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Hotel Najla image
Hotel Najla
👍 Its an hotel I never seen before ,they are very humble kind and friendly to every one .the way they treated their client is an other way .Their foods are wonderful ,any kind of foods and drink that the client needs they will make sure the client have it .Thanks again for being their for the populati...
3.70 (179 reviews)
Mosquée de Vélingara image
Mosquée de Vélingara
4.00 (51 reviews)
Sagar Boutiques image
Sagar Boutiques
Shopping mall
👍👍 Everything is good price and good quality thanks Sagar
3.60 (78 reviews)
Paillote image
😐 Simple but correct, room to renovate. Good dinner in the evening to order. Very nice boss
3.50 (89 reviews)
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