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Discover the best places in Mahdia, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 25 places in the city.

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Skifa el Kahla image
Skifa el Kahla
Historical place
👍👍 Mahdia (Arabic: المهدية al-Mahdīyah) is a Tunisian coastal city with 62,189 inhabitants, south of Monastir and southeast of Sousse.Mahdia is a provincial centre north of Sfax. It is important for the associated fish-processing industry, as well as weaving. It is the capital of Mahdia Governorate.The...
4.40 (950 reviews)
Borj el Kebir: Ottoman Fort image
Borj el Kebir: Ottoman Fort
Historical landmark
👍👍 Very beautiful Monument in Mahdia 😍 the entry is very cheap. And as you go inside you can read a little bit of history and then go up to discover an amazing view, a view from where you can see the sea and the city of Mahdia. Very nice and I would recommend visiting it 😍
4.50 (223 reviews)
Medina of Mahdia image
Medina of Mahdia
Historical landmark
👍 Watch out for scammers
4.40 (240 reviews)
Great Fatimid Mosque image
Great Fatimid Mosque
👍👍 Machallah nothing but happiness
4.50 (162 reviews)
Lighthouse Mahdia image
Lighthouse Mahdia
Historical landmark
👍👍 Latarnia morska na wzniesieniu wskazująca drogę do portu w Al Mahdia, wokół ładnie zagospodarowany teren, piękne widoki, szum fal i biel nagrobków cmentarza na zboczu opadajacym ku morzu
4.40 (139 reviews)
Naima’s Restaurant image
Naima’s Restaurant
👍👍 Very delicious food and good quantity!
4.60 (79 reviews)
Mahdia Marin Cemetery image
Mahdia Marin Cemetery
👍👍 I've seen so many cemeteries in my life yet something on this one drew my attention , you must visit it to understand what i mean! So beautiful
4.80 (42 reviews)
Café Sidi Salem Elghar image
Café Sidi Salem Elghar
👍 Barely 3.5 stars — only for a great view, average prices for drinks (we didn't try food), but it's served in plastic cups, and, regrettably, not all garçons speak English. And it's dirty. We visited it twice, the second time with a local friend — our impression was the same.
3.90 (409 reviews)
El Hamra image
El Hamra
👍👍 Piękne miejsce do spaceru nad morzem, fort Africa corpus, cmentarz schodzocy zboczem w stronę morza i piękne skaliste nabrzeże z rozbijajacymi się falami tworzą razem fantastyczny klimat
4.60 (50 reviews)
Restaurant Borj Erras image
Restaurant Borj Erras
👍👍 low price and good tunisian food Fresh sea food Every day I take food from for my team at h.f car services i recommended that 👌
4.10 (112 reviews)
Subway Diving Center Mahdia image
Subway Diving Center Mahdia
SCUBA instructor
👍👍 First time I dived and it was the best experience I've had so far with the best professionals. I recommend diving with them 100%. Nice people, who help us and make us feel comfortable. Thanks for everything once again and see you next time!
4.70 (40 reviews)
Club de plongée cap afrique image
Club de plongée cap afrique
Dive club
😠 We do not recommend this diving club to everyone. The instructor welcomes us without checking our dive logbook, our map, or our medical certificates. The tank of one of us was only filled to 140 bars, an insufficient quantity for a dive. The instructor says that "that will be enough, with the temper...
4.70 (38 reviews)
Ancien Port Fatimide image
Ancien Port Fatimide
Historical place
👍👍 Close to the historic center of Mahdia with a view of the old cemetery, it represents an important piece of the city's history. Little remains of the ancient port, but the ruins represent its thousand-year history.
4.50 (47 reviews)
Malibu image
Coffee shop
😠 NOT cafe... It's a dirty nightclub and p...r.o.s.t..i.t.u.t.i.o.n place 👎👎👎
4.20 (72 reviews)
Vitamin Sea image
Vitamin Sea
👍 Small coffee with a perfect view and beautiful interior design. This coffeshop is so clean and its food so delicious. Also the waiters are so polite and generous.
4.10 (84 reviews)
Hotel Dar Al Madina image
Hotel Dar Al Madina
Simple rooms with Wi-Fi in a low-key hotel offering a cafe, a pub & free parking.
4.50 (40 reviews)
Café Gamra image
Café Gamra
👍👍 My Favorite place in MAHDIA !! .. This is the best Moorish Coffee ever. You want to try a Turkish coffee, a mint tea or homemade lemonade ? Café GAMRA will welcome you every day ... Warm and authentic with an irresistible oriental atmosphere.
4.20 (50 reviews)
Le Lido image
Le Lido
👍👍 A very stylish and clean bar, where you can have delicious food and fresh beers. Nice for people who like football.
3.70 (214 reviews)
Café El Mehdi image
Café El Mehdi
Coffee shop
👍 An old café and considered an archaeological place. In the old style, it serves drinks and shisha. It contains traditional furniture consisting of several floors. It has a reasonable view. You can drink tea with a beautiful taste.
4.30 (36 reviews)
Resto l'antika image
Resto l'antika
Family restaurant
😐 Only 1 waiter for 16 tables. Hence slow service at 20:00. I had to take menu myself bcs no one gave it to us, we waited 10-15 minutes. I don't recommend salads here, some vegetables were rotten and bitter, poorly washed (there was sand in lettuce). No napkins with pizza given. Pizza is okay, they o...
3.90 (69 reviews)
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