Most reviewed Chinese restaurant in Lausanne

  1. 4.30 Wok Royal   (1063 reviews) Dine-in
  2. 4.10 Chez Xu   (742 reviews) Dine-in
  3. 4.10 Ma Jong   (719 reviews) Laid-back pit stop for Oriental food
  4. 4.50 Au canard pekinois   (664 reviews) Sophisticated destination for Chinese
  5. 4.20 Fook Moon   (318 reviews) Chinese food in a white-tablecloth spot
  6. 4.30 takasan asia fusion restaurant   (293 reviews) Cosy
  7. 4.40 Le Shanghai   (161 reviews) Cosy
  8. 4.20 Nihao Marterey   (118 reviews) Cosy

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This page was last updated on May 7, 2023.

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