Avani Kalutara Resort image
Avani Kalutara Resort
Resort hotel
Serene getaway with refined dining & bars, as well as beach access, an outdoor pool & yoga classes.
4.70 (5.1K reviews) (~1.31 km from centre)
Anantara Kalutara Resort image
Anantara Kalutara Resort
Resort hotel
Upscale property offering 3 airy restaurants, 2 pools & a spa, plus private beachside dining.
4.70 (2.5K reviews) (~0.86 km from centre)
Seagate Hotel image
Seagate Hotel
Casual hotel featuring a restaurant & an outdoor pool, plus event space & direct beach access.
3.90 (1.4K reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
Keells Kalutara image
Keells Kalutara
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Keells is an excellent supermarket chain known for its unique products, affordable prices, and friendly customer service. They offer a wide range of organic and healthy food options, as well as a selection of international and gourmet items. This Kalutara outlet is also one of the biggest supermarke...
4.30 (1.1K reviews) (~0.59 km from centre)
Pizza Hut - Kalutara image
Pizza Hut - Kalutara
Pizza restaurant
Popular delivery, carry-out & dine-in chain known for pizza, wings & pasta, plus sides & desserts.
$$ $$
4.30 (900 reviews) (~1.64 km from centre)
KFC image
Fast food restaurant
Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & sides.
$$ $$
3.80 (874 reviews) (~1.43 km from centre)
Domino's Pizza image
Domino's Pizza
Pizza restaurant
Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.
$$ $$
4.00 (558 reviews) (~1.86 km from centre)
Katukurunda Race Track image
Katukurunda Race Track
Car racing track
πŸ‘πŸ‘ A great place to do practice rides of racing cars and bikes. There is a charge but its worth it. The famous Annual racing events are held here. This is inside the Sri Lanka Air Force Station Katukurunda and everybody enters require special permission except on thw racing event day.
4.50 (501 reviews) (~1.53 km from centre)
Simlo Restaurant image
Simlo Restaurant
πŸ‘ A nice place with a pleasant environment. Though being away from Colombo it still provides the comfort and taste of quality. You can have private dining for some extra money with your better half. Got a variety of food to choose from. The desserts I tasted wasn't the best though..... Other than that...
$$ $$
3.70 (444 reviews) (~1.56 km from centre)
Cargills Food City- katukurunda 1 image
Cargills Food City- katukurunda 1
πŸ‘ On 17 th Sunday 2021 one man came to this cargills outlet. The secuirity officer(a lady) was trying to check his temperature using her machine.(this happened in covid 19 pandemic era) That man :- you can't measure my temperature .I AM A LAWYER!!! You can't block me. That secuirity officer could...
4.00 (417 reviews) (~0.07 km from centre)
Olive Mate, Italian Kitchen image
Olive Mate, Italian Kitchen
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Food & Service very Good. Staff was very friendly and Clean place. Recommended.
$$ $$
4.40 (373 reviews) (~1.43 km from centre)
Melani Fine Food image
Melani Fine Food
πŸ‘ Today I tried Melani Fines Foods for the first time while i was staying in a hotel in Kalutara. I Bought A Melani special rice portion (480/=) and a watalappan cup.(100/=) as dessert. The rice was very Delisious. There were so many different meat items. And i love the gravy too. Slightly enough for...
$$ $$
3.70 (329 reviews) (~1.91 km from centre)
Sampath Supermarket image
Sampath Supermarket
Grocery store
In-store shopping
4.10 (310 reviews) (~1.33 km from centre)
Cargills Food City - Wettumakada image
Cargills Food City - Wettumakada
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Has everything you need!
4.40 (307 reviews) (~0.79 km from centre)
Cargills Food City Express Kalutara Central image
Cargills Food City Express Kalutara Central
In-store shopping
3.90 (300 reviews) (~1.41 km from centre)
French Villa image
French Villa
Resort hotel
🫀 Good service, but service quality needs to be improved. And they switched off air conditioner machines before finishing a wedding reception.
4.00 (299 reviews) (~1.66 km from centre)
Suwana Pet Care Animal Hospital image
Suwana Pet Care Animal Hospital
Animal hospital
😠 Do NOT visit this place if you want your pet to be alive! This doctor is famous for killing pets. Many people are aware of it. The doctor is very rude to animals and visitors. My dog became more weak after visiting this place for around 6 months. The doctor could not find the infection and he doesn'...
3.90 (283 reviews) (~0.63 km from centre)
Red Lobster Restaurant image
Red Lobster Restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amazing evening with friends in one of the best family owned seafood spots in town! We managed to make a reservation and order our dishes evening before therefore the owners bought everything fresh this morning in local fish market especially for us! Be sure to order garlic or chilli prawns as they’...
$ $$$
4.70 (220 reviews) (~0.83 km from centre)
Priska Cinema image
Priska Cinema
Movie theater
😐 cinema hall doesn't have air conditioning. It wasn't all bad either.They had fans to help with the ventilation. The seating was decent,and the screen and sound quality were little good, which contributed to an enjoyable movie watching experience. What stood out was the affordability of this cinema...
3.50 (209 reviews) (~0.31 km from centre)
Damro Showroom - Kalutara image
Damro Showroom - Kalutara
Furniture store
4.30 (181 reviews) (~0.21 km from centre)
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