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New Rays Hotel 2 image
New Rays Hotel 2
👍👍 Great service, prime location and affordable accommodation. You will be welcomed warmly by Jishan who is always smiling and ready to help anytime
4.60 (101 reviews) (~0.23 km from centre)
Martisoor Hotel image
Martisoor Hotel
👍 The hotel is in a nice secure area despite what the international media Depict of the place and the Countrybin general Nice place hotel with well ventilated rooms big windows Cozy beds. Menu is okay. Food is also amazing takes and affordable Nice view of the surroundings A mini bar/fridge would be...
4.60 (96 reviews) (~2.26 km from centre)
General Mohamed Abshir International Airport image
General Mohamed Abshir International Airport
International airport
👍👍 Gen. Mohamed Abshir international airport
4.60 (57 reviews) (~11.05 km from centre)
Al-Huda Mosque image
Al-Huda Mosque
4.10 (55 reviews) (~0.3 km from centre)
Target Center Garowe image
Target Center Garowe
👍 Nice place especially evening. You can see the aerial view of Garowe city while having your meal! Nice food prepared by skilled chefs! I will come back again
4.10 (46 reviews) (~0.36 km from centre)
Grand Hotel image
Grand Hotel
👍 Cool place and nice view
4.50 (40 reviews) (~2.38 km from centre)
Sagal Hotel image
Sagal Hotel
👍👍 Because my home is favourite
3.90 (35 reviews) (~1 km from centre)
Towfiq Hotel image
Towfiq Hotel
👍👍 One of the best hotels in Somalia. I stayed at Towfiiq hotel on two different occasions. My first stay was in 11/02/20 and I had contacted the hotel before my arrival in Garowe. The receptionist Abdifatax arranged for my pickup from the airport. I was greeted with open arms on the door steps and my...
4.50 (35 reviews) (~1.03 km from centre)
Hotel jubba image
Hotel jubba
😐 The hotel service was great and the staff was very helpful. The only major issue I had is that u can't take kids out onto the balcony because it has two big holes in the bottom as decor.
4.00 (33 reviews) (~2.36 km from centre)
Green Coffee - Garowe image
Green Coffee - Garowe
👍👍 I came to Garowe, Somalia after Grimace recommended it to me after they hosted The Nonce Olympics. I had King Gonga special which was really nice and included nothing but Uncle O Grimaces sperm dropletts, Highly Recommenced!!!
4.30 (33 reviews) (~0.69 km from centre)
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