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World War II Memorial image
World War II Memorial
Memorial park
Iconic outdoor memorial honoring the 16 million Americans who served during World War II.
4.90 (23.7K reviews)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial image
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
Memorial park
Memorial pays tribute to slain civil rights leader near where he delivered "I Have a Dream" speech.
4.90 (7.9K reviews)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial image
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Memorial park
Monument to Vietnam War service, featuring a wall with over 58,000 names of dead & missing soldiers.
4.90 (2.5K reviews)
Lincoln Memorial image
Lincoln Memorial
Parthenon-inspired tribute to Abraham Lincoln with a 19-ft. marble statue, murals & reflecting pool.
4.80 (48.4K reviews)
Korean War Veterans Memorial image
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Memorial park
Outdoor memorial commemorating people who served in the Korean War through lifelike statues & more.
4.80 (2.4K reviews)
US Navy Memorial Plaza image
US Navy Memorial Plaza
Memorial park
Massive outdoor memorial pays tribute to Americans serving at sea, including the Navy & Coast Guard.
4.70 (842 reviews)
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial image
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Memorial park
Curving marble wall inscribed with the names of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.
4.60 (1.9K reviews)
Logan Circle image
Logan Circle
Memorial park
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Well maintained place to read a book or sit down.
4.60 (491 reviews)
Pershing Park image
Pershing Park
Memorial park
Plaza honoring General Pershing with benches & a pool basin.
4.50 (558 reviews)
National Japanese American Memorial image
National Japanese American Memorial
Memorial park
Plaques & a bronze sculpture memorializing Japanese-American internment & patriotism during WWII.
4.70 (193 reviews)
Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove On The Potomac image
Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove On The Potomac
Memorial park
Memorial for President Lyndon B. Johnson set in a riverside grove with a view of the National Mall.
4.70 (180 reviews)
D.C. War Memorial image
D.C. War Memorial
Memorial park
Pillared, neoclassical-style memorial from 1931, dedicated to D.C. citizens who died in WWI.
4.80 (138 reviews)
George Mason Memorial image
George Mason Memorial
Memorial park
This memorial commemorates one of America's lesser-known founding fathers, George Mason.
4.60 (212 reviews)
Titanic Memorial image
Titanic Memorial
πŸ‘ The Titanic Memorial may be the least known memorial in Washington, DC and one of the smallest. If you're a tourist, I wouldn't go out of your way to visit it, BUT if you're a local, you should. Here's why: 1) It's on the waterfront. It's in SW DC beyond the new District Wharf right next to Fort Mc...
4.50 (296 reviews)
Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial image
Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial
Memorial park
4.60 (184 reviews)
American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial image
American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial
War memorial
Dedicated to disabled veterans, this granite & glass monument features a flame & a reflecting pool.
4.70 (135 reviews)
Signers' Memorial image
Signers' Memorial
Memorial park
Stones engraved with copies of all signatures appearing on 1776's U.S. Declaration of Independence.
4.80 (81 reviews)
Holodomor Memorial image
Holodomor Memorial
Memorial park
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Beautiful memorial, thoughtfully designed to commemorate the victims who perished from Stalin's manufactured genocide by starvation in Ukraine during 1932-1933. Stalin's "Holodomor" murdered millions of people, and affected many countries, but he intentionally targeted the bread-basket of Europe - U...
4.50 (128 reviews)
Benjamin Banneker Park image
Benjamin Banneker Park
Known for its architecture, this small urban park features sitting areas, a fountain & river views.
4.30 (231 reviews)
Japanese Pagoda image
Japanese Pagoda
Memorial park
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Beautiful spot for the Japanese Pagoda.
4.70 (69 reviews)
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