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IKEA St. Gallen image
IKEA St. Gallen
Furniture store
Scandinavian chain selling ready-to-assemble furniture, plus textiles, lighting & home decor.
4.30 (5.2K reviews) (~14.98 km from centre)
Walter Zoo image
Walter Zoo
Approximately 500 animals from around the world plus a playground, petting zoo & camel & pony rides.
4.60 (4.8K reviews) (~15.22 km from centre)
Säntis - Schwebebahn image
Säntis - Schwebebahn
Mountain cable car
Aerial tramway to Säntis peak, where lookout terraces & a restaurant offer panoramic Alpine views.
4.70 (4.3K reviews) (~29.97 km from centre)
Säntispark Bäderwelt image
Säntispark Bäderwelt
Water park
👍 Even after many years one of the best adventure pools in Switzerland, for adukts as well as families and kidss of all ages. The slides are excellent, new and innovative. A perfect experience for families. The downside is the food offered in the very small dining space: junk food of very modest tast...
4.50 (4.2K reviews) (~13.75 km from centre)
Abbey of Saint Gall image
Abbey of Saint Gall
Site of one of the world's foremost Medieval libraries, this abbey has links to 2 Catholic saints.
4.70 (3.6K reviews) (~10.91 km from centre)
Kybunpark image
👍👍 The Kybunpark, formerly known as AFG Arena, is a multi-use stadium in St. Gallen, Switzerland, completed in 2008. It is used mostly for football matches and hosts the home matches of FC St. Gallen of the Swiss Super League. It replaces the Espenmoos stadium.
4.40 (3.3K reviews) (~15.12 km from centre)
Chocolarium – die Glücksfabrik von Munz und Minor image
Chocolarium – die Glücksfabrik von Munz und Minor
Visitor center
Enduring Swiss chocolate producer, founded in 1852, offering tours, tastings & a visitor center.
4.60 (3K reviews) (~22.92 km from centre)
Einkaufszentrum Rheinpark image
Einkaufszentrum Rheinpark
Shopping mall
Brand-name & local retail shops, restaurants & a kids' play area are the draw at this modern mall.
4.40 (2.7K reviews) (~18.11 km from centre)
Säntispark Rutschenwelt image
Säntispark Rutschenwelt
Water park
👍👍 Amazing slides, really fast ones too! My sister drowned and died though, but I didn't like her anyways so +1 star for that!
4.50 (2.4K reviews) (~13.74 km from centre)
Appenzeller Schaukäserei image
Appenzeller Schaukäserei
Visitor center
👍👍 Seeing the cheese making process is amazing. They have everything labeled and you can watch the cheese being made in real time. The staff is very accommodating. Food in the restaurant is ok. The local specialty pear based pie is a must try if you like spiced fruit, otherwise the ice cream and fruit...
$$ $$
4.50 (2.3K reviews) (~17.01 km from centre)
Aescher - Guesthouse on the mountain image
Aescher - Guesthouse on the mountain
Guest house
Casual 19th-century inn set 1,454 m above sea level on a mountainside, plus dining & scenic views.
4.70 (2.2K reviews) (~25.78 km from centre)
Seeburgpark image
👍 It has a huge playground for kids,restaurant,shopping and golf ⛳
4.70 (2.2K reviews) (~23.86 km from centre)
St. Gallen Cathedral image
St. Gallen Cathedral
Catholic cathedral
Grand 18th-century Baroque Catholic cathedral with twin 223-ft. towers in a UNESCO-listed district.
4.80 (2.1K reviews) (~10.97 km from centre)
Einkaufszentrum Säntispark image
Einkaufszentrum Säntispark
Shopping mall
👍 (en) Bowling as a dessert after our next steps team workshop, a nice team conclusion. The animations in the bowling display help overcome the inability to reach spare/strike. Split takes on a different meaning in the context of Croatia. At some point the term almost helped us when a cone wobbled....
4.40 (2.1K reviews) (~13.83 km from centre)
Neumarkt St. Gallen image
Neumarkt St. Gallen
Shopping mall
👍👍 Alles im allen ein gutes Einkaufs-Centrum Migro,Denner, Kleider Shops, Parfümerie,Kioske,Restaurants, Coiffeur,Brillen Shop,Daffidof usw. ALDI MIT SEHR GROSSEM FLEISCH ANGEBOT PEDICUERE,MANICOURE ,MIGROS RESTAURANT,Es ist u. bleibt der Supermarkt in der Stadt St.gallen Bahnhof City Die Import Parfü...
4.30 (2K reviews) (~11.26 km from centre)
McDonald’s image
Fast food restaurant
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.
$$ $$
4.00 (2K reviews) (~29.45 km from centre)
Wildpark Peter und Paul image
Wildpark Peter und Paul
Wildlife park
Attraction featuring hiking paths past large enclosures of local animals such as deer, boar & lynx.
4.60 (1.9K reviews) (~7.98 km from centre)
Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal image
Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal
Recreation center
👍👍 Autumn 🍂 is wonderful specialy in this place. You can walk above the trees. Its better to see this in Autumn. Nice color mix and Natural beauty😍😍😍. I can’t say more just visit😊😊😊
4.50 (1.9K reviews) (~27.72 km from centre)
Mineralheilbad St. Margrethen image
Mineralheilbad St. Margrethen
Wellness center
😠 Wir waren heute mit meiner Familie dort verabredet und sind extra 1 Stunde gefahren. Wir sind schon reingegangen und haben drinnen einen Platz gesucht und auf sie gewartet. Als sie nicht kamen, gingen wir zum Spint, um sie anzurufen, da im Bad Handys verboten sind. Sie teilten uns dann mit, dass Kin...
4.40 (1.7K reviews) (~16.95 km from centre)
Einkaufszentrum Westcenter image
Einkaufszentrum Westcenter
Shopping mall
👍 Big Media Markt store on the top floor. It also has an Aldi, hair dresser, clothing etc. Quite a big place. There is also a toilet available on the top floor.
4.10 (1.7K reviews) (~15.26 km from centre)
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