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Bandia Reserve image
Bandia Reserve
Wildlife refuge
Safari park with giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras & other wildlife, plus a restaurant & gift shop.
4.40 (3K reviews)
les Manguiers de Guéréo image
les Manguiers de Guéréo
Relaxed quarters in a serene hotel offering a restaurant, an infinity pool & lagoon views.
4.50 (364 reviews)
Somone Lagoon Reserve image
Somone Lagoon Reserve
Wildlife park
👍👍 Simply fantastic. I like the place there, all food is natural, fresh and you eat what they just brought from the ocean. It looks like a poor place but we are done with the up scale restaurants that serve the same food (frozen) with triple price at least, while in this place it’s affordable for every...
4.40 (698 reviews)
Réserve de Bandia image
Réserve de Bandia
Nature preserve
👍👍 Very cool experience, even though it is probably hard to classify as a real safari. You get driven around in a car, where it is easy to see the wildlife and take good pictures. The guide was helpful and spoke English and French perfectly, and allowed for photo stops during the tour.
4.50 (336 reviews)
accrobaobab adventure image
accrobaobab adventure
Adventure sports
👍 Seeking for adventure full of adrenaline... here is your spot. A parkour worth the tour and very challenging. You better be mentally prepared but the good news it's safe and you'll have fun... like I did ;)
4.50 (278 reviews)
Les tortues pondeuses image
Les tortues pondeuses
Dine-in · Kerbside pickup
4.90 (80 reviews)
Parc Exotique image
Parc Exotique
Animal park
👍👍 Toddler approved ;-). It is very clean and well kept. The price is right and you can see the efforts to invest in the place and improve overall living conditions of the animals. The hotel and restaurant are nice. The personal are friendly and helpful. We had an excellent and restful stay. More impor...
4.30 (355 reviews)
Villa Le Petit Paradis Boutique Hôtel image
Villa Le Petit Paradis Boutique Hôtel
Warm rooms in a polished B&B featuring casual dining & an outdoor pool with covered seating areas.
4.40 (159 reviews)
La Villa, Maison D'Hôtes image
La Villa, Maison D'Hôtes
👍👍 We had an amazing time at La Villa Maison. It's beautiful, tucked away home run by a very sweet couple. The rooms have been newly renovated and give privacy to guests. In addition to the beautiful surrounding, the staff is phenomenal. Every morning breakfast was prepared for us and they check in thr...
4.70 (79 reviews)
Restaurant NEW PANORAMIC image
👍 Perché sur un point haut de la lagune de Somone le restaurant offre une vue magnifique. L'accueil y est chaleureux et Malik et son épouse sont à votre écoute pour vous installer confortablement. Un endroit simple mais sympa, les plats servis sont très bon et copieux et frais. Les prix sont très corr...
4.90 (56 reviews)
Parc Animalier De Bandia image
Parc Animalier De Bandia
👍👍 Superb place to see absolutely. With a breathtaking mini BANDIA Safari with a guaranteed view close to the animals. I have been visiting this reserve since it opened in 1997.
4.40 (111 reviews)
le Thiokaam Chez Bouba image
le Thiokaam Chez Bouba
😠 Thiefs. They show you good prices but in the end when you want to pay your bill prices get doubled because the list they showed you "are the prices from last year and not the new ones" Sure..... Never EVER go there!!
4.40 (111 reviews)
Toubana Lodge image
Toubana Lodge
👍👍 If I recall correctly, "Terranga" means generosity, hospitality, and warmth in the Senegalese language Wolof. If there's a place where these qualities are exemplified in the finest way, Toubana Lodge is a perfect embodiment of this definition. The hosts, Nathalie and Mamadou, are true masters of the...
5.00 (43 reviews)
Paradise Rasta image
Paradise Rasta
👍👍 I had a great time at this restaurant. You have to take a small boat ride through the lagoon to get there but it is worth the ride. The food was very delicious, and the owner is very personable and you can tell he is a real patriot. Would highly recommend the cheeb u jenn. Very authentic food with a...
$ $$$
4.00 (549 reviews)
La Taniere Villa Metsu image
La Taniere Villa Metsu
Warm quarters in a stylish hotel offering a restaurant, 2 bars & a pool, plus a rooftop terrace.
4.10 (216 reviews)
Réserve de Bandia image
Réserve de Bandia
Wildlife park
👍 Interesting nature reserve, beautiful flora (baobabs, acacias and all that typical vegetation of the pre-desert or Sahel region), good attempt to reintroduce animal species that in the past were present in the area (you can see: zebras, giraffes, warthogs, buffaloes ... but also rhinos, hyenas etc...
4.30 (87 reviews)
Lodge Dalaal Diam image
Lodge Dalaal Diam
Guest house
Warm quarters in a laid-back lodge offering a simple restaurant, an outdoor pool & free Wi-Fi.
4.30 (83 reviews)
Ranch de Bandia image
Ranch de Bandia
Nature preserve
👍👍 Avery exceptional experience. It's the concept of the "zoo safari", which I don't love, but instead you stay in your room/lodge and the animals (giraffe, impala, etc) wonder around. Having breakfast on the terrace enjoying this view was great!
4.20 (102 reviews)
Sama Nopalu Kaï image
Sama Nopalu Kaï
👍👍 C'est un véritable havre de paix que nous offre cet hôtel. Les multiples variétés de fleurs qui composent le jardin sont splendides et assurent une sensation de sérénité et de bien-être. Tout a été parfait durant notre séjour : les chambres sont spacieuses, la literie confortable, le restaurant est...
4.70 (44 reviews)
Baobab Soleil image
Baobab Soleil
😐 The decor is beautiful, there are majestic trees, many birds. Perfect for late risers. Don't expect to have your breakfast before 8:45-9am. On the other hand, the location where you have breakfast is opposite the car park.
4.20 (96 reviews)
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