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Hotel Ez-Zahra Dar Tunis image
Hotel Ez-Zahra Dar Tunis
🫤 We spent one night at hotel Ezzahra tunis, our flight was delayed 24 hours so tunisair booked a single room there for my wife and 9 months kid. I wanted to join them so I asked the receptionist I joind my wife and I was willing to pay the upgrade to a double room. The receptionist (lamine) was so r...
3.00 (211 reviews) (~1.58 km from centre)
بوابة دمشق Bawabet Damascus image
بوابة دمشق Bawabet Damascus
Syrian restaurant
👍👍 One of the best experiences I've ever had at a restaurant. Ordered the crispy chicken meal and boy was I pleased with it. Highly recommend this meal. Hands down, if you want to get the best bang for your buck, this is the place to go.
3.90 (205 reviews) (~1.76 km from centre)
لبلابي نورة - Lablebi noura image
لبلابي نورة - Lablebi noura
👍👍 amazing view ,nice site ,clean restaurant , service with smile and joke every time
4.50 (118 reviews) (~0.85 km from centre)
Resto Tarkan image
Resto Tarkan
Turkish restaurant
👍👍 Second visit: we took a great Herbaya meat dish, a little expensive 42dt but it's worth it (kebda kabeb mechoui). First visit: Hearty meals at affordable prices. We had a super sarma beyti dish for taste, a simple cheese bida and for dessert a very good kounafa. Superb.
3.90 (117 reviews) (~1.82 km from centre)
Restaurant Maazim image
Restaurant Maazim
👍👍 Ambiance familiale. Pizza pesto poulet super bonne ! Serveur au top aimable pro et disponible. Je recommande.
3.50 (112 reviews) (~0.55 km from centre)
Ben Agha image
Ben Agha
Beauty salon
😠 Rudest person poor quality service Incompetent Hidden fees Bad manners
2.90 (109 reviews) (~1.87 km from centre)
Baguette & Baguette image
Baguette & Baguette
Sandwich shop
😠 Service, accueil et restauration nul de chez nul ! Personnels discutant entre elles, le cuisinier se fait prier pour préparer les sandwichs aux clients... À bannir !!!!!
3.40 (76 reviews) (~1.85 km from centre)
Stade Municipal de Hammam Lif image
Stade Municipal de Hammam Lif
😐 Excellent service
4.00 (61 reviews) (~0.97 km from centre)
Mezzanotte Pizzeria image
Mezzanotte Pizzeria
👍👍 By far the best Pizza in the southern suburbs
4.10 (59 reviews) (~0.29 km from centre)
Cabinet Dr Karim Ben Kacem image
Cabinet Dr Karim Ben Kacem
4.00 (44 reviews) (~0.24 km from centre)
Pâtisserie Elysée Hatem image
Pâtisserie Elysée Hatem
4.30 (42 reviews) (~0.47 km from centre)
Gare Hammam Lif image
Gare Hammam Lif
Train station
👍 محطة قطار حمام الأنف. ___________________ تصوير وائل عويزب.
3.60 (36 reviews) (~0.25 km from centre)
Ben Yaghlane Shops Boumhal image
Ben Yaghlane Shops Boumhal
Grocery store
In-store shopping
4.50 (35 reviews) (~1.75 km from centre)
Cabinet d Orthodontie DR Aymen Ben Salem image
Cabinet d Orthodontie DR Aymen Ben Salem
😠 Je vous conseille de ne pas aller chez ce orthodontiste pour le simple fait qu'il veut toujours de l'argent sans faire un travail comme il se doit et a déjà été signalé mais il continue sans avoir pitié des ses patients. 7asbiallah W na3m wekil fik!
2.80 (35 reviews) (~0.46 km from centre)
Chalet vert image
Chalet vert
🫤 This used to be a very convenient place to go hiking, see a great view of the coast and enjoy nature. After the pandemic, it's gone downhill. The building with the two green domes is now closed off and full of wild dogs, there is glass everywhere from broken beer bottles, and it's quite dangerous t...
3.30 (35 reviews) (~0.82 km from centre)
Forêt noire image
Forêt noire
4.40 (33 reviews) (~0.1 km from centre)
Restaurant TAHRICHA تحريشة image
Restaurant TAHRICHA تحريشة
👍👍 Je me suis régalé Par contre l'ambiance n'est pas au top
4.00 (31 reviews) (~0.27 km from centre)
MG image
In-store shopping · Delivery
3.30 (31 reviews) (~0.13 km from centre)
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