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Foot and Ankle Associates of Wisconsin image
Foot and Ankle Associates of Wisconsin
Medical clinic
4.90 (243 reviews)
Affiliated Dermatologists image
Affiliated Dermatologists
4.90 (224 reviews)
Moreland Endoscopy Center image
Moreland Endoscopy Center
Medical clinic
👍👍 My colonoscopy procedure was as positive as possible! All staff were polite, compassionate and extremely helpful. My procedure was at the scheduled time. The intake person was kind and informative. There was a slight issue with inserting the needle because of my dehydrated state, but the staff membe...
4.90 (146 reviews)
Women's Health Care, SC image
Women's Health Care, SC
Medical clinic
👍👍 Dr. Akiya is the easiest Dr. to talk to! I look forward to chatting with her during my visits! I can't say enough good about her professionalism and her pleasant personality.
4.80 (120 reviews)
Nephrology Associates Waukesha image
Nephrology Associates Waukesha
Medical clinic
4.90 (85 reviews)
GI Associates - Waukesha Office image
GI Associates - Waukesha Office
Medical clinic
🫤 Had both upper and lower scoping done 2 months ago.... Dr. Staff had me take the inhalent budesonide for EOE orally. I was asked if I had trouble swallowing or choking and I said absolutely not. I followed the order and one month after taking this, I had bloating and abdominal upset, bad enough to c...
4.70 (88 reviews)
ProHealth Urgent Care Waukesha - Sunset Drive image
ProHealth Urgent Care Waukesha - Sunset Drive
Urgent care center
😠 i had an appointment for 10 on big bend and then i had to get sent to the one on sunset. I got there checked in and everything and she said it wasn’t going to be long. There was a couple people before me that got called in. Someone came in and ended up getting called before me. I ended up waiting fo...
4.60 (99 reviews)
ProHealth Urgent Care Waukesha - Moreland Blvd. image
ProHealth Urgent Care Waukesha - Moreland Blvd.
Urgent care center
4.60 (76 reviews)
ProHealth Urgent Care Waukesha - Big Bend Road image
ProHealth Urgent Care Waukesha - Big Bend Road
Urgent care center
👍👍 Urgent care with NP Julie Foy was a pleasant experience, in spite of it being urgent care! She was calming and professional and made me feel at ease. Glad I went. The wait time was also very short, despite a pretty filled parking lot.
4.00 (254 reviews)
LifeStance Therapists & Psychiatrists Waukesha image
LifeStance Therapists & Psychiatrists Waukesha
Mental health clinic
4.30 (80 reviews)
Concentra Urgent Care image
Concentra Urgent Care
Occupational health service
4.30 (77 reviews)
Serenity Health Care Center image
Serenity Health Care Center
Medical clinic
👍👍 Serenity Health Care is a caring and knowledgeable clinic. As someone with Lyme disease who was unable to get help in my local area, I’m so grateful that I found them. I feel as if they gave me my life back and continue to guide me towards an even healthier life. Even though they are an 8-hour round...
4.10 (94 reviews)
Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers Waukesha image
Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers Waukesha
Medical clinic
😠 Never can get through to a receptionist. Also saw a nurse practitioner that can prescribe and she decided it was a good idea to take me off my lorazepam I’ve been on for 3 years. She didn’t taper me off either. She decided it was best to do it cold turkey. She took me off my abilify cold turkey as w...
3.40 (44 reviews)
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