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Kazan Kremlin image
Kazan Kremlin
Hilltop complex of fortified palaces & monuments erected over 1,000 years, now serving as museums.
4.90 (60.2K reviews)
Kul Sharif Mosque image
Kul Sharif Mosque
Ornately-decorated modern mosque on Kremlin site with iconic blue 55-metre minarets & dome.
4.90 (21K reviews)
Vyyti Iz Komnaty image
Vyyti Iz Komnaty
Amusement center
5.00 (509 reviews)
Kvestrum.rf image
Amusement center
4.90 (1K reviews)
Кирмән яр буе урамы image
Кирмән яр буе урамы
Tourist attraction
Vibrant waterfront promenade & bike path lined with cafes, benches, a stage & a kids' carousel.
4.80 (17.6K reviews)
Gosudarstvennyy Zoologicheskiy Park Udmurtii image
Gosudarstvennyy Zoologicheskiy Park Udmurtii
A 44-acre state-run zoo, open since 2008, with resident polar bears, wild cats, primates & reptiles.
4.80 (11.7K reviews)
Kazansko-Bogoroditskiy Muzhskoy Monastyr' image
Kazansko-Bogoroditskiy Muzhskoy Monastyr'
👍👍 We came to the morning service at 6 a.m. on Sunday at the “cave church” to see the place where the Icon of the Kazan Mother of God appeared. We stood through the service in full and took communion. Then we went up to the upper church, large and luxurious, to venerate the list of the miraculous Icon....
4.80 (3.3K reviews)
Na Bulake Theatre image
Na Bulake Theatre
Performing arts theater
👍👍 A few words about how to decorate gloomy winter everyday life with a light “dessert with pepper”😉1⃣6⃣➕ Attend the play "Golden Boys" at the theater on Bulak with a friend. Light humorous production. If you want depth, this is not the place. It’s about “relax, laugh, unwind, recharge.” And yes! The...
4.80 (2.7K reviews)
Suyumbike Tower image
Suyumbike Tower
Historical landmark
Landmark leaning tower featuring Russian & Tatar designs & a green spire with a Muslim crescent.
4.90 (642 reviews)
Cathedral of the Annunciation image
Cathedral of the Annunciation
Monumental 1500s Orthodox cathedral in the Kazan Kremlin, topped by blue domes & a gold tower.
4.90 (608 reviews)
Pamyatnik Echpochmaku image
Pamyatnik Echpochmaku
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A place exclusively for tourists, souvenir shops, etc. I recommend going to the Kazan silver store. The place itself is beautiful and there are plenty of places to take some photos.
4.80 (1.8K reviews)
4 Kukhni image
4 Kukhni
👍👍 Awesome interior inside. Very lavish and eye catching. Beautiful theme of plants and greenary inside.. And the aesthetic beauty is very pleasant. The staff is very active and very helpful. Service is very fast and is having very good cuisines inside. Must go once and enjoy the love inside.
$$ $$
4.80 (1.8K reviews)
Kremlevskaya Naberezhnaya image
Kremlevskaya Naberezhnaya
👍👍 Beautiful eye catching view from here. Must visit place with your partner. And the lounge and hotels over there make it look even better. Beautiful lounges and alot to do things there skating cycling walking sunbathing in summer and also selfies time also. Books also available to read. And the photo...
4.80 (1.6K reviews)
Vostochnyy Bazar image
Vostochnyy Bazar
Dessert restaurant
👍👍 Very great place! I recommend visiting this place! You can buy souvenirs, sit in a cafe and drink coffee or try the “Tatar Tea Party” set of sweets. As a “compliment” from the establishment they offered to try “Duchess”, “barberry” with nuts and “chocolate” Turkish delight. Take your time and visit.
4.90 (550 reviews)
Бульвар «Белые Цветы» image
Бульвар «Белые Цветы»
👍👍 A very extended and high-quality recreation location. A variety of children's and sports grounds. Beautiful and practical useful
4.80 (1.3K reviews)
Fontany image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very nice place to walk and cycling
4.80 (1.3K reviews)
Muzey Sotsialisticheskogo Byta image
Muzey Sotsialisticheskogo Byta
Museum exploring Soviet life in the 1970s & '80s via exhibits of toys, clothing & music memorabilia.
4.80 (1.3K reviews)
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