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Discover the best places in Medina, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 30 places in the city.

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Ribat image
Historical place
Sprawling & well-preserved 8th-century coastal fort, now home to a Museum of Islamic Art.
4.60 (2.2K reviews)
Bourguiba Mosque image
Bourguiba Mosque
👍👍 Also known as The Hanafi Mosque of Bourguiba
4.50 (389 reviews)
Marina Cap Monastir image
Marina Cap Monastir
👍👍 Great place to spend candid time.
4.50 (291 reviews)
MixMax image
Fast food restaurant
👍 I really liked the food, I tried their pizza XL and it was so good and big with generous amounts of toppings, the fries and mayonnaise were good too. The service is good as well and it didn't take that long to prepare the food. The only problem is that the place is small and crowded so you have to w...
4.20 (363 reviews)
Dar Benti image
Dar Benti
Bed & breakfast
Streamlined quarters in a polished guesthouse featuring an outdoor pool & a hammam, plus breakfast.
4.90 (57 reviews)
La Cocina image
La Cocina
👍 Get home-cooked Tunisian plates for fast-food prices! The place is always packed with locals, which attests to the value and food quality. The menu is a bit limited with a few daily specials, and sometimes the specials run out early, and the dining is all outdoor terrace, but overall it's a great v...
4.60 (71 reviews)
Resto My Cocoon image
Resto My Cocoon
👍👍 I brought my family to this little restaurant in monastir for the first time , the atmosphere and the restaurant was absolutely perfect! I manage different restaurants in UK , the service I had last week by nizar was absolutely spot on , the food very delicious and very enjoyable!! I will definitely...
4.30 (123 reviews)
Le Bistrot image
Le Bistrot
😠 I ordered a cappucino and a crepes. I got my cappucino quick but the guy waited for hours outside and i got my crepes after 20 min. The guy was smoking and talking to everyone. But not doing his job.
4.40 (95 reviews)
Mozart catering Monastir image
Mozart catering Monastir
Takeaway · Delivery
4.30 (91 reviews)
Monastir Plongée & Diving image
Monastir Plongée & Diving
SCUBA instructor
4.60 (54 reviews)
La Réserve image
La Réserve
Fast food restaurant
😠 it was a bad experience, The food isn't that good, the cleaning level is worse. very slow service, and a bit aggressive for complaint, I was present in a fight with cook and a person in front of the restaurant
4.00 (215 reviews)
Café Bir Alandalos image
Café Bir Alandalos
👍 Calm place Delicious coffee
4.30 (76 reviews)
Restaurant darna - دارنا Couscous - Poulet braisé Charbon - tajine image
Restaurant darna - دارنا Couscous - Poulet braisé Charbon - tajine
👍👍 Found out this cozy restaurant on the last day of my Tunisia trip, which gave me a warm wrap up. I ordered chicken Tajine which is very delicious and fresh. They also offered soup, salade and bread. The price is very honest and at normal local level. The staff there are so sincere and friendly, whic...
4.70 (38 reviews)
Le Roi du CousCous image
Le Roi du CousCous
👍 This is a very good restaurant to eat royal couscous... Hmmm.. it's very delicious and very spicy Simple decor with very welcoming staff... It's beautiful family and clean And especially in the center of Monastir next to the wilaya.
4.10 (61 reviews)
Pâtisserie Le Pacha image
Pâtisserie Le Pacha
Takeaway · Delivery
4.00 (67 reviews)
Le Bistrot + image
Le Bistrot +
Coffee shop
👍 Nice and cozy place. We had their omelette and it was full of cheese and very filling! 🧀 Their famous Saint Sebastian cheesecake, however, was not as good as we expected it to be! Service was great and prices were fair.
4.20 (45 reviews)
Yasmina Center Dorra ياسمينا سنتر image
Yasmina Center Dorra ياسمينا سنتر
Shopping mall
👍 There is everything here and especially traditional things like clothes, souvenirs, decorative elements, wallets and purses, chess games, handmade cosmetic products and much more. Comparing to soula center in Sousse which contains almost the same products, soula center is less expensive than Yasmin...
4.00 (54 reviews)
Restaurant Dar Chraka image
Restaurant Dar Chraka
👍 Delicious food, good reception, very clean, I was here for the fourth time and it was amazing visit with my friends from Poland. They make a special food and they decorate it in a good way. I really enjoy their food.
3.60 (258 reviews)
Dar Bibi image
Dar Bibi
4.20 (32 reviews)
Domino Pizza image
Domino Pizza
Pizza restaurant
4.10 (37 reviews)
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