Great Mosque of Kairouan image
Great Mosque of Kairouan
Iconic 600s mosque with hulking fortress walls, a square minaret & ornate architectural details.
4.60 (2.1K reviews) (~1.2 km from centre)
Kairouan Grand Mosque image
Kairouan Grand Mosque
Local history museum
👍👍 One of the holiest sites in Islam and beautiful. Need to be covered below the knees and shoulders but cloth is provided if not.
4.50 (608 reviews) (~1.26 km from centre)
Hotel La Kasbah Kairouan image
Hotel La Kasbah Kairouan
Relaxed hotel offering breakfast, a restaurant & a cafe, plus an outdoor pool & event space.
4.30 (486 reviews) (~1 km from centre)
Basins of Aghlabides image
Basins of Aghlabides
Historical place
👍👍 An interesting and strangely futuristic looking place just outside the old town. Huge, 9th century stone reservoirs built to supply the town with water. One of the seven or so 'attractions' you can buy a combined ticket for in the nearby tourist information centre (good toilets there too!). Definite...
4.10 (466 reviews) (~1.85 km from centre)
Barbier Mausoleum image
Barbier Mausoleum
👍👍 If you are in the area is worth seeing
4.50 (346 reviews) (~1.55 km from centre)
El Brija Restaurant image
El Brija Restaurant
👍👍 This restaurant was a pleasant surprise. Food and service were great. We can especially recommend the sea food entrée, which is basically a main dish, and the couscous dish. Definitely a good value for money
4.10 (315 reviews) (~1.36 km from centre)
Zaouia of Sidi Sahabi image
Zaouia of Sidi Sahabi
👍 I wanted to visit this mausoleum because Sidi Sahabi is a Sahaba, which means he is one of the many followers of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). You should most definitely wear shorts that fall below the knee, or else you'll have to wear a makeshift skirt to cover them. Make sure to come in with clean...
4.60 (308 reviews) (~1.57 km from centre)
Continental Hotel image
Continental Hotel
Unfussy rooms in an informal hotel offering gardens, a pool & a restaurant, plus an event space.
3.90 (218 reviews) (~1.63 km from centre)
مقروض العمراني image
مقروض العمراني
Pastry shop
👍 Great sweets, and fast service!
4.40 (140 reviews) (~0.43 km from centre)
Dar Abderrahman Zarrouk image
Dar Abderrahman Zarrouk
4.30 (139 reviews) (~0.93 km from centre)
Makroudh Omrani image
Makroudh Omrani
Pastry shop
👍👍 Ma9roudh dyari w bnin Bravo Un bon plan à déguster
4.50 (131 reviews) (~0.43 km from centre)
Bir Barrouta - بير بروطة image
Bir Barrouta - بير بروطة
Historical place
👍 You can watch water being pulled up the well by a camel. The camel walks around in a small, circular room. It's something interesting to have a peak at. There's a small cafe right there too.
4.30 (128 reviews) (~0.56 km from centre)
Restaurant Dar Abderrahman Zarrouk image
Restaurant Dar Abderrahman Zarrouk
👍👍 The very very best Tunisian food and atmosphere!!! The house is warm, calm and charming.. A great experience we had definitely.!
4.30 (110 reviews) (~0.94 km from centre)
Restaurant Nakcha image
Restaurant Nakcha
👍 Beautiful location, clean bathrooms, good prices, food was great! Service was slow & lots of items on the menu were not available, but other than that it was great. But the menu is a scroll which was so cute & I’m told they do events here on the evenings 😍
3.70 (95 reviews) (~1.37 km from centre)
Texas Fastfood image
Texas Fastfood
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 A good restaurant and delicious food
4.10 (81 reviews) (~0.21 km from centre)
Makroudh Rqaya image
Makroudh Rqaya
Pastry shop
😐 Average for the price and not too full.
4.60 (80 reviews) (~2.03 km from centre)
Kafteji Boudissa image
Kafteji Boudissa
3.80 (78 reviews) (~0.2 km from centre)
Kids Land image
Kids Land
😠 A very nice decor...i love the space but it has a very slow service with very expensive foods compared to the quality...i advise to improve them well For the games, my little ones love them and come back happy so I'm satisfied for this side
3.70 (71 reviews) (~1.5 km from centre)
Amina Hotel image
Amina Hotel
👍👍 Come on people this hotel doesn’t deserve 4-3-2 stars keep it up 5 stars friendly staff nice and clean environment. They have affordable rate compared to others please don’t give this hotel lower stars they deserve only 5 stars.
3.50 (60 reviews) (~2.39 km from centre)
Tunisia's Gate image
Tunisia's Gate
Historical landmark
👍👍 Great architecture
4.50 (59 reviews) (~0.77 km from centre)
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