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Mamba Point Hotel Restaurant Lagoonda image
Mamba Point Hotel Restaurant Lagoonda
👍 I love the view of the water and I didn't know they had bowling game there. I'll surely visit it again 🤞🏿
4.40 (298 reviews)
Gigibontà Ice Cream and Pizzeria image
Gigibontà Ice Cream and Pizzeria
Ice cream shop
👍👍 One of the best cakes/Ice cream place in Town. Their pizza is also great! The atmosphere is nice.
4.40 (285 reviews)
River No 2 Beach image
River No 2 Beach
This sandy beach surrounded by trees at the mouth of a river offers swimming & sunbathing.
4.50 (157 reviews)
The Place Resort image
The Place Resort
Resort hotel
👍 Amazing hide away private beach experience with individual chalets. Most modern beach resort I have been in Freetown... And I’ve been in quite a few... Still exploring still. The view is beautiful.. eat your meal under the coconut tree and drink coconut water to wash it down. 3 stars for food only...
4.40 (151 reviews)
Crown Bakery image
Crown Bakery
👍👍 When you landed in Sierra Leone, everyone will recommended this restaurant. I think crown bakery in Freetown long time and they are giving their best in their menu. We tried the chicken & beef fajita wrap. This is give more or less lebanish taste and other food also up to the mark. If you need a hyg...
4.40 (120 reviews)
Home Suites Boutique Hotel image
Home Suites Boutique Hotel
😠 First night/first room the drain in the shower was clogged. The bathroom flooded within 3 minutes and into the bedroom. Sheets were not clean. Second night different room with ants. Hope your luggage is not heavy because there is only the elevator services one side of the hotel. The rooms on the le...
4.30 (150 reviews)
Basha Bakery & Restaurant image
Basha Bakery & Restaurant
👍 My second favourite restaurant in Sierra Leone. Good food. Never disappointed in terms of food. Service also good Friendly staff. Usual waiting for the food. Very good cleanliness Hygiene is noticeably good. Cheese omlette is recommended. Also Chicken kabab and beef kabab. Biriyani not available. C...
4.20 (200 reviews)
The Country Lodge Hotel image
The Country Lodge Hotel
Refined rooms in an informal hotel featuring free breakfast & Wi-Fi, plus an outdoor pool & dining.
4.20 (176 reviews)
The Hub Hotel image
The Hub Hotel
Streamlined rooms & suites in a relaxed hotel with dining, bars & an outdoor pool, plus ocean views.
4.20 (153 reviews)
Tokeh Beach Resort image
Tokeh Beach Resort
👍👍 This is a little piece of heaven tucked away in Sierra Leone. The staff are brilliant and access to the beach is really just outside your room. We absolutely love it there!
4.40 (90 reviews)
Atlantic Lumley Hotel image
Atlantic Lumley Hotel
👍 Good hotel. Great rooms, great staff attitude. Breakfast is focused on Asian clients, so may disappoint western clients. Coffee and tea making facilities could be improved
4.20 (143 reviews)
Pearl Hotel image
Pearl Hotel
4.30 (108 reviews)
New Brookfields Hotel image
New Brookfields Hotel
Relaxed hotel offering complimentary breakfast & Wi-Fi, plus a casual restaurant & bar.
4.20 (139 reviews)
Western Area National Park image
Western Area National Park
National park
👍 Western Area Forest Reserve, also known as the Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve, is a non-hunting forest reserve in Sierra Leone. The area became a forest reserve in 1916 and has an area of 17,688 hectares. Credit : Wikipedia By Edward Jeffrey Boima. Chief Executive Director of Sierra Liver Fo...
4.40 (77 reviews)
The Family Kingdom Resort image
The Family Kingdom Resort
👍👍 I love the place because it so cool and clean
4.10 (168 reviews)
Sierra Palms Resort image
Sierra Palms Resort
Resort hotel
👍 Very Beautiful Place too be the room are very sweet pool area also very nice.
4.10 (157 reviews)
Cotton Tree image
Cotton Tree
Historical landmark
👍👍 The historic Freetown cotton tree is fallen. I also captured a bit of freetown life in these shots.
4.10 (152 reviews)
Crown Xpress image
Crown Xpress
👍👍 Best food in Freetown. Their grilled barracuda and jerk chicken are the best I have ever tasted. Their fried rice was also superb; all at a reasonable price range for gourmet cuisine in Western Freetown. They should however extend their opening times and improve the decor.
4.20 (108 reviews)
Stafford Lodge image
Stafford Lodge
👍👍 I had an amazing time at Stafford Lodge. The staff was professional and catered to all of my needs. This is the first place have stayed that felt like home. My friend and I were even invited to the staff party and we had a great time. I know I will be returning again for sure. Perfect location I fel...
4.60 (51 reviews)
Olba Restaurant image
Olba Restaurant
Mediterranean restaurant
👍 I went out with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday. It was my first time at Olba. I like the white interior and the raised roof. It brings in enough light for taking photos. There is a kid's playground where the little ones can go merry-go-round by themselves and still be under your watch. You...
4.60 (51 reviews)
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