Woodhaven Apartments image
Woodhaven Apartments
Apartment complex
😠 This place is tucked away and private. It's an older complex so naturally things need repairing...well here is where the nightmare begins. The rental staff refuses to answer the office phone, they are hardly EVER in the office. They lie directly to your face and when you get the chance to call th...
1.00 (6 reviews)
Precoat Metals image
Precoat Metals
Steel fabricator
πŸ‘ If you’re delivering coils, make sure you go through the gate, make a right turn and pull up next to the fence right before door 8. Don’t let what happened to me happen to you. Got there the day before my appointment at 9pm and stayed outside because the big sign said β€œDo not enter plant before chec...
2.10 (128 reviews)
CVS image
Drug store
Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.
2.30 (52 reviews)
Walgreens Pharmacy image
Walgreens Pharmacy
Department of the Walgreens chain providing prescription medications & other health-related items.
$$ $$
2.30 (15 reviews)
Metro by T-Mobile image
Metro by T-Mobile
Cell phone store
Wireless provider supplying phones, tablets & accessories, plus cell phone & device data plans.
$ $$$
2.40 (27 reviews)
Walgreens image
Drug store
Drugstore chain with health & beauty aids, prescriptions & photo services, plus mini-mart basics.
$$ $$
2.50 (64 reviews)
United States Postal Service image
United States Postal Service
Post office
😠 Worst postal office is Hueytown, Al. No one there cares if you get your mail or not, manager is useless. Can't depend on them to get anything to you. I wish merchants would find an alternative way to ship because the postal service is horrible.
2.70 (34 reviews)
Hueytown Middle School image
Hueytown Middle School
Middle school
😠 This school sucks, the teachers scream at you
2.70 (12 reviews)
Burger King image
Burger King
Well-known fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, fries & shakes.
$ $$$
3.00 (429 reviews)
Baptist Health Center Hueytown image
Baptist Health Center Hueytown
Medical clinic
😠 I am being treated by a nurse practitioner who is not doing her job. Her treatment did not resolve my problem so she told me to go to ER. The ER Dr told me to contact her after he treated me for her to continue my treatment because she is my Primary Care Physician. In 5 days I called 3 times for her...
3.00 (12 reviews)
Brookwood Baptist Health Primary Care - Hueytown image
Brookwood Baptist Health Primary Care - Hueytown
Medical clinic
😠 Was a new patient there and seeing a nurse practitioner whom was very rude and didn't know how to talk to people instead re wording how she says things she come off rude so I no longer continued service especially that I'm paying for i will be respected by all means.....
3.00 (8 reviews)
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