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Discover the best places in Pelehake, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 9 places in the village.

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Anahulu Cave image
Anahulu Cave
Tourist attraction
Cavern filled with stalactites & stalagmites, plus an underground freshwater pool for swimming.
4.60 (76 reviews) (~3.86 km from centre)
Tongatapu image
Vibrant Polynesian island features a lively market, secluded beaches, ancient tombs & a palace.
4.30 (112 reviews) (~7.67 km from centre)
Chef Zero Restaurant image
Chef Zero Restaurant
👍👍 This was by far the best food I had on this trip of four Islands in the Pacific. The catch of the day, Mahi mahi, was so fresh. This was some of the best seafood I've had in a long time. The tuna sashimi was delicious! Please check this place out when in Tonga.
4.70 (49 reviews) (~8.39 km from centre)
Ancient Tonga image
Ancient Tonga
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A bit tricky to find if you organise it yourself - the taxi driver needed guidance from the GPS and even then dropped me off at the wrong entrance, however once there I had an amazing experience. I was the only solo traveller that had shown up for that afternoon but was joined by a large group of Ge...
4.60 (45 reviews) (~8.52 km from centre)
Waterfront Lodge image
Waterfront Lodge
Indoor lodging
Bright, chic rooms with ocean views in a polished lodge offering a restaurant & free breakfast.
4.40 (52 reviews) (~9.69 km from centre)
'Oholei Beach Resort image
'Oholei Beach Resort
Resort hotel
🫤 Please don’t waste your money here. The main attraction, Hina’s Cave, has been fairly closed since the Tsunami. So now the function is held in a tiny hall with small child’s play plastic chairs. Spoke directly with the owner for a request, to which she agreed but did the complete opposite. Very frus...
4.10 (47 reviews) (~4.87 km from centre)
Billfish Bar and Restaurant image
Billfish Bar and Restaurant
😠 Beware to the tourist, this restaurant tried to take advantage of me big time. My friend and I waited 2 and a half hours for our meals to come out and when the food arrived they only brought out my friends meal. Then the lady who took my order said I never ordered anything. Being the only white guy...
3.80 (78 reviews) (~9.38 km from centre)
Fuaʻamotu International Airport image
Fuaʻamotu International Airport
International airport
👍👍 Airport was a bit crowded this morning. I was deeply disappointed when the King took the only plane for himself. Luckily I hid in the luggage. Dont tell the King though.
3.60 (54 reviews) (~3.19 km from centre)
Ngutulei Bar & Restaurant image
Ngutulei Bar & Restaurant
😠 Waited along with alot of other customers for more then an hour and a half,when the food finally came it literally was one scoop, the size of my fist to be real and the chicken pasta was tasteless. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!
3.40 (35 reviews) (~9.68 km from centre)
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