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Tunis-Carthage International Airport image
Tunis-Carthage International Airport
International airport
😠 DO NOT TAKE ANY TAXIS IN FRONT OF THE TERMINAL, they are all scams and will charge you even higher than the prices in Europe. If you're going to Tunis, just leave the airport, and you can find some buses nearby, and cost you only 0.5 Dinars. The photo is taken where the bus line 635 stops, which i...
3.00 (4.2K reviews) (~4.44 km from centre)
Baths of Antoninus image
Baths of Antoninus
Historical landmark
Built in the 2nd century, this large Roman Thermae complex is now part of an archaeological park.
4.60 (3.4K reviews) (~14.7 km from centre)
Tunisia Mall image
Tunisia Mall
Shopping mall
👍 Love it ❤
3.90 (3.1K reviews) (~9.78 km from centre)
Mytek Charguia image
Mytek Charguia
Computer store
😠 They accept orders depends on their mood. My order was ready to pick-up but suddenly they changed the policy of check payments and theyvsay I should be back tomorrow (even though I has many orders from them before)
4.20 (2.7K reviews) (~3.98 km from centre)
Carrefour La Marsa image
Carrefour La Marsa
👍 This place stays busy! Pretty large store with almost everything that you need. Staff is respectful and courteous. English is extremely limited here, not sure if I have found someone in this area that can understand me. Recommended shopping here but preferably not during rush hour.
4.00 (2.7K reviews) (~11.39 km from centre)
Café des Délices (Café Sidi Chabaane) image
Café des Délices (Café Sidi Chabaane)
👍 Wonderful view from the cafe! It’s a large restaurant with plenty of sitting options. Service was slow even though the restaurant was not busy. Server was nice but billed more than the food price, could not give the details, so we calculated and paid the right amount. We had lunch with Sea Bream & T...
3.10 (2.5K reviews) (~16.19 km from centre)
Géant image
😐 Large supermarket, have pretty much everything, but some places are dirty and not well maintained, terminals for card payments are super dirty.
4.10 (2.5K reviews) (~6.05 km from centre)
Tunisianet image
Computer store
😠 Worst after sell customer service rude unprofessional and 0 respect Sold me a refurbished piece of laptop wich i brought back after 4 days and called it in after 2 days cause it had a hardware probleme it was all new when i brought it back with some fingerprints on the chassis he took it to replace...
3.90 (2.4K reviews) (~4.04 km from centre)
National Museum of Bardo image
National Museum of Bardo
National museum
Artifacts from Carthage & the world's largest collection of Roman mosaics in a palatial setting.
4.50 (2.4K reviews) (~6.41 km from centre)
Mövenpick Hotel Du Lac Tunis image
Mövenpick Hotel Du Lac Tunis
Modern quarters, some with lake views, in an upscale hotel offering restaurants, a spa & a pool.
4.60 (2.2K reviews) (~7.48 km from centre)
Café Resto Le 716 image
Café Resto Le 716
👍 Great restaurant! Very spacious, nice interior, neat and clean! Service is good, Ordered grill fish, Mr Bachir served it with smile 😊 Food was good
3.90 (1.9K reviews) (~9.38 km from centre)
El Mouradi Gammarth image
El Mouradi Gammarth
Upscale quarters in a sprawling beachfront resort with dining & an outdoor pool.
3.80 (1.8K reviews) (~12.58 km from centre)
Ez-Zitouna Mosque image
Ez-Zitouna Mosque
Historic mosque & revered Islamic university, the oldest in Tunisia, with a 141-ft. minaret.
4.60 (1.8K reviews) (~6.91 km from centre)
Pasta Cosi image
Pasta Cosi
Italian restaurant
👍 The pasta was great, many pasta options, but i took one star because the tables are crowded together, service was slow in the rush hours, also i did not like the names of their meals
4.20 (1.6K reviews) (~6.19 km from centre)
Shopping mall
Contemporary shopping center featuring over 100 stores, international brands, eateries & a cinema.
4.20 (1.6K reviews) (~16.7 km from centre)
Carthage Land Les Berges du Lac image
Carthage Land Les Berges du Lac
Water park
This outdoor water park features a variety of slides & pools, plus some thrill rides.
4.00 (1.4K reviews) (~5.71 km from centre)
Bab al-Bahr image
Bab al-Bahr
Historical landmark
👍👍 Nice and historic gate opening to the souks
4.40 (1.3K reviews) (~6.72 km from centre)
Dah Dah Happy Land Entertainment Park image
Dah Dah Happy Land Entertainment Park
Amusement park
A vintage carousel & views of the Lake of Tunis from the Ferris wheel, plus a replica Eiffel Tower.
3.70 (1.3K reviews) (~5.71 km from centre)
Hotel Africa image
Hotel Africa
Casual rooms & suites, some with city views, in a high-rise hotel, plus a bar & 3 restaurants.
3.80 (1.2K reviews) (~6.78 km from centre)
Four Seasons Hotel Tunis image
Four Seasons Hotel Tunis
Refined quarters in an upscale beachfront hotel with dining & a spa, plus indoor & outdoor pools.
4.50 (1.2K reviews) (~12.96 km from centre)
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