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Experience the best that Senegal has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 52 places from Cafe category.

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Farmers Coffee Shop Saint-Louis Sénégal image
Farmers Coffee Shop Saint-Louis Sénégal
👍👍 This is the B E S T spot in St. Louis - I'd do anything for it to be twice the size - Service is amazing - If there was space, partnering with a very good small pastry shop would be on point for a small pastry case - My next visit to the area will be centered around this place - Sending good elevati...
4.80 (62 reviews)
👍👍 I think I found my new spot in Thies. So far the best restaurant I’ve visited. The concept is original, I liked the lady at the reception, she was so kind and the food delivered in a snap of a finger. Talking about the food, you feel and taste the quality of the cooking. It is easily a 5/5 star rest...
4.70 (414 reviews)
Matcha Café Dakar image
Matcha Café Dakar
Tea house
👍👍 Cozy little fusion sushi place. Tried the number 1 salmon combo, the samurai combo. Also the wakame, dumplings, the tiramisu and green matcha cheesecake. Lots of green. Great service. Cordon bleu chef. Check it out.
4.50 (216 reviews)
Pause Douceur (The Cake Shop) image
Pause Douceur (The Cake Shop)
Tea house
👍👍 Had a spa day downtown, and decided to stop here for brunch/lunch based on a recommendation. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. It was nicely decorated and was small but well layed out. I had the chicken avocado grilled sandwich with potatoe salad. It was soooo good. My wife has the Armeni...
$$ $$
4.50 (183 reviews)
Coffee Loft Dakar image
Coffee Loft Dakar
👍👍 Amazing Coffee shop + great restaurant. The coffee shop part is just fantastic. Literally had 3 different coffees in one day and enjoyed them all. The coffee shop area was quiet and a great place to work from. The lady handling the coffee shop part (Florence I think) was really professional and took...
4.50 (114 reviews)
Pistache & Noix image
Pistache & Noix
Tea house
👍👍 Pure delight in this restaurant/tea room. The staff is pleasant and always available. Oriental homemade.
4.50 (58 reviews)
Mood Café & Restaurant image
Mood Café & Restaurant
👍 Nice vibe and healthy food 😊
4.50 (45 reviews)
KOTAO Coffee image
KOTAO Coffee
👍👍 Excellent restaurant in Dakar Almadies. Food is very tasty - especially the burger. Staff were friendly, neat and well organised place. Enjoyed my experience.
$$ $$
4.40 (577 reviews)
Loman Art House - Art Gallery image
Loman Art House - Art Gallery
Art gallery
👍👍 We went today a group of friends to Loman Art House to admire the place, the art inside it and the cuisine. We ordered in advance Moroccan food. The place is an oasis of beauty, calm and happiness. The art is original and telling. The food was fantastic (entrees followed by three types of tagine and...
4.40 (273 reviews)
Darou Khoudos image
Darou Khoudos
👍 Another place where most of the inhabitants live a religious spirit specific to Mouridism, intermediate tarmac roads, traffic is multiple (carts, auto taxis...) from 6 a.m. to midnight. Darou khoudoss 80% clean.
4.40 (49 reviews)
Un'Instant - Pâtisserie - Restaurant - Salon de thé image
Un'Instant - Pâtisserie - Restaurant - Salon de thé
👍👍 Très bon restaurant, avec un service impeccable, courtois, et une bouffe délicieuse. Je vous recommande leur Suprême de volaille accompagné d’un smoothie banane fraise. J’ai bien aimé la déco, très sympa, et l’air, à chaque fois, d’être un peu comme chez soi
4.40 (32 reviews)
Lulu Cafe image
Lulu Cafe
Furniture store
😠 I’m disappointed today with this restaurant . It’s both of my sons birthdays and the place I chose for them was Lulu cafe just because I thought their burger was nice once in the past . We ordered 3 burgers , the meat came up so burnt , too much sauce and a spicy one , the bread was old and the sal...
$$ $$
4.30 (622 reviews)
Ndar Ndar music & café image
Ndar Ndar music & café
Coffee shop
👍👍 Lovely cafe with great music and beautiful decor. A perfect place to sit down for a drink or to get some work done.
4.30 (113 reviews)
👍 A popular place tohave ice- cream in Dakar (2000 Cefa, ~ 3€ for two generous scoops of ice-cream). The pistachio icecream was just amazing, and the most "interesting" one was vanial charcoal icecream. They have nice air-conditioned place to sit but it might be crowded depding on time of visit. The s...
$$ $$
4.20 (654 reviews)
Layu Café image
Layu Café
👍 The other Layu Café in Almadies and this Layu are obviously similar but have their own distinctiveness as well. The Layu in Almadies has more of a cozy ambience because of the yellow lights, couches, and booths, as opposed to the Point E Layu which has more of a modern and industrial layout. This La...
$$ $$
4.20 (234 reviews)
British Council Senegal image
British Council Senegal
Cultural center
👍 Friendly, great place. And a garden like look with UK cities-based classrooms. Pretty cozy indeed.
4.20 (117 reviews)
Kéliba Café & Co image
Kéliba Café & Co
Coffee shop
👍👍 5/5 Saveurs locales et goûts exquis. Tout est naturelle et diététique.
$$ $$
4.20 (103 reviews)
O' Merveilles Pâtisserie image
O' Merveilles Pâtisserie
Tea house
👍👍 Ok 👌 🆗️ thank you
4.20 (61 reviews)
Mammy Healthy image
Mammy Healthy
Coffee shop
👍 Very good restaurant. Beautiful decoration, impeccable service, concept to salute. I really liked the idea of ​​being able to compose your own salad with the desired ingredients: it's time that everyone only pays for what they have eaten! Food-wise: the beef skewers on the menu were excellent and t...
4.20 (59 reviews)
Nell’s Café image
Nell’s Café
Coffee shop
👍 Une belle restaurant sur la route de Somone et Guaparou (Senegal). Merci pour les bonnes plats que vous nous avez servies dans nore séjour. Une service excelente 10/10. Les plats ont étè au rendez vous. Des délices pas trop épice. Vraiment ont a bien mangé et bien amusé. A nous revoir bientot...
4.20 (46 reviews)
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