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Coffee Post image
Coffee Post
👍👍 Thank you so much for helping our brothers... god bless you.. , May everyone in the world be big-hearted like you ❤️
5.00 (3.2K reviews) (~2.22 km from centre)
Mapu'a Vaea Blowholes image
Mapu'a Vaea Blowholes
Nature preserve
👍👍 GORGEOUS place!😍 Makes you feel so small next to the enormous 40 meter waves! Just don't go down to the water, it's dangerous and the rocks are extremely sharp. A must-see in Tonga!
4.70 (128 reviews) (~9.93 km from centre)
Tongatapu image
Vibrant Polynesian island features a lively market, secluded beaches, ancient tombs & a palace.
4.30 (112 reviews) (~4.39 km from centre)
Tanoa International Dateline Hotel image
Tanoa International Dateline Hotel
Laid-back rooms & suites, some with ocean views, in a relaxed hotel offering dining, bars & a pool.
4.10 (211 reviews) (~2.71 km from centre)
Royal Palace of Tonga image
Royal Palace of Tonga
Historical place
👍👍 The Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Tonga is located in the northwest of the capital, Nukuʻalofa, close to the Pacific Ocean.The wooden Palace, which was built in 1867, is the official residence of the King of Tonga. Although the Palace is not open to the public, it is easily visible from the waterfr...
4.40 (87 reviews) (~2.22 km from centre)
Chef Zero Restaurant image
Chef Zero Restaurant
👍👍 This was by far the best food I had on this trip of four Islands in the Pacific. The catch of the day, Mahi mahi, was so fresh. This was some of the best seafood I've had in a long time. The tuna sashimi was delicious! Please check this place out when in Tonga.
4.70 (49 reviews) (~6.06 km from centre)
Friends Cafe image
Friends Cafe
👍 Lovely place with good food. People nice. Lasagna and moussaka tasty, but a bit burnt and not big portions. They don’t share WiFi. You can pay with card.
4.20 (90 reviews) (~2.21 km from centre)
Ancient Tonga image
Ancient Tonga
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A bit tricky to find if you organise it yourself - the taxi driver needed guidance from the GPS and even then dropped me off at the wrong entrance, however once there I had an amazing experience. I was the only solo traveller that had shown up for that afternoon but was joined by a large group of Ge...
4.60 (45 reviews) (~5.54 km from centre)
Little Italy Hotel image
Little Italy Hotel
Warmly decorated rooms, some with ocean-view balconies, plus free breakfast & an Italian restaurant.
4.10 (101 reviews) (~1.66 km from centre)
Marco's Pizza Pasta image
Marco's Pizza Pasta
👍👍 Awesome pizza! Probably the best in Tonga, definitely worth a try! Only take out available at the moment.
4.40 (54 reviews) (~2.38 km from centre)
Seaview Lodge image
Seaview Lodge
Indoor lodging
👍👍 Outstanding service, great restaurant, excellent room. We stayed a week, during which staff helped us find and book various meals and activities around Nuku'alofa. Frankly, one of the best hotel service experiences I have had in the Pacific (noting that Tongatapu isn't usually considered a tourist...
4.40 (53 reviews) (~1.98 km from centre)
Waterfront Lodge image
Waterfront Lodge
Indoor lodging
Bright, chic rooms with ocean views in a polished lodge offering a restaurant & free breakfast.
4.40 (52 reviews) (~3.72 km from centre)
The TOP Restaurant and Lounge image
The TOP Restaurant and Lounge
👍👍 Nice Lunch Spot (probably even better for dinner). We were looking for a decent meal and we found a beautiful restaurant with a stunning view. We ordered the fish and chips plus a fish taco. Both were good and the local beer on draught was ice cold. Waitstaff was kind and courteous. Before we le...
4.40 (48 reviews) (~2.13 km from centre)
Cafe Escape image
Cafe Escape
😐 Food is almost the same as friends, but higher price. Great atmosphere, great food, and great service. The only thing I didn't like is, the high cost of food and the portion of the food for the cost. Other then that it was good. I give this a 3 star rating because they do know how to cook their food...
4.00 (85 reviews) (~2.05 km from centre)
Nuku'alofa Tonga Temple image
Nuku'alofa Tonga Temple
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
👍👍 Temple is the most beautiful place you can ever visit in your life. It brings peace into your life. I love to see the temple in any country I travel to because it reminds me of my covenants that I made with my Heavenly Father. I hope that you will stop by in one of the LDS temple and be able to view...
4.60 (31 reviews) (~6.02 km from centre)
Talamahu Market image
Talamahu Market
Fresh food market
👍👍 It's a tourist attraction in itself. It's more like a big supermarket for local produce (vegetables, fruits, homemade cakes, root crops, kahala, local medicines, & handicrafts, etc Upstairs, u will find more local jewellery stallers, crafts, clothes and many more. Around the main building are littl...
4.30 (42 reviews) (~2.39 km from centre)
Royal Tombs image
Royal Tombs
Historical landmark
👍👍 quite and beautiful place,I like there on Sunday
4.10 (58 reviews) (~1.74 km from centre)
Mum's Cafe Nukualofa image
Mum's Cafe Nukualofa
👍👍 We were walking around Nuku'alofa looking for a place to have dinner. We came by Mum's Cafe and after looking at the reviews we decided to give it a go. We ordered 'Ota 'ika and grilled chicken with mash potatoes. After a small wait the 'Ota 'ika came out and then the chicken. Both were fantasic! Th...
4.40 (33 reviews) (~2.12 km from centre)
Billfish Bar and Restaurant image
Billfish Bar and Restaurant
😠 Beware to the tourist, this restaurant tried to take advantage of me big time. My friend and I waited 2 and a half hours for our meals to come out and when the food arrived they only brought out my friends meal. Then the lady who took my order said I never ordered anything. Being the only white guy...
3.80 (78 reviews) (~4.18 km from centre)
Vuna Wharf image
Vuna Wharf
👍 This is the first wharf in Tonga. They built the new one on it. It is a short walk to downtown Nuku'alofa about 5 - 10 mins. U can catch a taxi outside the gate to go anywhere. They are not marked, but they will approach you. Same as private island tours other than ship's Agent shore excursions. The...
4.20 (33 reviews) (~2.54 km from centre)
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