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The Solomon Gulch Hatchery image
The Solomon Gulch Hatchery
Fish farm
👍👍 This is a short ride north of the town of Valdez , Alaska, and well worth the stop. We saw all kinds of sea lions feasting on the pink salmon. Found out later that this is the largest pink salmon hatchery in North America .Check out my YouTube video about Valdez and you can hear the sea lions growli...
4.70 (384 reviews)
The Coffee Co. image
The Coffee Co.
Coffee shop
👍👍 Nice little cafe, has plenty of seats and tables of you want to stay and relax. Good coffee, good vibe. Also, love the name!
$ $$$
4.80 (199 reviews)
Valdez Museum image
Valdez Museum
Heritage museum exploring the area's history & culture, with art exhibits, photographs & artifacts.
4.70 (263 reviews)
Valdez Glacier Lake image
Valdez Glacier Lake
Tourist attraction
👍👍 My name is Ryan, a local guide who created the google pin for this location! Valdez Glacier lake is beautiful, one of the few glacial lakes I've seen that offers an easy load in and load out area for free. Of course there are many in Alaska but I think most would agree there is something special ab...
4.70 (245 reviews)
Prospector Outfitters image
Prospector Outfitters
Sporting goods store
👍👍 Small town store, real locals, and a major part of the local economy. This is what "Made in America", "shop local", and "buy local" is all about.
4.60 (286 reviews)
Old Town Diner image
Old Town Diner
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 Came here for breakfast; we ordered French toast and an omelette. The service was super fast and we were in and out within 30 minutes. This is one of my favorite French toasts I've had over the years!! Fluffy, but not too thick, with an even coating and flavorful crust. I would definitely recommend...
$$ $$
4.40 (518 reviews)
Valdez Brewing image
Valdez Brewing
👍👍 Wow! Valdez brewing has some of the least subtle beers I've come across. I go to most of the breweries that cross my path and most might have one slightly interesting IPA or a tepidly spicy beer, but few and far between are those that stand out and hold your attention. Valdez Brewing is one such pla...
4.90 (97 reviews)
Valdez RV Park image
Valdez RV Park
RV park
👍👍 Great RV park within walking distance to Valdez. The views are amazing and the price was reasonable. The bathrooms are plentiful and super clean! They provided complimentary coffee in the office, which was super nice. I liked that there were covered picnic tables in the common space, which is helpfu...
4.80 (107 reviews)
Totem Hotel and Suites image
Totem Hotel and Suites
Modern quarters & cozy cottages in a relaxed property offering free breakfast, plus a gym & a pool.
4.40 (288 reviews)
Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum image
Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum
Heritage museum
👍👍 Amazing place to Learn about about native culture and discover new places and land. Very beautiful and fascinating place. Great place for family and kids . Lots to see and learn. Absolutely a must if you in area. And on top of all it FREE. Enjoy
4.70 (113 reviews)
Bear Paw RV Park image
Bear Paw RV Park
RV park
👍 Not the best but far FAR from the worst. It's directly across the road from the boat dock, its in walking distance to everything ya need. The gentleman at the checkin has less personality than a snail climbing a frozen flag pole in January.
4.60 (133 reviews)
Eagles Rest RV Park image
Eagles Rest RV Park
RV park
🫤 I made the reservation online. I thought $71 a night was a little high but it said there were bathrooms, showers, free Wi-Fi so I thought okay. When we arrived I found out that the bathrooms were closed, no showers and the free Wi-Fi didn't work 80% of the time. What was i paying $71 for? I was pay...
4.40 (232 reviews)
Bridal Veil Falls Trail image
Bridal Veil Falls Trail
Hiking area
👍👍 Great stop. Beautiful and well worth it!
4.80 (85 reviews)
Valdez KOA Journey image
Valdez KOA Journey
👍👍 KOA Valdez was one of the most remarkable experiences me and my family has had in Alaska. The staff was welcoming and friendly. The facilities were extremely clean and presentable. Just an overall amazing time! Thanks again!
4.60 (120 reviews)
Valdez Food Cache image
Valdez Food Cache
Grocery store
👍👍 I live out of area but the clerk there went out of her way to let me know what they have. She sent pictures of what was on the self and let me know how busy they were and call in same day travel. Incredibly thoughtful and helpful. Will be shopping here.
4.60 (104 reviews)
Bear Paw Camper Park Adult Park image
Bear Paw Camper Park Adult Park
👍👍 My boyfriend and I tent camped here for 3 days in pouring rain and were actually pretty comfortable! Utilizing the facilities including a warm common area and laundry, we stayed clean and dry. We also caught a huge salmon right on the beach next to the campground, and saw harbor seals and sea lions...
4.80 (72 reviews)
The Fat Mermaid image
The Fat Mermaid
Laid-back hangout offering pub grub such as pizza & fried seafood, plus a bar & views of the marina.
$$ $$
4.10 (1K reviews)
Horsetail Falls image
Horsetail Falls
👍👍 So the history on naming the 2 falls here is fun. The DOT refused to correct the signs, so Bridal Veil is really Horsetail Falls and vise versa.
4.90 (60 reviews)
Valdez Saltwater Adventures image
Valdez Saltwater Adventures
Fishing charter
👍👍 Had an awesome day out in the Gulf of Alaska fishing with Valdez Saltwater Adventures with Captain Will Everett (Owner/Operator). The Bold Eagle is a capable and very comfortable vessel that handles the Gulf well. Everyone scored with nice big halibut and my friends son got his first halibut and had...
4.80 (63 reviews)
Port Valdez image
Port Valdez
This remote bay features a large marina, shore fishing & panoramic views of the water & mountains.
4.90 (55 reviews)
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