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Arbiru Beach Resort image
Arbiru Beach Resort
😐 I just have time to review today after last visit in 27-28 March to Dili. The room space was big divided in to kitchen, living and working room and bed room. Amazing we have this big space. Wifi sometimes had good and weak connection. Breakfast was good. All good except some challenges on water supp...
4.80 (667 reviews)
Cristo Rei image
Cristo Rei
Towering cement statue of Jesus Christ with a library, a bar, 2 halls & a chapel inside.
4.60 (390 reviews)
An-Nur Mosque image
An-Nur Mosque
👍👍 Right after dropping my luggage at the hotel, I directly went to Masjid An Nur for taking Ashr Prayer and met several new friends and reccommendation of place of living close to the Masjid. It was wonderful!
4.70 (177 reviews)
Archives & Museum of East Timorese Resistance image
Archives & Museum of East Timorese Resistance
History museum
👍 A really nice and informative museum about the struggles this country had, with a brief history since the Portuguese colonization through very detailed information of the Indonesian occupation and the Timorese uprisings against it. It is a very small museum, so you wouldn’t need more than two hours...
4.60 (226 reviews)
Golgota Hotel & Resort image
Golgota Hotel & Resort
👍👍 Very nice place to stay at Dili, close from airport, but difficult to find a minimarket
4.70 (164 reviews)
Balibo Fort Hotel image
Balibo Fort Hotel
👍👍 Balibo Heritage Hotel is one the locations of Timor Awakening Program. This program is designed to help Australian and Timor-Leste war veterans overcome PTSD. Balibo is historical place and highly recommend to stay few nights and learn about the history of this amazing place.
4.60 (160 reviews)
Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa'e image
Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa'e
Public university
👍👍 #LetsGuide Great place...let's come to visit or going to get education at here...all people very humble...destiny will bring all of you to here
4.60 (155 reviews)
Atauro Dive Resort- Timor Leste image
Atauro Dive Resort- Timor Leste
Resort hotel
😠 In my 5 years of traveling I have never experienced an owner and a place as awful as this. 1: There was no electricity. The generator they use was broken I only found this out that night when trying to sleep with no working fan, and no mosquito net (as what they advertised online). I had to sleep o...
4.60 (153 reviews)
Letefoho Specialty Coffee Roaster image
Letefoho Specialty Coffee Roaster
👍👍 Letefoho Specialty Coffee Roaster is THE must-visit destination if you're on the hunt for the perfect souvenirs to delight your loved ones back home. Their freshly roasted specialty coffee, sourced from the beautiful lands of Timor, is not only the talk of the town but also a local favorite! The mo...
4.60 (151 reviews)
Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments image
Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments
👍👍 It is my favourite place to stay. The staff are just so willing to please and help out. They have come shopping with me when I have had trouble knowing what to ask for or charging my phone. Special mentions to Jeffery, Georgina, Rita and Mica.
4.50 (188 reviews)
Chong Ti Hotel image
Chong Ti Hotel
👍 The accommodations in this establishment are both tidy and well-appointed, making for a highly convenient stay. The price point for the queen deluxe or standard room is set at $30, and opting for a membership card will provide a discount of $5, thus bringing the cost down to $25 per day. In Dili, t...
4.50 (180 reviews)
Arte Moris image
Arte Moris
Cultural center
👍 Local muito interessante pelas esculturas o atendimento foi ótimo pessoal bem animado. A muitas pinturas além das esculturas. Véu a pena. E para entrar pedem apenas doação. Fui em passeio mas pode ir de táxi para lá.
4.60 (137 reviews)
Compass Diving Atauro Eco Lodge image
Compass Diving Atauro Eco Lodge
👍👍 This is a two part review; the first will refer to my experience Compass and its operations, and the second will consider the long term outlook of Atauro and its marine protected area, or lack of. This is split into two reviews as there is a 4000 character limit – so if you don’t want a long review,...
4.70 (107 reviews)
Terra Santa Residence image
Terra Santa Residence
👍 Rooms are very clean... And foods are very tasty... Nice place to spend valuable time
4.60 (126 reviews)
Hotel Timor image
Hotel Timor
Relaxed hotel offering a laid-back restaurant, a bar & an outdoor pool, plus breakfast.
4.30 (329 reviews)
Dare Memorial Museum and Cafe image
Dare Memorial Museum and Cafe
👍👍 Nice cafe with a lovely view, surely worth the 20-30 minutes drive up. Cafe had an upgrade in 2021. I usually come here on weekend days after walks around Dare (the cafe can also help arrange a guide i.e. to Tuda Tiris waterfall) Cafe has good coffee and fresh juice as well as sandwiches. Dare is al...
4.50 (138 reviews)
Malinamoc Paradise image
Malinamoc Paradise
Resort hotel
👍👍 This is 2km away from the city centre and we had a peaceful stay here. The kids enjoyed and spent great time at the pool followed by mouth watering snacks
4.60 (109 reviews)
DaTerra hostel and snack bar image
DaTerra hostel and snack bar
👍👍 The best place to stay in Dili!! They moved to a new location during covid and the hostel is so lovely and feels super homely, Fernando and the other staff are so welcoming and accommodating and will really go out of there way to make everything work for you. Fernando picked me up from the airport a...
4.90 (66 reviews)
Luz Clarita Hotel image
Luz Clarita Hotel
4.60 (104 reviews)
Novo Turismo Resort & Spa image
Novo Turismo Resort & Spa
Resort hotel
Informal hotel offering dining, an outdoor pool & sea views, plus a spa, a gym & a swim-up bar.
4.30 (244 reviews)
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