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New Town Jack & Jill image
New Town Jack & Jill
Grocery store
4.30 (232 reviews)
American Legion Post 290 image
American Legion Post 290
Bar & grill
👍👍 Mike the Chef makes Delicious food and appreciate his work ethics and all he does in new town nd
4.40 (132 reviews)
Better B Café image
Better B Café
🫤 The waitresses were working quickly to take care of the full tables, but the floor was dirty and really worn out. The food was ok, but portions were on the small side. I went to the ladies' room and it was... interesting.
$$ $$
4.10 (486 reviews)
North Segment-Northern Lights image
North Segment-Northern Lights
😠 Multiple times a month you dont even know if they are gonna show up on time to open the doors when they say they are gonna open. Sometimes they are a half hour to an hour late. Horrible service, no cosistancy. I time my pre workout meals and supplementation to go workout and then i cant even workout...
4.40 (82 reviews)
TDH Fast Foods image
TDH Fast Foods
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Amazing Taco Pizza and real ground beef burgers not frozen patties. The Indian Tacos are the best. They come in three sizes so if your starving and you don't want to over do it, then order a small.
4.20 (122 reviews)
Jimmy's Pizza image
Jimmy's Pizza
Pizza restaurant
Chain pizzeria serving traditional pies & pastas in a no-frills setting.
$$ $$
4.10 (142 reviews)
Pizza Pie On The Fly - New Town image
Pizza Pie On The Fly - New Town
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Excellent pizza!!! Don't hesitate to order. Staff was friendly and polite.
$$ $$
4.10 (130 reviews)
Little Missouri Inn & Suites New Town image
Little Missouri Inn & Suites New Town
😠 No breakfast, no coffee, no hottub, no time for customers. We went down mid breakfast time and quickly realized there were no plates, eggs, bacon, gravy, bagels or coffee. After asking for plates and the remaining food items, the front staff worker immediately directed me to her "manager" since my...
3.80 (258 reviews)
China Express image
China Express
Chinese restaurant
👍👍 I will NEVER EVER pass through new town without stopping to eat here. So kind and friendly. The food was tasty. I'm so terribly grateful I found this place!!! And the hot and sour soup was amazing!!!
$ $$$
3.80 (185 reviews)
Teddy's Residential Suites New Town image
Teddy's Residential Suites New Town
👍 Being that the hotel is located in the middle of nowhere, it does feel quite luxurious compared to the alternatives in the area. My room was quite large, clean, and comfortable. The hotel room television is large and the internet connection is blazing fast which is great for online gaming. The only...
3.70 (319 reviews)
Edgewater Country Club image
Edgewater Country Club
Golf course
4.00 (73 reviews)
Corner Liquor image
Corner Liquor
Liquor store
4.30 (38 reviews)
Satermo's Hardware image
Satermo's Hardware
Hardware store
4.10 (52 reviews)
Teddy's Lounge New Town image
Teddy's Lounge New Town
American restaurant
😠 Just drive on buy this place. Took around 50 mins to receive this which was priced at 22 dollars. The inside was cold, and I really just couldnt eat it. I have never just walked out of place I wanted to here. I paid for the beer my table had drank but I said I can not pay that much for that. Waitr...
3.40 (149 reviews)
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