Hidden gems: Tourist Attractions in Miami Beach

  1. 5.00 Kraken CycleBoats   (13 reviews)
  2. 4.80 American Dream Tour Miami - City Tours in Classic Convertible Car   (59 reviews) Private city tours in vintage cars
  3. 4.80 City Tour in an Antique Car - The American Dream!   (31 reviews) CLOSED
  4. 4.70 Rainforest Cruises   (35 reviews)
  5. 4.70 Miami Beach Welcome Mural   (28 reviews)
  6. 4.60 Oolite Arts   (50 reviews) Artists' studios open for viewing
  7. 4.60 Villa Vecchia   (26 reviews) CLOSED

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What's a Hidden gem?

We call places hidden gems that are new, extremely good, but are not that popular yet - you should check them out. The criteria is to have a rating of 4.5 or more and less than 100 reviews.

This page was last updated on Dec 11, 2022.