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Discover the best places in Bahri, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 30 places in the city.

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Farid Restaurant image
Farid Restaurant
Brunch restaurant
👍 One of the best ful in Khartoum. I like the taste
$ $$$
4.50 (138 reviews)
Debonairs Pizza Bahri image
Debonairs Pizza Bahri
Pizza restaurant
👍 Clean well organized restaurant Delicious items But Little bit expensive
$$ $$
4.40 (155 reviews)
Saad Gishra Market image
Saad Gishra Market
4.00 (466 reviews)
Waffly image
👍 I've been there couple of times, the taste is - as usual very good, and the services are excellent, they're very friendly, welcoming, helpful, and most importantly; they are fast. But, in my recent visit at 2021; the prices are extremely high, in contrast to the quantity of a serving size; it's smal...
4.30 (113 reviews)
Abualfadil Plaza image
Abualfadil Plaza
Department store
👍 Good place to get homy stuff. Higher prices comparing with other local markets, but with better quality and varity of stuff.
4.10 (213 reviews)
Abu Al Shouq Grills image
Abu Al Shouq Grills
👍👍 Excellent tast And excellent services
4.40 (68 reviews)
City snack image
City snack
Western restaurant
👍👍 Delicious Food, nice restaurant, a little bit expensive.
4.20 (86 reviews)
Abboud Family Park image
Abboud Family Park
👍👍 Aboud Family Park is a marine forum for families... There is also a 7-star events hall, the Golden Hall, next to the park.
3.90 (185 reviews)
Sudan cafe image
Sudan cafe
👍👍 A café for drinking hot and cold drinks and holding parties
4.40 (44 reviews)
لحوم البركة image
لحوم البركة
Barbecue restaurant
4.30 (49 reviews)
Dodi Restaurant Bahri Branch image
Dodi Restaurant Bahri Branch
Fast food restaurant
😠 The worst pizza I have ever taste , horrible crust , supposed to be mixed beef but they brought it hot dog pizza Service is very bad , no one came to take order and had to go to the cashier then he called the service guy , Will never eat there again
3.90 (120 reviews)
FoodPoint image
👍 V,Good, deserves to be eaten at least once, especially the fries with cheddar cheese. The prices considered to be expensive However nice place, nice decorations.
4.10 (68 reviews)
Dallas Cafe Sudan image
Dallas Cafe Sudan
👍 من رواد المكان، و المكان راقي و لطيف الويترس تعاملهم حلو، أسعارهم مرتفعه قليلاً، تجربة جميلة و دائمة التكرار🖤🌸
$$ $$
4.10 (61 reviews)
Mukhtar Mosque image
Mukhtar Mosque
4.50 (31 reviews)
Al Ehsan Super Market image
Al Ehsan Super Market
🫤 سوبر ماركت صغير جدا ولكن يوجد به معظم المنتجات الضرورية كسوبر ماركت
4.30 (38 reviews)
Shawarma Arabi image
Shawarma Arabi
🫤 The service is not good, they r kinda of rude and the prices are high.
3.80 (109 reviews)
مطعم وكافيه النفاج image
مطعم وكافيه النفاج
👍 Amazing! I love this cafe, its design is super cool and it's traditional. Nafag cafe reflects the traditional Sudanese vibes and reflects our culture. I went there several times, usually I feel afraid to try many options on the menu at the same place so I'll nt get disappointed. Eventually I only st...
4.10 (48 reviews)
FERZATSHI Resort image
Resort hotel
👍👍 I am the executing engineer of the project. It is a tourist resort with Sudanese folklore and rest areas based on the English countryside system. It also has gardens, children’s playgrounds, a theater for events, and zoos and birds. It also has a grill that serves the best meals for guests and visit...
4.30 (34 reviews)
Overdose Cafe image
Overdose Cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 For all people whom into sweet dessert here the legend for me you will feel dizzy don't try to finished it alone you can't and if you are not into full of sweet desserts you can order pancakes and it also too much for one but they have alot of choices and also for coffee fan they have tasty coffee a...
3.90 (70 reviews)
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