Aden Adde International Airport image
Aden Adde International Airport
International airport
👍 The services and the infrastructure is more than what you can expect from a war ravaged country. The Airport is managed by a Turkish Company and they are doing a wonderful job. The immigration and the baggage services are pretty smooth. Overall it was a good experience and on a positive note one can...
4.10 (768 reviews) (~4.65 km from centre)
Liido Beach image
Liido Beach
4.20 (290 reviews) (~1.98 km from centre)
Mogadishu Stadium image
Mogadishu Stadium
👍👍 Somalia going on forward- Mogadishu Stadium or most mogadishu residents known as ( Isbartiibo) is one of bigest stadiums in africa, its capacity is 65,000, this stadium is in the ( Tuulada isboortiga) meaning the town of sports, the town of sports are containing more stadiums like (tenis-swimming po...
4.50 (256 reviews) (~3.67 km from centre)
Bakaara Market image
Bakaara Market
😠 Not sure how it is today, but back in 93 I flew in with some friends for an afternoon pick me up. The locals were very unfriendly. They were giving away rifles to all the locals, but would only attempt to give us the bullets. Even though it was already a warm day, the locals started setting up what...
4.00 (219 reviews) (~2.91 km from centre)
Decale hotel فندق ديكيل image
Decale hotel فندق ديكيل
👍👍 One of the best hotels in Somalia. Most of the dishes are Turkish and I would have likes it even more if i would get the chance to eat some local food as well. Internet works okay. Only connecting it for the first time is bit tricky. The bad part is you wont be able to get the chance to eat Somali l...
4.30 (217 reviews) (~4.66 km from centre)
Peace Garden Park image
Peace Garden Park
👍👍 Green, calm and airy. Good at for having chat with your friends
4.30 (198 reviews) (~0.77 km from centre)
Masjidka Isbahaysiga,(Mogadishu Central Mosque) image
Masjidka Isbahaysiga,(Mogadishu Central Mosque)
👍👍 Love this place, so peaceful and full of great people with amazingly good outlooks on life.
4.50 (189 reviews) (~1.24 km from centre)
Villa Somalia image
Villa Somalia
👍👍 Villa Somalia (Somali: Madaxtooyada Soomaaliya, Arabic: فيلا الصومال‎) is a building in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. It serves as the official residential palace and principal workplace of the President of Somalia. The edifice was built—in partially modern art deco style—by the colonial author...
4.40 (183 reviews) (~0.89 km from centre)
Aven Premier International image
Aven Premier International
👍👍 I love this facility, especially the security, they not leaving anything to chance. Their food is the best and very fresh, not forgetting the fully equipped art of the gym. I would still come again and recommend others. Thanks Aven Premier International
4.40 (166 reviews) (~4.2 km from centre)
Somali National University image
Somali National University
👍👍 Once were the only university in the country unfortunitly it collapsed , after long years it was back, and re-opened on 2014. and iam one of the students that learn one of the foculties.
4.30 (162 reviews) (~6.1 km from centre)
Daarul Salaam City image
Daarul Salaam City
Real estate surveyor
👍👍 Ours expectations are high as yours. Let's work together to build a good Islamic education for our children.
4.20 (160 reviews) (~11.75 km from centre)
SIMAD University image
SIMAD University
👍👍 Simad university is one highly Ranke in Somalia in education level.
4.50 (158 reviews) (~3.88 km from centre)
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier image
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Historical landmark
🫤 While on my visit to the somalian version of the Washington monument I was asked by 3 princes if I would give them a small amount of money so that they could pay for the legal fees to unlock their inheritance. Not one of them has returned any of my calls. Must be the cell phone service in the area....
4.30 (146 reviews) (~0.46 km from centre)
Mogadishu University image
Mogadishu University
4.30 (144 reviews) (~8.4 km from centre)
Karmel Hotel And Restaurant image
Karmel Hotel And Restaurant
👍👍 One of the best hotel I've ever been in my life. This one is actually much more beautiful the one in Europe r and can enjoy everybody. The hotel is amazing...
4.00 (134 reviews) (~4.39 km from centre)
Hayat Market (KM5 Zope) image
Hayat Market (KM5 Zope)
😠 They’re ripping people off, I’m really shocked that their prices are even higher than the UNITED STATES. Sell your products according to people's economic affordability. Shame on you!
4.30 (127 reviews) (~4.3 km from centre)
RA International image
RA International
👍👍 Very good experience last time when I attained dinner with my colleagues.
4.20 (123 reviews) (~5.8 km from centre)
Liido beach image
Liido beach
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Liido is suitable place for visiting .
4.30 (121 reviews) (~2.41 km from centre)
Suuq Bacaad image
Suuq Bacaad
😠 It's good and the most beautiful in the world as I believe
4.00 (116 reviews) (~2.3 km from centre)
👍👍 The hotel is well served and save for any one to be one of the residents The food is 5-star quality its also got views on the sea, beside the airport.
4.10 (115 reviews) (~5.14 km from centre)
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