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Experience the best that Tonga has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 36 places in the country.

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Friends Cafe image
Friends Cafe
👍 Lovely place with good food. People nice. Lasagna and moussaka tasty, but a bit burnt and not big portions. They don’t share WiFi. You can pay with card.
4.20 (90 reviews)
Tsunami Rock image
Tsunami Rock
Tourist attraction
👍👍 In Google maps you can see the features around the areas where the tsunami wave entered the land from the ocean. It's a huge gap on the nearby beach , you can also see huge drag lines caused by the tsunami wave in the gap of land on the beach . Me and a friend of mine dived around the nearby coral r...
4.20 (56 reviews)
Cafe Tropicana image
Cafe Tropicana
😐 The guy who owns this place is seriously miserable and grumpy, you get the impression he's trapped in the island. However definitely best coffee on island by a distance
4.20 (37 reviews)
Vuna Wharf image
Vuna Wharf
👍 This is the first wharf in Tonga. They built the new one on it. It is a short walk to downtown Nuku'alofa about 5 - 10 mins. U can catch a taxi outside the gate to go anywhere. They are not marked, but they will approach you. Same as private island tours other than ship's Agent shore excursions. The...
4.20 (33 reviews)
Tanoa International Dateline Hotel image
Tanoa International Dateline Hotel
Laid-back rooms & suites, some with ocean views, in a relaxed hotel offering dining, bars & a pool.
4.10 (211 reviews)
Little Italy Hotel image
Little Italy Hotel
Warmly decorated rooms, some with ocean-view balconies, plus free breakfast & an Italian restaurant.
4.10 (101 reviews)
Royal Tombs image
Royal Tombs
Historical landmark
👍👍 quite and beautiful place,I like there on Sunday
4.10 (58 reviews)
'Oholei Beach Resort image
'Oholei Beach Resort
Resort hotel
🫤 Please don’t waste your money here. The main attraction, Hina’s Cave, has been fairly closed since the Tsunami. So now the function is held in a tiny hall with small child’s play plastic chairs. Spoke directly with the owner for a request, to which she agreed but did the complete opposite. Very frus...
4.10 (47 reviews)
Cafe Escape image
Cafe Escape
😐 Food is almost the same as friends, but higher price. Great atmosphere, great food, and great service. The only thing I didn't like is, the high cost of food and the portion of the food for the cost. Other then that it was good. I give this a 3 star rating because they do know how to cook their food...
4.00 (85 reviews)
Little Italy Pizzeria Restaurant image
Little Italy Pizzeria Restaurant
Italian restaurant
🫤 Dine here only for special occasions. Love their pizza almost reminds me of Costco pizza in the US but was bit disappointed one time I order a spaghetti meatball dish and not only they bought it in after 1 hour it was also cold idk it kinda sucked because that spaghetti meatball was like...
4.00 (37 reviews)
Liku'alofa Beach Resort image
Liku'alofa Beach Resort
😠 Ten months after the tsunami hit this location, there is nothing left of this resort and it has not been rebuilt. Here are photos from our tour of the island on Oct. 28th, 2022. The dirt road leading to the property had been chain locked. There is only debris on the land and beach.
3.90 (62 reviews)
Billfish Bar and Restaurant image
Billfish Bar and Restaurant
😠 Beware to the tourist, this restaurant tried to take advantage of me big time. My friend and I waited 2 and a half hours for our meals to come out and when the food arrived they only brought out my friends meal. Then the lady who took my order said I never ordered anything. Being the only white guy...
3.80 (78 reviews)
Fuaʻamotu International Airport image
Fuaʻamotu International Airport
International airport
👍👍 Airport was a bit crowded this morning. I was deeply disappointed when the King took the only plane for himself. Luckily I hid in the luggage. Dont tell the King though.
3.60 (54 reviews)
NOA Guest House image
NOA Guest House
Indoor lodging
😠 Way too pricey for what you get $60 per night....given Tongans live on about $200 per month (US dollars)...equals about $6-$7 per day. $15 per night would be more reasonable for what you get. Extra charge for WiFi per 2 hours, extra charge for using washer....the extra charges for such use is a nega...
3.50 (31 reviews)
Emerald Hotel image
Emerald Hotel
Straightforward rooms, some with balconies, in a casual hotel featuring ocean views & a restaurant.
3.40 (89 reviews)
Ngutulei Bar & Restaurant image
Ngutulei Bar & Restaurant
😠 Waited along with alot of other customers for more then an hour and a half,when the food finally came it literally was one scoop, the size of my fist to be real and the chicken pasta was tasteless. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!
3.40 (35 reviews)
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