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La Vallée image
La Vallée
👍 Bon endroit pour bien profiter de la bonne compagnie. Les prix sont abordable. L'accueil est chaleureux, les personnels sont souriants 😃 😃 😃. A améliorer la qualité de la patte de crêpe, le chocolat 🍫 🍫 est très délicieux 😋 😋. 4 étoiles 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 pour le moment, la cinquième si tout est...
3.80 (152 reviews)
Friday's image
😠 Very bad experience, the service was the worst. I give 1 star because i can't give it less than this
3.70 (78 reviews)
Medina of Zaghouan image
Medina of Zaghouan
Historical landmark
👍👍 Oh Zaghouan is such a great place! Beautiful people, lots of stair’s everywhere but every time when you will turn…you’ll find something new, something interesting….
4.60 (74 reviews)
MG Proxi Zaghouan image
MG Proxi Zaghouan
3.80 (52 reviews)
Hôtel Les Nymphes image
Hôtel Les Nymphes
😠 Terrible place, no idea how it managed to stay open this long... we were told the hotel was completely booked, so we had to take a bungalow. We were the only guests in the entire hotel. The rooms were laughably bad: the shower didn’t work (2 settings: either boiling hot or no water.) The toilet was...
3.60 (47 reviews)
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