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Hôtel 2 Février Lomé image
Hôtel 2 Février Lomé
Polished high-rise lodging with trendy eateries & bars, plus tennis courts, a pool & a day spa.
4.40 (5.2K reviews) (~0.23 km from centre)
Hedzranawoe Market image
Hedzranawoe Market
👍👍 I have been here doing business for over 12 years of my life and all glory to God for his faithfulness and also thanks to the government and the people of Togo for their kindness though is not all easy but God is in control
3.80 (4.2K reviews) (~6.32 km from centre)
Marché Agoé Assiyéyé image
Marché Agoé Assiyéyé
👍 Local market with everything you daily need for living: vegetables, fruits, furnitures, local herbs,... And this market is well located, not far from a main road. The only one thing that deserves attention is the parking for vehicles and the position regarding two important roads.
3.70 (3.1K reviews) (~11.38 km from centre)
ONOMO Hotel Lomé image
ONOMO Hotel Lomé
Contemporary property offering a free airport shuttle, an outdoor pool & a colourful restaurant.
4.10 (3K reviews) (~3.17 km from centre)
CETEF image
Exhibition planner
👍👍 J'a t'or
3.80 (2.9K reviews) (~8 km from centre)
Mercure Lome Sarakawa image
Mercure Lome Sarakawa
Casual hotel in a stately building with 2 restaurants & a bar, plus an outdoor pool & Gulf views.
4.10 (2.5K reviews) (~5.55 km from centre)
Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport image
Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport
International airport
😐 This is a small but straightforward airport. Appears to be the base hub for Asky airlines. Was great finding free WiFi service at the airport. Really helped. The airport can become quite congested.
4.00 (2.3K reviews) (~6.05 km from centre)
Marcelo Beach image
Marcelo Beach
👍 Very interesting...nice place. As tour guide i will take you to all interesting places 90 68 43 68
$$ $$
4.00 (2.1K reviews) (~11.23 km from centre)
Crossroads of the Two Lions image
Crossroads of the Two Lions
Historical landmark
👍👍 Cool
4.00 (2K reviews) (~10.62 km from centre)
Kégué Stadium image
Kégué Stadium
👍👍 Well maintained stadium 🏟️ with capacity of taking about 30000 people. The biggest stadium in Togo 🇹🇬 Kégué. Nice view and best of fresh air
3.80 (1.8K reviews) (~8.4 km from centre)
ETS Akif image
ETS Akif
Fast food restaurant
👍 It's definitely the most hyped fast food in town, not the best in my opinion but the food is still pretty good. Service is unfortunately quite slow, but it is always packed so, understandable. I would definitely recommend my favorite off menu item which is the lamb kofta. It's so good, 10/10 recomme...
$ $$$
3.80 (1.8K reviews) (~2.18 km from centre)
Le Phenicien image
Le Phenicien
👍👍 Their service is the best Nice and polite waiters.
$$ $$
4.10 (1.8K reviews) (~4.92 km from centre)
Colombe De La Paix image
Colombe De La Paix
Historical landmark
👍👍 I wish you a Happy New Year 2024 😃 A very nice place to celebrate and have fun on New Year's Eve🤠, for drinks and a smooth process you should bring your guide.🥳 #evlessandcryptopresident #cryptopresident #cryptopresident #marcelpitang #pitang #kryondo #blockchaininvest
4.10 (1.6K reviews) (~2.64 km from centre)
Blue Turtle Bay image
Blue Turtle Bay
👍👍 The best beach front I been to in a while. I heard Togo is a place to go to for beaches but I was blown away. From the location to the architecture, planning of the space. It was exquisite. Went on a chill day but we were served nicely and fast. There's so many things to do. The beach was so clean t...
$$ $$
4.20 (1.5K reviews) (~5.87 km from centre)
Opera Boulangerie - Patisserie image
Opera Boulangerie - Patisserie
Pastry shop
👍👍 Very nice place. Food delicious. Cocktails not bad either, service on point. Will definitely come back 😊
$$ $$
3.90 (1.5K reviews) (~9.5 km from centre)
Hôtel La Concorde - Lomé image
Hôtel La Concorde - Lomé
Low-key rooms in an unfussy business hotel offering an outdoor pool & conference facilities.
4.00 (1.5K reviews) (~8.89 km from centre)
Festival des Glaces image
Festival des Glaces
👍 Great place to eat solo or in groups. Food is good but Service could be faster. I liked it too that they stay open till very late
$$ $$
3.80 (1.4K reviews) (~2.42 km from centre)
Avedji Limousine Bar BM image
Avedji Limousine Bar BM
👍👍 Chic bar
$$ $$
3.70 (1.3K reviews) (~8.7 km from centre)
Champion Supermarket Adidogome image
Champion Supermarket Adidogome
👍 All items were affordable and well sorted. The environment is irresistible.
4.00 (1.3K reviews) (~6.97 km from centre)
Institut Français du Togo image
Institut Français du Togo
Cultural center
👍 Airy setting, classic and gourmet restaurant, I had to have simple tapas...a Mojito, cream, it was cool. Impeccable service; but I suggest they review the cutlery (knives, fork)., Do it sometime too. Thank you, see you soon
4.20 (1.2K reviews) (~0.66 km from centre)
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