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Chez Dasso image
Chez Dasso
😐 We were the only people there, the food took 1 hour and 15 minutes, the fish was raw. Nice little place and friendly owners, not so impressive service or food.
4.70 (149 reviews)
Faidherbe Bridge image
Faidherbe Bridge
👍👍 Wow. Just Wow. This bridge didn’t just meet my expectations, but surpassed them! Not only is it a stunning link between both parts of Saint Louis, but at night, oh at night! It lights up into a thing of utter beauty. Walking, driving, cycling, crawling, anyway you decide to witness the magic of thi...
4.30 (1.4K reviews)
La Kora image
La Kora
👍👍 Top service, good food ...decent price. Loved it
$$ $$
4.30 (270 reviews)
Ranch de Bango image
Ranch de Bango
😐 All I can say is, it was good staying & i really appreciate.
4.30 (230 reviews)
Musée de la Photographie de Saint-Louis image
Musée de la Photographie de Saint-Louis
Art museum
👍👍 A good place to discover through photographies the history of Saint-Louis the first capital city of Senegal.
4.30 (174 reviews)
Farmers Coffee Shop Saint-Louis Sénégal image
Farmers Coffee Shop Saint-Louis Sénégal
👍👍 This is the B E S T spot in St. Louis - I'd do anything for it to be twice the size - Service is amazing - If there was space, partnering with a very good small pastry shop would be on point for a small pastry case - My next visit to the area will be centered around this place - Sending good elevati...
4.80 (62 reviews)
Auchan Saint-Louis image
Auchan Saint-Louis
👍👍 Nice store, with AC and well-stocked with French and local products. Prices are reasonable. The staff is always really friendly and helpful. They do ask you to leave larger bags at the door (but you can lock them up free of charge). A more comfortable shopping experience for foreigners not used to n...
4.10 (423 reviews)
La Linguere image
La Linguere
👍👍 Best Senegalese food in St. Louis. Very cheap prices for big portions of good food. Cheb, yassa, maffe, etc. Often very crowded at lunch time. Would recommend the bissap too.
$ $$$
4.20 (203 reviews)
Maison d'Hôtes au Fil du Fleuve image
Maison d'Hôtes au Fil du Fleuve
👍👍 Visited on many different occasions over several years. If you are interested in local arts, local history, or food prepared with local products this is a place to see. I have stayed in several of the rooms. Marie-Caroline is creative, passionate, and inspired. Her beautiful place reflects that.
4.30 (128 reviews)
Hotel de la Residence image
Hotel de la Residence
French Colonial-style building with low-key accommodations offering elegant dining & a relaxed bar.
4.00 (479 reviews)
Ndar Ndar music & café image
Ndar Ndar music & café
Coffee shop
👍👍 Lovely cafe with great music and beautiful decor. A perfect place to sit down for a drink or to get some work done.
4.30 (113 reviews)
Les Comptoirs - Le MuPho image
Les Comptoirs - Le MuPho
Art museum
4.70 (56 reviews)
Hotel Cap Saint Louis image
Hotel Cap Saint Louis
Cosy bungalows in a low-key beachfront hotel offering an outdoor pool & a restaurant.
4.10 (220 reviews)
Hotel Diamarek image
Hotel Diamarek
Unassuming oceanfront lodging, plus an outdoor pool, a tennis court & a restaurant.
4.00 (378 reviews)
La crêpe Saint-Louisienne image
La crêpe Saint-Louisienne
👍 A friend of ours raved about this place, so we went in with high expectations, which were somewhat let down. The crepe complete was quite good, and the honey & lemon crepe was something I had never tried before, and I was glad for the chance to try it. The place was clean and had a collegiate atmosp...
4.10 (188 reviews)
Colonial hotel in the former residence of boxer Battling Siki, offering a restaurant & a tapas bar.
4.00 (327 reviews)
Sunset Grill Restaurant image
Sunset Grill Restaurant
Lebanese restaurant
👍👍 Hummus is a favorite. Shawarma poulet sandwiches are pretty good, and so is the brochette, and other sandwiches (Norvégienne, Kentucky, etc) Taboulé salad is refreshing. The spaghetti and chicken pasta are good too. The wait staff is super friendly and attentive. Managers are very welcoming. Interio...
$$ $$
4.20 (119 reviews)
Tour of the egg image
Tour of the egg
Amusement park
😐 Cool
3.90 (428 reviews)
Hotel Sindone image
Hotel Sindone
Colorful rooms in a colonial-style hotel with a restaurant & river views, plus free Wi-Fi & parking.
3.90 (246 reviews)
Patisserie Darou Salam image
Patisserie Darou Salam
👍 Good spot to try some local food in Saint-Louis. The service was good and the place fairly and prices very affordable. We had a thieboudienne and a fish yassa, all were nice meals. Toilettes were ok.
$$ $$
3.80 (503 reviews)
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