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Corinthia Hotel image
Corinthia Hotel
👍👍 18 floors, 173 rooms and 57 suites tell you everything, the 5-star hotel has restaurants and cafes! It is located at the confluence of white and blue nile! Food and drink great, friendly staff, really all the recommendations!
4.40 (1.7K reviews) (~127.01 km from centre)
Al-Waha Mall image
Al-Waha Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Al waha mall nice and perfect mall inner & outer i think a biggest mall in khartoum. I meet nice student very freindly boys nice to meet him All type of clothes shop Nice pizza Bigg restaurant All type of general store Best quality item here Once people come here they want come agsin & again Clean a...
4.10 (1.5K reviews) (~125.98 km from centre)
Bab Al Yemen image
Bab Al Yemen
👍👍 We had Lamb dishes I liked. THE amount of the dishes was a lot and doggy baged . THE ROOFTOP was good to enjoy food and small talk.
$$ $$
4.30 (669 reviews) (~122.03 km from centre)
Al Hilal Stadium image
Al Hilal Stadium
👍👍 Al-Hilal Stadium is a multi-use stadium, located in Omdurman, Khartoum State, Sudan. It is mostly used for footballmatches and also sometimes for athletics. It is the official stadium and home of Sudanesefootball club Al-Hilal Club, it has a capacity of 62,000. At the opening celebration in Friday...
4.30 (568 reviews) (~133.15 km from centre)
Saad Gishra Market image
Saad Gishra Market
4.00 (466 reviews) (~127.97 km from centre)
Al Riyadh Family Park image
Al Riyadh Family Park
👍👍 Nice park for families in centre of Khartoum near airport Good but less rides for children Entry ticket is 10 SDG which is economical even rides costs from 10 SDG to 15 SDG for all Popcorns, ice cream, tea coffee, coffee and different snaks also available to enjoy the time at park Green belt for...
3.90 (395 reviews) (~121.11 km from centre)
Barcelona Foods image
Barcelona Foods
👍👍 Nice seating.. tasty pizza best in the region
$$ $$
4.10 (390 reviews) (~123.09 km from centre)
كافتريا الأمير الشطبي image
كافتريا الأمير الشطبي
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 The best sandwich place in omdorman with a very cheap price and the best beef shawarma in Khartoum, the restaurant is always crowded and the food takes a lot of time to be served
4.30 (367 reviews) (~134.69 km from centre)
Paradise Hotel image
Paradise Hotel
👍👍 I never stayed at this hotel during my visit to Sudan but I should’ve!!! I went to have a breakfast buffet at the Paradise hotel and it was my best experience ever! The food and utensils were all clean and hygienic. Everything was proper and organized. The staff were nice and polite but the trophee...
4.10 (343 reviews) (~123.51 km from centre)
Al-Doha tourist Park image
Al-Doha tourist Park
Amusement park
👍👍 Good service , great time out with your kids
3.80 (308 reviews) (~119.41 km from centre)
Kababji image
👍👍 Some of the best tender beef and chicken kabab I have ever had in Sudan. We also ordered meat stuffed with cheese, olives and mushrooms! Everything was divine! Would definitely go again and would recommend this place to EVERYONE! JUSTVLOOK AT THE STUFFED BEEF!
$$ $$
4.10 (294 reviews) (~120.45 km from centre)
International University of Africa _ (IUA) image
International University of Africa _ (IUA)
👍👍 The current vice chancellor Professor Kamal with the help of sponsors is modernizing the school, new structures has been built snd still undergoing constructions like hospital study hall. The introduction of electronic exam is taking the university to the next level and the moral standards of stude...
4.30 (280 reviews) (~116.88 km from centre)
Meroë East (Main) Necropolis image
Meroë East (Main) Necropolis
👍👍 One of my my favourite moments of our entire trip was watching the sun set over the beautiful desert sands at the Pyramids of Meroë. This was quite possibly one of the most astonishing sunrises I’ve seen. Loved it so much that we came back a 2nd time for sunrise the next day.
4.70 (271 reviews) (~247.58 km from centre)
Sabrin Shanqeeti market image
Sabrin Shanqeeti market
4.00 (259 reviews) (~139.72 km from centre)
Pyramids of Meroë (West) image
Pyramids of Meroë (West)
Historical landmark
👍👍 An amazing site most people don't know about,, Its super nice , have facilities bath rest area and souvenir shops . What’s most special about the Meroe pyramids is that they were built in the Nubian style, a combination of Egyptian cultural forms with African influences. The pyramids of Meroe are ma...
4.60 (251 reviews) (~246.93 km from centre)
Omdurman Islamic University image
Omdurman Islamic University
👍👍 A place were you will meet the nice and hardworking Sudanese people who are determined to do the best with what they have. A admired the spirit in that place.
4.30 (249 reviews) (~129 km from centre)
Tuti Island image
Tuti Island
Set amid 3 towns, this island is where the Nile River forms & is home to a 15th-century village.
4.50 (248 reviews) (~128.93 km from centre)
Friendship Hall image
Friendship Hall
Convention center
👍 Great place for festivals and conferences with a wonderful view over the blue Nile.
4.30 (242 reviews) (~127.12 km from centre)
Khartoum Grand Mosque image
Khartoum Grand Mosque
4.60 (240 reviews) (~125.84 km from centre)
Spectra Restaurant & Cafe image
Spectra Restaurant & Cafe
👍👍 #spectra The only place I walk is more broken down in it .. I walked around 12 noon, the place was almost empty, and I was fond of incense like that. As for I, I was waiting for the road to come, and I asked them for a cappuccino, and it was very cute, a successful opening for the day, and I have m...
$$ $$
3.90 (230 reviews) (~122.19 km from centre)
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