелюбен, можно посещать с животными.
5.00 (37 reviews)
U Gayany, Salon Krasoty image
U Gayany, Salon Krasoty
Beauty salon
👍👍 Great salon! Masters at a high level. Constantly undergo advanced training
5.00 (33 reviews)
Memorial Vov Zavokzal'nyy Rayon image
Memorial Vov Zavokzal'nyy Rayon
Memorial park
👍 Понравилось, что есть и мемориал. Есть и зелёный сквер.
4.90 (417 reviews)
Cathedral of the Archangel Michael image
Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
👍 Храм строился рядом с Навагинским фортом. Архитектором стал московский специалисты А. Каминский. Уже 26 мая 1874 года был заложен первый камень, а дата стала считаться днем основания храма. Однако строительство завершилось только в 1890 году. Торжественное открытие произошло 24 сентября 1891 года. П...
4.90 (349 reviews)
Barabas Espresso Bar image
Barabas Espresso Bar
👍👍 Great establishment. Great coffee, make it in your own mug ♻️, toilet with reusable (!) towels. Water is available, Wi-Fi, comfortable tables, sockets. Delicious samosas with vegetarian fillings 🥦💚. Located on a fairly crowded street, you can't sit on the terrace, but it's just great inside! For s...
$$ $$
4.90 (211 reviews)
steak house chef image
steak house chef
Delivery Restaurant
👍👍 Душевное кафе, пикантный шеф с креативными идеями. Розовый лаваш, говядина на гриле, салат, маринованный лук, базилик свежайший....ммм нет, не опишу. ЭТО МОЖНО ТОЛЬКО ПОПРОБОВАТЬ И ВКУСИТЬ ВСЕ КРАСКИ КУХНИ БИСТРО ШЕФА!!!!
$$ $$
4.90 (207 reviews)
Pho Khanoy image
Pho Khanoy
👍👍 Потрясающе вкусно и быстро! Том ям подаётся с лимоном и рисом, наконец-то! Вежливый персонал, блюда на высоте. Теперь любимое место ❤️
$$ $$
4.90 (193 reviews)
SPADAY | Спа салон в Сочи | Спа для двоих | Массаж в Сочи | Спа в Сочи image
SPADAY | Спа салон в Сочи | Спа для двоих | Массаж в Сочи | Спа в Сочи
Day spa
👍👍 Недавно посетила программу Спа в этом прекрасном и уютном месте. Настолько наполнилась , расслабилась и провела вечер в полном наслаждении жизнью. Особенно благодарна мастеру Нине за ее вежливое общение и невероятный уход.
4.90 (137 reviews)
Aurora Dental Clinic image
Aurora Dental Clinic
Dental clinic
👍👍 When I changed my place of residence in Sochi I had to change my dentist. After visiting three dental clinics in Adler, I chose Aurora. Dr. Dzidzoeva Diana Olegovna is the best specialist, in my opinion, in this location. Doctors do not waste unnecessary services //do not do work that is not needed...
4.90 (115 reviews)
Ulybka image
Dental clinic
😠 They don't care about clients, they can't even answer basic questions and ignore them. In addition, the reviews are fake, I would not recommend dealing with such people.
4.90 (110 reviews)
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