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clever fit Basel image
clever fit Basel
Fitness center
😠 Changed my mind and decided to cancel my subscription. Absolutely non-sense that existing customers cannot take advantage of action offers.
4.90 (907 reviews)
Jakob's Basler Leckerly Manufaktur image
Jakob's Basler Leckerly Manufaktur
Candy store
👍👍 From outside the place seems rather inconspicuous, but for connoisseurs of the local Basel cookies, it’s a true insider tip. Cookies are still hand-made, which give them a unique flavor compared to the industrially produced cookies you can find in the supermarket.
4.90 (361 reviews)
Restaurant Stucki - Tanja Grandits image
Restaurant Stucki - Tanja Grandits
Fine dining restaurant
🫤 The second half of the menu was classic French, perfectly executed. The first half mixes in Japanese elements in a confusing manner. Sauer pickled radish or similar stuff in like all first four courses that shades most other flavors.
4.80 (636 reviews)
Hotel Les Trois Rois image
Hotel Les Trois Rois
Refined quarters in a plush, 17th-century riverside hotel with acclaimed dining & a cigar lounge.
4.70 (1.5K reviews)
Basel Paper Mill image
Basel Paper Mill
Papermaking & printing museum in a medieval mill, with hands-on workshops where visitors make paper.
4.70 (1.3K reviews)
VITO Gundeli image
VITO Gundeli
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 We had the most amazing event at VITO. Sara was a superstar to make it all happen.✨ A huge thank you to whole VITO team, as usual the pizzas were fantastic, great wine and a lovely atmosphere. Couldn't recommend VITO Gundeli more! Thank you so much.
$$ $$
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
Miake Izakaya Basel image
Miake Izakaya Basel
Authentic Japanese restaurant
👍👍 Excellent authentic food, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere! The place was full so make sure you book ahead. We tried sitting in the traditional Japanese section with tatami and it was comfortable for two people as long as you have empty seats next to you. All the dishes were delicious but the Futo...
4.80 (494 reviews)
Basel Town Hall image
Basel Town Hall
City government office
Art adorns this historic town-hall building, home to the local legislature, with tours available.
4.70 (1.1K reviews)
Comix shop / Comix AG image
Comix shop / Comix AG
Book store
👍👍 Very very VERY competent and friendly employees! Great range of international comics and lots of imports! They know what they are talking about! 10/10
4.90 (264 reviews)
Rhyschänzli image
Cool, industrial space offering French-focused dishes like côte de boeuf, plus wine & beer.
$$ $$
4.70 (776 reviews)
Basel Palatinate "Pfalz" Observation Platform image
Basel Palatinate "Pfalz" Observation Platform
Observation deck
Observation terrace offering views over the Rhine River & the town, with steps to the Münster jetty.
4.70 (760 reviews)
Basel Minster image
Basel Minster
Gothic-style, Protestant place of worship, with 9th-century origins, twin spires & a tiled roof.
4.60 (7.3K reviews)
Mittlere Brücke image
Mittlere Brücke
Historic stone bridge linking old & new city areas & offering stellar river & architecture views.
4.60 (5.9K reviews)
Tierpark Lange Erlen image
Tierpark Lange Erlen
Animal park
Free zoo established in 1871 featuring mostly local animals, plus a playground & restaurant.
4.60 (5.1K reviews)
Tinguely Fountain image
Tinguely Fountain
Built in 1977, Swiss artist Jean Tinguely's Carnival Fountain merges sculptural machines with water.
4.60 (4K reviews)
Fine Arts Museum Basel image
Fine Arts Museum Basel
Art museum
Works by Holbein & other artists in the region from 1400–1600 & in the 19th & 21st centuries.
4.60 (3.9K reviews)
Kannenfeldpark image
Leafy green park with modern play areas, a seasonal splash pool with fountains & an outdoor cafe.
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
Spalentor image
Historical landmark
This regal, 15th-century gateway is one of 3 remaining from the city's ancient walls.
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
Museum of Natural History Basel image
Museum of Natural History Basel
Natural history museum
Museum with natural history exhibits ranging from zoology to paleontology, plus events & a shop.
4.60 (2K reviews)
Minster Cathedral Square image
Minster Cathedral Square
Historical landmark
👍👍 I liked this place. Lots of nice buildings, museums, monuments. And it's also very beautiful.
4.70 (545 reviews)
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