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Aiguilles of Tabarka image
Aiguilles of Tabarka
Nature preserve
👍 A pleasant place
4.50 (443 reviews)
Tabarka Centre image
Tabarka Centre
👍👍 Our beautiful tabarka ✨💞 (Picture not taken by me pt2)
4.30 (346 reviews)
منارة طبرقة image
منارة طبرقة
Historical landmark
😐 The fort can be visited but not the lighthouse.
4.30 (265 reviews)
Restaurant La Belle Vue image
Restaurant La Belle Vue
👍 The food was good and what I really liked was the view very beautiful 🤩
4.10 (137 reviews)
Café La Marina image
Café La Marina
👍👍 Amazing food, place and staff. Had a 2 person breakfast menu which was the best I ever had. The menu had everything in it what we can call breakfast meal. Super clean, nice bathroom and staff. It's located right next to I❤️Tabarka sign. Enjoy the view
4.00 (128 reviews)
Restaurant Al MNARA image
Restaurant Al MNARA
Bar & grill
😐 the best place for me and my close friends to stay for eating foods or drinking coffee. comfortable and clean.
4.00 (125 reviews)
Monoprix image
In-store shopping
3.90 (99 reviews)
Mediterean colors image
Mediterean colors
Guest house
🫤 Don't get tricked by the pictures of the nice view and swimming poo! One of the worst places I have ever stayed in, and my weekend was ruined by the behaviour and attitude of the owner! Besides, do not expect any service: there is no bar or restaurant, no shampoo or shower gel is offered and the own...
3.80 (98 reviews)
Café Resto Chahrazed image
Café Resto Chahrazed
👍 Un bon restaurant avec une belle vue, on est sur le port directement, on peut voir le fort de Tabarka... Le service est très bien Le plat maza fruit de mer m'a beaucoup plu, tout est bien fait et très délicieux avec un prix correct 50dt . Le plat spaghetti aux fruits de mer est bien a 15dt , le prix...
4.10 (38 reviews)
restaurant touta - مطعم توتة image
restaurant touta - مطعم توتة
👍👍 Authentic Tunisian food, fresh from the oven, Fish is awesome.
3.70 (102 reviews)
Marina Prestige Tabarka image
Marina Prestige Tabarka
Simple rooms in a down-to-earth hotel offering a restaurant & a terrace, plus port views.
3.60 (136 reviews)
Corail Royal Hotel & Residence image
Corail Royal Hotel & Residence
😠 the location is good, but the maintenance is catastrophic!!!!! Too bad... it needs a Total renovation: painting, furniture and bedding (the mattresses are hollow and the pillows are flat)...
3.70 (79 reviews)
Mimosa Tabarka image
Mimosa Tabarka
Low-key rooms & suites in a 19th-century sea-view property offering international dining & a pool.
3.50 (299 reviews)
Résidence Tabarka image
Résidence Tabarka
😐 Beautiful view of the sea right out the back door. As modern as you're likely to get in Tabarka. (be sure you buy bug spray - they're are all over the whole city, it's not just here, city trash doesn't seem to leave 🤷🏻‍♀️😐) City's safe and welcoming to foreigners. Stunning views and delicious cui...
3.70 (47 reviews)
Hôtel de France image
Hôtel de France
😠 Je déconseille cet hôtel, propreté 00.entretien 00. ...ya d'autre hôtel à ce prix et plus jolie et propre
3.40 (77 reviews)
Restaurant le Mondial - مطعم المونديال image
Restaurant le Mondial - مطعم المونديال
Tunisian restaurant
👍👍 Restaurant le Mondial, Port de Plaisance Tabarka، direkt am Hafen, gemütliches und gepflegtes Ambiente. Schöner Blick zum Meer und so gestalten sich auch die Gerichte. Große Auswahl, alles frisch vom Markt, gute Qualität, sehr lecker! Wir hatten köstlichen Tintenfisch. Wir kommen gerne wieder!
3.60 (32 reviews)
Restaurant Samara image
Restaurant Samara
😠 Worst service on earth! Very unprofessional.. been waiting for two hours and ended up not being serviced! Stay away!
3.40 (45 reviews)
Hôtel la Plage image
Hôtel la Plage
😠 L’agent qui travail dans la réception nous a très mal parlé et nous a menacé, c’est notre 3eme fois dans cet hôtel et ça serait la dernière, personnel incompétent et nul à éviter.
3.20 (51 reviews)
Restaurant La Reine image
Restaurant La Reine
3.20 (31 reviews)
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