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Discover the best places in Communauté rurale de Toubacouta, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 17 places in the city.

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Fathala Wildlife Reserve - Safari Senegal Accommodation image
Fathala Wildlife Reserve - Safari Senegal Accommodation
Laid-back quarters in a refined game reserve guesthouse with a restaurant, a cafe & an outdoor pool.
4.40 (721 reviews)
Fathalah Lodge image
Fathalah Lodge
Resort hotel
👍👍 This place is amazing and a must visit if in Senegal. There are a wide range of activities available from Safari to fishing and local village tours, If you are visiting to do the lion walk you will not be disappointed as it is amazing. Also check out the Lion Cubs they are nothing short of awesome....
4.60 (140 reviews)
Les Paletuviers Boutique Hotel image
Les Paletuviers Boutique Hotel
Chic quarters in an upmarket waterfront hotel offering a restaurant, an outdoor pool & a gym.
4.20 (410 reviews)
Keur Saloum image
Keur Saloum
Rustic riverfront hotel offering modest rooms in huts, plus an open-air eatery & an outdoor pool.
4.10 (596 reviews)
Maison D'Hotes Keur Niaye image
Maison D'Hotes Keur Niaye
Casual guesthouse offering thatched-roof bungalows & a garden, plus complimentary breakfast.
4.60 (61 reviews)
Fadidi Niombato image
Fadidi Niombato
👍👍 At the end of a small track which crosses a hamlet with a majestic two-hundred-year-old tree we discovered this beautiful hotel on the banks of the river. The place is heavenly, relaxing, the staff charming and the food good.
4.60 (55 reviews)
Restaurante Chez Boum image
Restaurante Chez Boum
👍👍 Chez Boum was great!! I went here with my mom and my brother and Boum is super nice and super accommodating. The food was delicious, especially the fries and the sauce for the meat. The beers were cold and cheap. I definitely recommend checking this place out!!
4.30 (73 reviews)
Saloum Delta image
Saloum Delta
Land mass
This river delta where the Saloum River meets the Atlantic Ocean is home to a variety of birds.
4.50 (51 reviews)
Mariamacounda B & B image
Mariamacounda B & B
👍 It is very good hotel. Nice, clean and very charming.
4.20 (63 reviews)
Mini Résort 'Les Fromagers' image
Mini Résort 'Les Fromagers'
👍👍 I have my gallery at the foot of the tree UNESCO historical heritage class with the saloum delta We do our best to protect it well even if it is not easy Come visit....
4.30 (53 reviews)
Keur Bamboung image
Keur Bamboung
4.20 (47 reviews)
Centre d'interprétation du Delta du Saloum de Toubacouta image
Centre d'interprétation du Delta du Saloum de Toubacouta
👍👍 Excellent centre avec une richesse de contenu historique. La visite guidée par Melle Matta était captivante. Visite clôturée par un film complet.
4.00 (60 reviews)
LE BONOBO LODGE : île de Kathior image
LE BONOBO LODGE : île de Kathior
👍👍 C'est le paradis. Avec un accueil émouvant et au top. Très belle cuisine servie par notre hôte aux petits soins. Et que dire de l'emplacement...le rêve. Idéal pour les amoureux 💑 💑 💑
4.30 (36 reviews)
Fathala Wildlife Reserve image
Fathala Wildlife Reserve
👍 I had the best time. It was exciting! The lions are loved here. The trainers have raised them from cubs. They handle them with care. These lions are 11 years old. They aren't abused. They are shown affection. After I did the lion walk, I heard so many things about canning. This place doesn't seem cr...
4.20 (40 reviews)
Campement Keur Youssou image
Campement Keur Youssou
👍👍 Toujours aussi bien reçu cases propres , ventilateur ou climatisation excursions et explications 👌 👍 top, site bien entretenu et possibilités de transfert.sans oublier les petits déjeuners et la restauration…..
4.10 (47 reviews)
Lodge Africa Strike image
Lodge Africa Strike
Warmly furnished rooms in a French Colonial-style hotel offering dining, a bar & an outdoor pool.
3.80 (71 reviews)
La Mangrove image
La Mangrove
👍👍 It is a very quiet place, with comfortable air-conditioned rooms. The staff is also very friendly. And the site is at the gateway to the Saloum Islands, for those who want to visit them
3.70 (72 reviews)
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