Hidden gems: Sandwich shop in Anaheim

  1. 5.00 AkeLarry   (47 reviews) Casual locale with light fare & pastries
  2. 4.90 Windsor Brown's   (40 reviews)
  3. 4.80 The HoneyBaked Ham Company of Orange   (76 reviews) Comfort food
  4. 4.70 Black Sheep Grilled Cheese BAr   (74 reviews) Sandwich counter in a food court
  5. 4.60 J&Q Vietnamese Sandwich and Cafe   (57 reviews) Comfort food
  6. 4.50 Sandwich Plus   (84 reviews) Comfort food

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What's a Hidden gem?

We call places hidden gems that are new, extremely good, but are not that popular yet - you should check them out. The criteria is to have a rating of 4.5 or more and less than 100 reviews.

This page was last updated on Mar 15, 2023.

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