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Bemore Studio image
Bemore Studio
Fitness center
👍👍 This studio has been an absolute game changer for me. I’ve done various dance fitness programmes in the past but never seen real results. I don’t have the discipline to work out at a gym so the class offering is perfect for me at Bemore with all the equipment, encouragement and guidance on form and...
5.00 (104 reviews) (~1.72 km from centre)
All Things Physio image
All Things Physio
Physical therapist
👍👍 Andreas is a font of knowledge and has been a great help in getting me back up to my previous fitness level. And given me a way to maintain it for my future climbing adventures – many many thanks.
5.00 (95 reviews) (~6.99 km from centre)
Hälsa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy - New Malden image
Hälsa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy - New Malden
👍👍 I received fantastic physio care from Bernardo at Halsa New Malden. The treatment is guided by what you want to get out of it and the suggested exercises are realistic for someone with a busy schedule. Most importantly it gave me the confidence to get back to doing the sports I love doing whilst man...
4.80 (122 reviews) (~5.46 km from centre)
Bodyfix Clinic image
Bodyfix Clinic
👍👍 Just had a follow-up session with Kash for neck and shoulder pain. I immediately felt much more supple with improved movement. I can’t recommend Kash more highly, he is very professional and puts you at ease, explaining what he is doing and why. I will certainly be returning for future maintenance...
4.90 (81 reviews) (~2.07 km from centre)
All Things Pilates image
All Things Pilates
Pilates studio
👍👍 Gemma at All Things Pilates completely fixed my pain following back surgery through physio and pilates sessions at a time I didn't think it was possible! Over a six week period she helped me rebuild my strength and confidence with a great plan which I can incorporate into daily life. Couldn't recomm...
5.00 (70 reviews) (~7.66 km from centre)
NOVA Osteopathy - Coulsdon Clinic image
NOVA Osteopathy - Coulsdon Clinic
👍👍 Nick has been an absolute lifesaver! Originally seeing Nick in absolute panic about a sudden back issue, I felt complete confidence immediately. Nick listens thoroughly and his unique approach to rehab with movement and exercises provide relief and noticeable strength, quick! Now with a new injury,...
5.00 (67 reviews) (~5.67 km from centre)
5th Avenue Medical Clinic image
5th Avenue Medical Clinic
Medical Center
👍👍 This experience was amazing from start to finish. I booked an appointment for severe acne so initially met with a dermatologist before having a chemical peel and facial. The dermatologist consultation was professional and very efficient providing a quick diagnosis to Mila who was there to do my trea...
4.90 (63 reviews) (~9.49 km from centre)
West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic image
West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic
Medical clinic
👍👍 I’ve seen a few physios from other practices and Rosemary has been the only one who listened, explained and found the problem. Very easy to book an appointment and always responds to emails quickly. Always look forward to our sessions. Highly recommend!
4.90 (60 reviews) (~5.86 km from centre)
Pioneer Physio image
Pioneer Physio
Physical therapist
👍👍 After having a bad riding accident which had put me out of action for considerable period of time ,I have been very catious on how to move forward to become fit and active again. Jake gave me a full mot ,was very helpful and encouraging and provided me with an exercise programme to help m...
5.00 (43 reviews) (~5.71 km from centre)
The King Clinic - Osteopath / Physiotherapy / Acupuncture / Sports Massage image
The King Clinic - Osteopath / Physiotherapy / Acupuncture / Sports Massage
Sports injury clinic
👍👍 Monika is not only a magician, her authentic caring style has helped me and my family on multiple occasions. Thank you so much 🤍
4.80 (49 reviews) (~4.53 km from centre)
Peak Performance Training Club image
Peak Performance Training Club
Fitness center
👍👍 Probably one of the best decisions I ever made was to walk into this place 5/6 years ago. Reached levels of fitness I didn't think possible and made some lifelong friends in the process. No egos and great people here from the clientele to the coaches, and the training is absolutely second to none. T...
4.90 (41 reviews) (~5.71 km from centre)
Longevity Health and Fitness image
Longevity Health and Fitness
Physical therapist
5.00 (37 reviews) (~6.14 km from centre)
Simply Osteo Clinic image
Simply Osteo Clinic
👍👍 I’ve had a few different osteopaths for exercise related back pain/maintenance and Anna (Osteo) has been the best by far. She’s really friendly, always relieves the problem and is informative of how to keep well in between sessions. Would highly recommend.
4.70 (41 reviews) (~8.24 km from centre)
Nuffield Health Kingston image
Nuffield Health Kingston
🫤 Staff are completely uninterested. I joined and basically just got my pass and walked in, no interest from the front desk to show me around as per the welcome email. Nasty rough towels that barely dry you. Lots of teenagers occupying all equipment at peak hours. Female changing rooms are a consta...
3.60 (282 reviews) (~8.82 km from centre)
Alcheme Wellbeing image
Alcheme Wellbeing
Wellness center
👍👍 A good smoked salmon, scrambled egg, side salad, and sourdough bread toast breakfast meal was had today, alongside a decent cappuccino. Not bad value, either, at £13.
4.20 (35 reviews) (~7.49 km from centre)
Nuffield Health Merton image
Nuffield Health Merton
😠 Update: 10 months later, still the same as per my original review below. How long can it take to “deliver spare parts”? The worst Nuffield I’ve seen really. A lot of equipment broken, no towels, and just generally very run down. I would also not use those showers - looks dirty. Not a feel-good club...
3.40 (297 reviews) (~6.71 km from centre)
Nuffield Health Surbiton Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Surbiton Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
🫤 I'm not really sure how to put this in writing. But on paper you pay 100 a month to get what you should. There's a sauna, steam, pool and hot tub. The staff are really friendly and attentative and listen to your needs. And there is free parking. This should be a five star review. In reality. The de...
3.30 (112 reviews) (~7.91 km from centre)
Nuffield Health Wimbledon image
Nuffield Health Wimbledon
😠 There were numerous issues that left me extremely dissatisfied with the facility. Allow me to elaborate on the key points that highlight the negative aspects of this establishment. Firstly, the broken lighting in the steam room was unpleasant and also a major safety concern. It was evident that the...
3.20 (122 reviews) (~6.96 km from centre)
Nuffield Health Croydon Central image
Nuffield Health Croydon Central
😠 Awful. Has slipped in standards terribly over the last few years. Dirty, old equipment, the hot water hasn't worked for 2 months or so and there are about 20 different reception staff over last 18 months, with only 3 PTs (who are never there). It's like a revolving door of staff I am pretty sure I...
3.00 (142 reviews) (~8.19 km from centre)
Nuffield Health Croydon image
Nuffield Health Croydon
🫤 The gym itself is OK. The manager was a little rude to me when it reopened after the first lockdown. The trouble is when you put yourself on waiting lists for classes, and someone then cancels the night before for a morning class, you might not realise you have a place. So if you don’t turn up it’s...
3.00 (102 reviews) (~6.98 km from centre)
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