Clinique Les P'tits Anges image
Clinique Les P'tits Anges
👍👍 Very good service, super welcoming nurses and the doc 👍👍. It's just great
4.50 (50 reviews)
Clinique Biasa image
Clinique Biasa
👍👍 C'est une clinique très propre, bien organisée et qui sert un accueil chaleureux. Félicitations. 👏👏👏 je n'avais fait attention mais j'ai constaté qu'il existe une branche de maternité assez moderne.
3.80 (72 reviews)
Chu Campus image
Chu Campus
😐 University hospital, a reference medical center with a qualified workforce. Infrastructure requiring a broom and paintbrush
3.80 (50 reviews)
Clinique Autel D'elie image
Clinique Autel D'elie
😠 For a rectoscopy, we stayed from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bad reception and bad information about costs. I do not recommend this institution.
3.60 (60 reviews)
Polyclinic St. Joseph image
Polyclinic St. Joseph
😠 I had a terrible experience. Here are the reasons: 1.extremely poor communication. When I was hospitalized, nurses started to provide me with treatments before I had a previous discussion with a doctor. During the two days I spent there, I asked several times to talk to one, but it never happened. T...
3.50 (34 reviews)
Bè Hospital image
Bè Hospital
😠 No, since 11am I brought my pregnant wife for abdominal pain, after echocardiogram, it turns out that she has an ovarian cyst, we were left to hang out there, until 7pm and still nothing. The lady is still suffering from her pain. really I'm sure that if it was a rich man they would quickly do it. I...
3.30 (34 reviews)
CHU SO - CHU Sylvanus Olympio image
CHU SO - CHU Sylvanus Olympio
😠 No respect for the patient. You do an analysis, they LOSE THE SAMPLE and you go back and forth with bogus stories every time. 😠😠
3.20 (74 reviews)
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