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Grand Mosque of Bursa image
Grand Mosque of Bursa
Vast, ornate mosque built in 1399 in Seljuk style, with 20 domes & 2 towering minarets.
4.90 (39.1K reviews) (~0.5 km from centre)
Koza Han image
Koza Han
Tourist attraction
Historic, multilevel silk market known for its Ottoman-era architecture & variety of retailers.
4.50 (30.1K reviews) (~0.39 km from centre)
Kent Meydanı Shopping Center image
Kent Meydanı Shopping Center
Shopping mall
Contemporary shopping complex offering upscale boutiques, home-goods stores, cafes & sweet shops.
4.10 (29.1K reviews) (~1.65 km from centre)
Tophane Clock Tower image
Tophane Clock Tower
Tourist attraction
Elaborate, 15-meter-tall neoclassical clock tower reconstructed in 1905.
4.70 (23K reviews) (~1.01 km from centre)
Zafer Plaza image
Zafer Plaza
Shopping mall
This urban mall with a glass ceiling offers a wide range of retailers, plus a cinema & fast food.
4.20 (19.8K reviews) (~0.87 km from centre)
Bursa Grand Bazaar image
Bursa Grand Bazaar
Historical place
Silk clothing, jewelry, food vendors & local delicacies draw crowds to this longtime marketplace.
4.60 (12.5K reviews) (~0.56 km from centre)
Uludağ Kebapçısı Cemal Cemil Usta image
Uludağ Kebapçısı Cemal Cemil Usta
👍👍 When I visit Bursa for any reason, this restaurant always in my bucket list. Because if the unique taste and value of the restaurant made me always come back. Also with a great service and hospitality for dining in. You can Order Iskender Döner any where in Turkey but, only in Bursa city the taste...
$$$ $
4.10 (10.4K reviews) (~1.48 km from centre)
Emir Sultan Mosque image
Emir Sultan Mosque
Baroque Ottoman mosque with towering minarets, founded in the 1300s & rebuilt in the 1850s.
4.90 (9.8K reviews) (~1.16 km from centre)
İSKENDER Tarihi Ahşap Dükkan image
İSKENDER Tarihi Ahşap Dükkan
Kebab shop
👍👍 We were searching for the root of the famous "Iskender" and found the place that claims to have invented the well known "Doner". The restaurant is located pretty centrally in Bursa. You feel that this restaurant is full of history; everything looks nice and cozy. Of course we have ordered the Iskend...
$$$ $
4.20 (7.7K reviews) (~0.11 km from centre)
Kebapçı Hüseyin Usta image
Kebapçı Hüseyin Usta
Kebab shop
👍👍 THIS IS THE BEST ISKENDER KEBAB I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, and so will you. This is a MUST visit in bursa. They were extremely friendly especially the owner and one of the staff "Muslim". 10/10 highly recommended.
$$ $$
4.40 (6.2K reviews) (~0.16 km from centre)
Tomb of Osman Gazi image
Tomb of Osman Gazi
Tourist attraction
Final resting place of the first Ottoman sultan, in a reconstructed Byzantine building on a hilltop.
4.90 (6.1K reviews) (~0.97 km from centre)
Derya Çorbacısı image
Derya Çorbacısı
Soup restaurant
Unfussy counter-serve restaurant serving soups alongside meat plates, flatbreads & desserts.
$$ $$
4.20 (6K reviews) (~1.33 km from centre)
Han Brass image
Han Brass
Tourist attraction
Long-standing, massive stone marketplace, now home to buzzy cafes, shisha lounges & art shops.
4.20 (5.6K reviews) (~0.7 km from centre)
Almira Hotel image
Almira Hotel
High-end property offering polished quarters, plus a brasserie, a chic spa & an outdoor pool.
4.50 (5.1K reviews) (~1.88 km from centre)
Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum image
Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum
History museum
Futuristic dome with a 360-degree image depicting the 14th-century Ottoman conquest of the city.
4.70 (4.7K reviews) (~0.79 km from centre)
Uftade Mosque and Tomb image
Uftade Mosque and Tomb
Ornate, brick mosque complex known as the burial place of Islamic mystic Üftade, who died in 1580.
4.90 (4.5K reviews) (~0.87 km from centre)
Yesil Izgara Pideli Kofte image
Yesil Izgara Pideli Kofte
Kebab shop
Informal, long-standing restaurant popular for its meatball dishes, plus a terrace.
$$ $$
4.20 (4.3K reviews) (~0.25 km from centre)
Green Tomb image
Green Tomb
Tourist attraction
Ornate, octagonal shaped tomb of marble & green tile built in 1421 for an Ottoman sultan.
4.80 (4.2K reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
Heykel image
Busy, central plaza with a grassy lawn around a statue of Turkish leader Atatürk on horseback.
4.60 (4.1K reviews) (~0.06 km from centre)
Setbasi Bridge image
Setbasi Bridge
Landmark stone bridge renovated multiple times since the 15th century, with art stalls & shops.
4.50 (3.9K reviews) (~0.28 km from centre)
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