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University Of Gezira (Alrazi Campus) image
University Of Gezira (Alrazi Campus)
👍👍 Al-Jazirah University Boudmadani is the largest Sudanese university after the University of Khartoum and is sometimes ahead of it in the world rankings... It was founded in the seventies on the American system and includes a large number of colleges and specializations... This Al-Razi complex inclu...
4.20 (65 reviews) (~47.65 km from centre)
السوق الكبير - ودمدني image
السوق الكبير - ودمدني
4.00 (65 reviews) (~46 km from centre)
Ketaki Restaurant image
Ketaki Restaurant
👍👍 مطعم جميل اكل روعة 😘👌👌بس يتطلب وقت الطلب
4.20 (55 reviews) (~47.86 km from centre)
Imperial Wad Medani Hotel image
Imperial Wad Medani Hotel
👍👍 مكان ممتاز جدا ومريح ومهياء بكل وسائل الراحة والاستجمام وموقع استراتيجي بالقرب من شارع النيل.
3.50 (54 reviews) (~42.42 km from centre)
Asha'abi Market image
Asha'abi Market
Parking lot
😐 The popular market in Boud Medani. From here, buses and buses move to various cities in Sudan. There are buses to the following cities: Khartoum, Al-Kamilin, Al-Hasahisa, Rifa’a, Tabet, Al-Faw, Al-Gadarif, Kassala, Port Sudan, Sinar, Sinja, Al-Damazin, Rabak, Kosti, Al-Obeid, Al-Manaqil, and some ar...
4.00 (46 reviews) (~43.23 km from centre)
Central Market image
Central Market
3.60 (45 reviews) (~48.76 km from centre)
Markets and cafeteria Hafez Sudan image
Markets and cafeteria Hafez Sudan
👍👍 It was a unique experience and received good demand due to the sophistication of the place and the treatment of the employees. It has become a complex that most travelers coming and going to Khartoum come to. We hope for more progress, success, excellence and creativity. Thank you Hafez Cafeteria...
4.20 (44 reviews) (~37.33 km from centre)
برج الجزيرة image
برج الجزيرة
Apartment complex
😐 It is a good place for shopping, entertainment, and education. It only requires organization, arrangement, and attention to the cleanliness and decoration of the place.
4.10 (44 reviews) (~46.55 km from centre)
Al Masri Bakery image
Al Masri Bakery
👍👍 Good restaurant and inexpensive prices
3.80 (41 reviews) (~46.69 km from centre)
منتجع و مطعم روابينا - Rawabena Resort & Restaurant image
منتجع و مطعم روابينا - Rawabena Resort & Restaurant
👍👍 The old name is Al-Rawabi, the first stop on the way as you leave Khartoum, where simplicity, warm hospitality, and all the services that help you along the way are provided, from the mosque to the facilities and the luxurious restaurant that has been offering the same taste and quality for decades....
4.30 (41 reviews) (~82.44 km from centre)
Misk Alkhitam Family Park image
Misk Alkhitam Family Park
Amusement park
👍👍 أجمل مكان بالنسبه لي كل الزكريات الجميلة موجودة فيه
3.90 (39 reviews) (~45.56 km from centre)
Victory Park image
Victory Park
👍👍 رائع للغاية ولكن نتمنى تحسين الإضاءة ليلا
4.40 (37 reviews) (~45.53 km from centre)
Wad Medani Football Stadium image
Wad Medani Football Stadium
Soccer field
👍 It needs rehabilitation and a lot of work. We hope to develop it
4.40 (35 reviews) (~45.52 km from centre)
Apartment complex
👍👍 نحنا ادخرناك للليالي الحالكات والزمان المر وساعات الخطر اديتي فرضك والنوافل والباقيات الصالحات ويا العزيبة انتي علي سفر يالله من هذا السفر
4.40 (34 reviews) (~4.13 km from centre)
مدني image
Seafood restaurant
👍👍 إشتقتة لي بلد الجزيزة إشتقتة لي ناسها الكتيرة بلد الخضار الخير وفيرة بلد الابطال إستشهدو بالزخيرة وقتين تمشي على الجزيزة تحلف تقول دي الجنة الكبيرة نغيم الشقشقة في الشجيرة وحات نظرت العصفورة بلد التاما القبيلة الخطيرة بلد إيلا و القبائل الصغيرة في الليل نجومها بهيجة و في النهار مزارعها عجيبة دمتي با...
3.90 (32 reviews) (~51.66 km from centre)
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