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Sun Palm Douz image
Sun Palm Douz
Relaxed rooms & suites in a streamlined hotel offering an outdoor pool, a restaurant & a hammam.
4.70 (4.4K reviews) (~97.77 km from centre)
Chebika Oasis image
Chebika Oasis
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Worth a trip. A lot of hiking. Not made for wheelchairs and handycaped people. But once at the spot, it's very nice. Especially when you wait a bit until everyone is gone. Then you can even hear frogs😊
4.70 (1.7K reviews) (~47.85 km from centre)
Hôtel Ras El Ain Tozeur image
Hôtel Ras El Ain Tozeur
Upmarket hotel with a relaxed restaurant, a spa & a fitness room, plus indoor & outdoor pools.
4.00 (1K reviews) (~2.18 km from centre)
Star Wars: Mos Espa image
Star Wars: Mos Espa
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The place was not something amazing except it had shops and was pretty crowded however the jeep safari to it was simply amazing and something you have to try. The driver was very kind and crazy and on the way you can see mirage. The local people try to push you to buy all kinds of stuff but negotiat...
4.40 (970 reviews) (~28.24 km from centre)
Sahara Douz image
Sahara Douz
Polished hotel in a castle-like building offering dining, bars & indoor & outdoor pools, plus a spa.
4.00 (934 reviews) (~98.11 km from centre)
El Mouradi Douz image
El Mouradi Douz
👍 If you're looking for a quiet and beautiful hotel, El Mouradi Douz is the perfect choice for you. The hotel features a spacious and refreshing swimming pool that remains open until midnight. During our stay, there were not many visitors, so the pool was quite empty. There is no specific children's p...
3.80 (882 reviews) (~97.91 km from centre)
El Mouradi Tozeur image
El Mouradi Tozeur
Polished desert hotel offering bright rooms & suites with balconies, plus dining, 2 pools & a sauna.
3.50 (871 reviews) (~2.49 km from centre)
Ong Jmal image
Ong Jmal
Tourist attraction
😐 A site for the fan boys of Star Wars. The abandoned film sets leave a sense of nostalgia and fantasy. There were many hawkers setting up tables selling star wars related souvenirs. As with many desert related attractions, camel rides were always offered.
4.60 (677 reviews) (~23.12 km from centre)
Chak Wak Park image
Chak Wak Park
😠 I’m disappointed with service quality and park condition! Please government or who ever responsible of the park to upgrade or at least take care of the park and avoid any damages! it’s shameful to have a such park visited by foreigners or even Tunisian citizen to enjoy the park! I would give zero st...
4.20 (625 reviews) (~1.64 km from centre)
Maison troglodyte image
Maison troglodyte
Tourist attraction
4.60 (619 reviews) (~172.07 km from centre)
Palm Beach Palace image
Palm Beach Palace
😐 Great location not far from downtown Tozeur. Friendly staff. Rooms are overall clean and the beds comfortable. There is a nice indoor pool (well heated) and kids are allowed which worked great for us. The outside pool is nice also. Need to note though that the food choices were poor especially for...
3.80 (523 reviews) (~2 km from centre)
Zoo of Sahara image
Zoo of Sahara
👍👍 Loved it! Nice collection of species of the Sahara. The zoo is clean and well maintained and the staff very friendly and walked us around. It is a small zoo with 2 parts: one for the animals and one for the botanical garden "Paradise garden". Same entrance. Fee is 5 dinars. Definitely worth the visi...
3.80 (474 reviews) (~3.11 km from centre)
Hotel Jugurtha Palace image
Hotel Jugurtha Palace
😠 Diner is the worst, they're saying a buffet but they serve very limited choice of food and cheap food items. For the vegetables they allow you to eat as much as you want, but for the chicken they serve you small quantities. The rooms are nicely built but lack a lot of maintenance. Please upgrade t...
3.60 (467 reviews) (~79.72 km from centre)
Hotel Sidi Idriss image
Hotel Sidi Idriss
😠 Cool location but they abuse animals... a lonely baby Dromedaris was in chains right outside the hotel. The animal was clearly distressed as obviously it should be with its mother. Avoid this place at all costs. Also the food is terrible.
4.00 (447 reviews) (~174.47 km from centre)
Dar Cherait Museum image
Dar Cherait Museum
Museum in a restored mansion, showcasing traditional Tunisian costumes, art & artifacts.
4.20 (439 reviews) (~1.93 km from centre)
The guesthouse restaurant image
The guesthouse restaurant
👍👍 Nice, clean and welcoming place for travelers. The best in southern Tunisia..
4.20 (435 reviews) (~230.06 km from centre)
Diar Matmata ديار مطماطة image
Diar Matmata ديار مطماطة
Streamlined & cave-style rooms in a modern hotel with dining, an outdoor pool & a terrace.
3.90 (397 reviews) (~172.75 km from centre)
Carrefour Gabès image
Carrefour Gabès
Shopping mall
4.00 (370 reviews) (~182.06 km from centre)
Anantara Sahara Tozeur Resort & Villas image
Anantara Sahara Tozeur Resort & Villas
Resort hotel
😠 The reason I put one star is because of the bad experience we had with the concierge, Nizar. From the car rental to the tours.. nothing worked out! The room was only available for check-in at 7pm when there was a total of 10 guests in the hotel. The manager, Aziz was professional but definitely unr...
4.60 (370 reviews) (~6.16 km from centre)
Ksar Rouge image
Ksar Rouge
Low-key rooms in a casual hotel offering a restaurant & a spa, plus indoor & outdoor pools.
3.90 (362 reviews) (~2.17 km from centre)
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