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Red Sea image
Red Sea
👍👍 Rent a boat for snorkeling or scuba, incredible coral reefs and fauna in the bay area, nice sunsets over the mountains. Water is magnificent, small sand islands to be visited. A lot of coloured and sometimes big fishes (up to 3 feet), octopus too.
4.50 (23.7K reviews)
Al Salam Hotel image
Al Salam Hotel
Extended stay hotel
Polished hotel with understated rooms & warm suites, plus a restaurant, an outdoor pool & a cafe
4.50 (1.2K reviews)
Meroë East (Main) Necropolis image
Meroë East (Main) Necropolis
👍👍 One of my my favourite moments of our entire trip was watching the sun set over the beautiful desert sands at the Pyramids of Meroë. This was quite possibly one of the most astonishing sunrises I’ve seen. Loved it so much that we came back a 2nd time for sunrise the next day.
4.70 (271 reviews)
Corinthia Hotel image
Corinthia Hotel
👍👍 18 floors, 173 rooms and 57 suites tell you everything, the 5-star hotel has restaurants and cafes! It is located at the confluence of white and blue nile! Food and drink great, friendly staff, really all the recommendations!
4.40 (1.8K reviews)
Pyramids of Meroë (West) image
Pyramids of Meroë (West)
Historical landmark
👍👍 An amazing site most people don't know about,, Its super nice , have facilities bath rest area and souvenir shops . What’s most special about the Meroe pyramids is that they were built in the Nubian style, a combination of Egyptian cultural forms with African influences. The pyramids of Meroe are ma...
4.60 (251 reviews)
Khartoum Grand Mosque image
Khartoum Grand Mosque
4.60 (239 reviews)
University of Khartoum image
University of Khartoum
👍👍 The university's Library (former Gordon's College) is a pretty example of the English colonial architecture. It is included in the list of the Sudanese cultural heritage.
4.60 (235 reviews)
Al-Nilein Mosque image
Al-Nilein Mosque
👍👍 The design of the mosque was a thesis project by Gamer Eldawla Eltahir, a student at the University of Khartoum . It was selected for construction by the president of Sudan jaafer alnumeri The mosque was completed in 1984.
4.60 (219 reviews)
Tuti Island image
Tuti Island
Set amid 3 towns, this island is where the Nile River forms & is home to a 15th-century village.
4.50 (253 reviews)
Ozone Restaurant image
Ozone Restaurant
👍 The place is amazing. Food quality is great. Hospitality is wonderful. A little bit on the expensive side. Worth the experience.
$$$ $
4.30 (1.2K reviews)
Jebel Barkal image
Jebel Barkal
Mountain peak
Serene, sandstone peak offers sweeping desert views & the ruins of an ancient temple & pyramids.
4.70 (133 reviews)
Bab Al Yemen image
Bab Al Yemen
👍👍 We had Lamb dishes I liked. THE amount of the dishes was a lot and doggy baged . THE ROOFTOP was good to enjoy food and small talk.
$$ $$
4.30 (669 reviews)
Blue Nile River image
Blue Nile River
👍👍 amazing river of the world especialy the falls are so beautiful
4.40 (301 reviews)
Al Hilal Stadium image
Al Hilal Stadium
👍👍 Al-Hilal Stadium is a multi-use stadium, located in Omdurman, Khartoum State, Sudan. It is mostly used for footballmatches and also sometimes for athletics. It is the official stadium and home of Sudanesefootball club Al-Hilal Club, it has a capacity of 62,000. At the opening celebration in Friday...
4.30 (559 reviews)
Al Dinder National Park image
Al Dinder National Park
National park
National park & biosphere reserve comprised of various ecosystems, popular for scenery & wildlife.
4.50 (184 reviews)
Sudan Animal Rescue image
Sudan Animal Rescue
Animal park
👍 Animal rescue center established after fallen government and failed feeding the animals in khartoum Parks especially qurashi park, now this place become perfect home of all animals and tourist place for Sudanese people ,they started feeding the animal to volunteer till they stablish this new home fo...
4.60 (128 reviews)
كافتريا الأمير الشطبي image
كافتريا الأمير الشطبي
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 The best sandwich place in omdorman with a very cheap price and the best beef shawarma in Khartoum, the restaurant is always crowded and the food takes a lot of time to be served
4.30 (364 reviews)
Sudan University Of Science & Technology image
Sudan University Of Science & Technology
Public university
👍 Sudan university is one of the greatest university in the world. The far you went away from it, the more you become attractive to this university. Its rules are the most helpful for students and staff to make outstanding progress in every media you join in the world. Munsoor Mohammed Munsoor
4.40 (222 reviews)
Luxury Pastry & Resturant image
Luxury Pastry & Resturant
👍👍 This place is great and spacious! Atmosphere is chill and cool and the staff are also really friendly. Food is pretty good and delasious. Many flavors for ice cream & different of western & eastren sweets, suitable for family & groups as well.
$$ $$
4.20 (602 reviews)
Farid Restaurant image
Farid Restaurant
Brunch restaurant
👍 One of the best ful in Khartoum. I like the taste
$ $$$
4.50 (138 reviews)
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