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Супра Меоре image
Супра Меоре
$$ $$
4.80 (3.7K reviews) (~3.19 km from centre)
Kafema image
👍👍 Mind-blowingly good espresso. Cool atmosphere. Not great if you're looking for somewhere quiet
$$ $$
4.80 (771 reviews) (~2.6 km from centre)
Okean Imax Movie Theatre image
Okean Imax Movie Theatre
Movie theater
Movie theater chain known for presenting 3D films on a giant screen, including blockbusters.
4.70 (7.6K reviews) (~3 km from centre)
Mariinsky Teatre Primorsky Stage image
Mariinsky Teatre Primorsky Stage
Opera house
👍👍 Went here twice, once for opera and one for ballet. Place is clean and new. For the ballet, make sure you purchase the tickets early (a month before) so you can get front seats. I purchased a week before and got a 5th floor seat. You can see the action but can’t see the face of performers.
4.70 (6.3K reviews) (~3.4 km from centre)
Pospelov Fort image
Pospelov Fort
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very cool place, loved it! Large area with a lot to see. They made signs everywhere in Russian and English. You need to come in summer or spring to see the scale of the territory. There are wonderful views.
4.80 (725 reviews) (~9.23 km from centre)
Primorskiy Akademicheskiy Krayevoy Dramaticheskiy Teatr Imeni M. Gor'kogo image
Primorskiy Akademicheskiy Krayevoy Dramaticheskiy Teatr Imeni M. Gor'kogo
Performing arts theater
4.70 (2.1K reviews) (~2.05 km from centre)
Маяк Токаревского image
Маяк Токаревского
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Nice place and when I got there the sun was fading which made this place more fantastic
4.70 (2.1K reviews) (~8.34 km from centre)
Kvestkafe image
Amusement center
👍👍 a super place for any holiday, very interesting quests, friendly staff, good cats, the cat Eva is generally the star of this wonderful place 🫶🏻we will come back here again and again! Thank you, beloved QuestCafe🤍💋💋
4.80 (595 reviews) (~1.64 km from centre)
Illyuzion Park, Kvesty image
Illyuzion Park, Kvesty
Amusement center
👍👍 Good, not bad
4.70 (1.8K reviews) (~3.34 km from centre)
Novosiltsevskaya Battery image
Novosiltsevskaya Battery
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A place with simply stunning views of the Russian Bridge, Ajax Bay and the eastern entrance of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait, which this complex was intended to protect. The battery itself, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, was restored only in 2012 - more than a century later. The te...
4.70 (1.1K reviews) (~8.12 km from centre)
Voyenno-Istoricheskiy Muzey Tikhookeanskogo Flota image
Voyenno-Istoricheskiy Muzey Tikhookeanskogo Flota
Museum featuring a vast collection of naval artifacts & open-air displays of historic ships & guns.
4.70 (905 reviews) (~1.88 km from centre)
Да, Шеф! image
Да, Шеф!
👍👍 Очень вкусные бургеры, самая вкусная картошка фри просто идеальная ❤️Спасибо, шеф!
$$ $$
4.70 (825 reviews) (~2.35 km from centre)
Kalina Mall image
Kalina Mall
Shopping mall
Indoor mall featuring fashion retailers, phone stores, a food court with global eats & a kids' zone.
4.60 (10.2K reviews) (~3.16 km from centre)
Supra image
👍👍 I felt guilty for my bad russian because the staffs of this place are trying so hard to make me comfort while staying this place. The service quality is as high as 7 star hotels. And food was very good for me.
$$ $$
4.60 (8.8K reviews) (~2.8 km from centre)
Lima image
👍👍 The most underestimated place in the city. Hidden gem even though located in the very city center. Love the food, the atmosphere, drinks and the best cheesecakes in the city.
$$ $$
4.70 (722 reviews) (~2.39 km from centre)
Fort № 3 image
Fort № 3
👍👍 IMPORTANT! Some of the entrances are closed with metal doors with bars (for security reasons, of course) As far as I understand, it is necessary to contact representatives of the Vladivostok Fortress Museum in advance in order to visit this object. An excellent place to go there in the summer; it of...
4.80 (365 reviews) (~7.46 km from centre)
Sopka Burachka image
Sopka Burachka
Hiking area
👍👍 Отличное место, город как на ладони! Шикарные фото получатся В темное время есть подсветка, парковка тоже есть не большая, но есть. Всё сделано просто, но функционально. Отличная энергетика данного места. Но в ветреную погоду не рекомендую, дует очень сильно. Видовая безопасна, даже при ветре, но н...
4.70 (613 reviews) (~3.71 km from centre)
Vladivostok Circus image
Vladivostok Circus
👍👍 Wonderful circus! We’ve been there twice already and each time, new, amazing performances! A wonderful team of circus artists. Gorgeous costumes, scenery, visual and sound effects! There is a professional approach in everything! The animals also surprised us with their abilities! I really liked the...
4.60 (2.6K reviews) (~1.57 km from centre)
Triumphal Arch for Tsar Nicholas II image
Triumphal Arch for Tsar Nicholas II
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The monument is so awesome with beautiful panorama. The best time to take picture in here is in afternoon.
4.60 (2.5K reviews) (~2.29 km from centre)
Antique Automobile Museum image
Antique Automobile Museum
👍👍 Interesting place, cost 300 for adults and 100 for students upon presentation of a student ID. You can see how the history of cars began, both in Russia and abroad. Exhibits made in the USSR, USA, Japan and Germany are presented. You can sit in some cars. All copies are in excellent condition. You...
4.70 (595 reviews) (~5.84 km from centre)
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