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Discover the best places in Bursa, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 29 places in the city.

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Kaya Uludag image
Kaya Uludag
Casual ski-in/ski-out hotel offering a restaurant & a cafe/bar, plus a spa with an indoor pool.
4.70 (1K reviews)
Uludag Ski Center image
Uludag Ski Center
Ski resort
👍👍 Been there a while ago, but have the greatest memories from ski experience I gained at that place! The slopes are very wide, not to curvy or steep. It’s great for people who just learn how to ski or who doesn’t have much experience Plenty of rent places where you can get everything from a gloves t...
4.50 (2.1K reviews)
Bof Hotels Uludağ Ski & Luxury Resort image
Bof Hotels Uludağ Ski & Luxury Resort
Unfussy rooms & suites, some with mountain views, plus restaurants, a spa & an indoor pool.
4.50 (1.5K reviews)
Uludağ Sarıalan image
Uludağ Sarıalan
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Most of the people made mistake there. Actually the first one where cable car stops that's not the end point. From there you can change cable car and go to the main point. The long ticket queue may bother you. But at the top of the mountain, the city everything is so beautiful. Note: You need to car...
4.50 (1.3K reviews)
Look to Uludag image
Look to Uludag
Tourist attraction
👍👍 I like the view u can see all bursa
4.80 (194 reviews)
Kızılay Bursa Şubesi Çobankaya Aile Kampı image
Kızılay Bursa Şubesi Çobankaya Aile Kampı
👍 It's a great place for children too, a very nice environment, it offers an experience to set up a camping tent, there are tree tiny houses and mansions, the price of a small house for three months is 4200 TL, you can take your belongings by yourself, it's green around, in nature, communal WC, showe...
4.50 (304 reviews)
Sarıalan Campground image
Sarıalan Campground
👍 Çok güzel bir yer özellikle yürüyüş yapmak için ya da temiz hava almak için gidilebilir. Ben teleferik ile gittim Sarıalan ulaşana kadar geçen sürede görülen Bursa manzarası efsane 😍 yüksekte olduğu için hava haliyle merkeze göre daha soğuk ve ciddi rüzgar alıyor. Mayıs ayında gitmiş olmama rağmen...
4.50 (296 reviews)
Uludag Kayak Egitim ve Kamp Merkezi image
Uludag Kayak Egitim ve Kamp Merkezi
Resort hotel
👍👍 The food served hot and fresh ... 😋 it's a nice place to have a good meal before heading to the ice
4.40 (471 reviews)
Ulukardeşler Otel image
Ulukardeşler Otel
👍👍 A very nice experience and the hospitality is unmatched and second to none. The rooms were old but were maintained and kept very clean by the hotel over the years. Stepping into this hotel is literally like stepping into a time machine and the decor is very 70s. The breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner...
4.70 (138 reviews)
Orman Köşkleri image
Orman Köşkleri
Woodland property offering relaxed wood bungalows with porches, kitchens & BBQ equipment.
4.30 (743 reviews)
Monte Baia Uludağ Hotel image
Monte Baia Uludağ Hotel
Low-key rooms in a simple all-inclusive hotel offering mountain views, ski classes & an indoor pool.
4.30 (599 reviews)
Karinna Hotel Uludağ image
Karinna Hotel Uludağ
Informal ski-in/ski-out hotel with an indoor pool & a ski school, plus complimentary meals & drinks.
4.20 (1.4K reviews)
Beceren Hotel image
Beceren Hotel
Warm rooms & suites, some with mountain views, plus complimentary meals at 2 informal restaurants.
4.20 (360 reviews)
Karinna Orman Koskleri image
Karinna Orman Koskleri
👍👍 İşletmenin konumu bungalovlar arasındaki mesafe mükemmel , odaların dizaynı gayet güzel. Mont restoranttaki Arif bey ve Gamze hanım çok ilgillilerdi ve hizmet ve çözüm odaklı olmalarından çok memnun kaldık. Yalnız bungalovlarda ki şömine odunları tek yakışta bitti ve arkadaşlar odun olmadığını ve b...
4.30 (206 reviews)
Agaoglu My Resort Hotel image
Agaoglu My Resort Hotel
Bright rooms & suites, some with mountain views, in an upscale hotel offering dining & a lounge.
4.10 (894 reviews)
Grand Yazıcı Uludağ image
Grand Yazıcı Uludağ
Contemporary rooms & suites in an elegant property offering 2 restaurants, 2 ski lifts & a spa.
4.00 (666 reviews)
Genç Yazıcı Hotel Uludağ image
Genç Yazıcı Hotel Uludağ
Laid-back, seasonal hotel offering simple rooms, plus a cozy bar, a games room & ski rentals.
4.00 (541 reviews)
Otel Le Chalet image
Otel Le Chalet
Warm rooms in a casual hotel offering ski-in/ski-out access, a gym & complimentary meals.
4.40 (86 reviews)
Lizbonia Otel Uludağ image
Lizbonia Otel Uludağ
😠 2 kişilik ekip arkadaşlarıma tatil hediyesi olarak ayarladığımız otelde 2 gün kaldılar. Personellerin tamamen maddi çıkar odaklı yaklaşımı, arkadaşlarıma gösterdikleri sert tutum, her şey dahil olmasına rağmen hiçbir bilgilendirme yapmamaları, sabah kahvaltı ve öğle yemeği yemeden geçirilen öğünler...
4.00 (311 reviews)
Palabıyık Et Mangal-Kendin Pişir Üsulü image
Palabıyık Et Mangal-Kendin Pişir Üsulü
👍 Really nice restaurant. The most lovey thing is that you’ll be provided with the tools and griller to do your own barbecue outside the restaurant. Prices were reasonable. We went there back in August 2019 with a tour office. The weather was amazing with really nice breeze. I would definitely go back...
4.00 (263 reviews)
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