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Funafuti image
Coral atoll & capital of Tuvalu known for its thatched roof buildings, marine area & water sports.
4.50 (81 reviews)
Funafuti International Airport image
Funafuti International Airport
👍👍 Simple airport. Reminded me of the good old days. Only has 3 flights a week. When there are no flights it has a mutipurpose use as a football field, volleyball field, cyclodrome, pedestrian walkabout , meeting point and many other things.
4.30 (92 reviews)
Ahmadiyya Tuvalu Mosque image
Ahmadiyya Tuvalu Mosque
👍👍 The Ahmadiyya Tuvalu Mosque is the only Purpose built mosque in the Island. It has 400 Ahmadis. This Mosque is situated next to the Funafuti International Airport.The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community translated the Quran into the Tuvaluan Language in 1990.
4.30 (58 reviews)
Blue Ocean Restaurant image
Blue Ocean Restaurant
🫤 We got a not very nice experience there. We wanted to order 3 plates for share among the four of us. (the cost of what ever you choose was about 10 Au $). We asked for chicken chopsoy, sweet and sour pork and of course rise. The waitress asked "only 3?" Plates? Ok, what else do you offer us? SHRIMP...
4.10 (36 reviews)
Funafuti Lagoon Hotel image
Funafuti Lagoon Hotel
👍 There's nothing bad you can really say about a place that's in the third least visited country in the world. For what it is it's clean. The building and rooms are very old. You won't get a hot shower here...not that you'd want one. The food is excellent. Staff are very friendly.
3.90 (49 reviews)
Island Supermarket image
Island Supermarket
👍👍 The film starts off with the funeral of a man named Panos. A very rich and handsome young man called Mihalis thinks he inherits all Panos' possessions but Panos has left all his estate to someone else. Soon after the funeral, cousin Tzimis rings Steve Karamitsis to announce he has inherited a beach...
3.60 (36 reviews)
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