Wheeling Hospital: Emergency Room image
Wheeling Hospital: Emergency Room
Emergency room
1.90 (36 reviews)
Dr. Brenda L. Adamovich, DO image
Dr. Brenda L. Adamovich, DO
Medical clinic
😠 I missed 3 appointments in 6 years and the last one was missed because of covid-19. She changed my appointment 3 times in 1 week and i missed the appointment because I got confused as to which day and time it actually was. She dismissed me as a patient because that was my "3rd missed appointment" ev...
2.30 (16 reviews)
Family Health Center image
Family Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 These people treat patients very poorly. Doesn't seem like they know what they are doing. Different student doctor every visit. The medication they gave me for neuropathy wasnt doing much and seems to have made it worse.They don't seem to listen to the patient much. They are treating me for diabetes...
2.30 (12 reviews)
Tune Adam D MD image
Tune Adam D MD
Pain management physician
😐 I first saw Dr. Tune back in 2013 or 2014, not sure which. At the time, I’d been experiencing mid to moderate back pain for several years. I stressed in my appointment that my pain was NOT in my spine, but rather in the lower back muscles away from my spine. Dr. Tune commenced (and rightfully so,...
2.40 (16 reviews)
WVU Wheeling Hospital image
WVU Wheeling Hospital
😠 The way the ER treats their patients is shameful and embarrassing. My mom sat there for NINE HOURS and still never got treated. They claimed they admitted her then proceeded to never set her up with a room then also explain that there was a scheduled MRI. That never happened either. They never offer...
2.50 (290 reviews)
Valput Properties image
Valput Properties
Real estate agency
2.50 (28 reviews)
Stacey Crossing Apartment image
Stacey Crossing Apartment
Apartment building
πŸ‘ My apartment caught on fire May 23rd. Yes it was electrical and yes I know it was just the closet at the bottom of my steps, only way out of the house from upstairs started at 10 at night no fire alarms ever went off and yes me and my daughter did get out safely but the house was full of smoke and s...
2.70 (7 reviews)
Stone Center Lofts image
Stone Center Lofts
Apartment building
😠 I currently live in Stone Center and let me tell you what it is like: After a long week at work, there is nothing like a nice relaxing weekend winding down at home before you have to go back. Well good luck. You will hear every single sound from your neighbors. Every word they say. Every sigh....
2.80 (6 reviews)
Doctors Urgent Care image
Doctors Urgent Care
Urgent care center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Went in for doctor ordered lab work and to get my flu shot. Got there early in the morning. A few others in the waiting room. Front desk was excellent. Very fast, very friendly and efficient. Got called back quickly. Gentleman taking my blood and giving my flu shot was also very nice. Quick, clean a...
2.90 (72 reviews)
Ohio Valley Dermatology Associates image
Ohio Valley Dermatology Associates
Skin care clinic
😠 Had an appointment Monday, was told they would call in a prescription by 5pm that day. I called the pharmacy Monday and Tuesday and they hadn't received anything. Sometimes simple mistakes happen, I'm very patient. Wednesday and Thursday I left two messages with two different people about my missin...
2.90 (15 reviews)
Northwood Health Systems image
Northwood Health Systems
Mental health service
😠 I spoke with a lady named Tiffany today and she was so rude. I know people are busy but when dealing with people with mental health issues they should screen their employees and make sure the staff that they have are caring individuals and not ones that sound angry and tired of doing their jobs. Tru...
3.00 (28 reviews)
Booker T Washington Plaza image
Booker T Washington Plaza
Apartment building
😠 I guess if u want drugs it would be 5 stars
3.00 (21 reviews)
Russell Nesbitt Services Inc image
Russell Nesbitt Services Inc
Mental health service
😠 They like to blame staff for everything. They blame the nurses for things they did not do because they were not even there, and they (Russell nesbit) are write up happy. They just make accusations without proof, and write you up for those accusations. They write people up so much until the employ...
3.00 (8 reviews)
Wheeling Civic Garden Center image
Wheeling Civic Garden Center
🫀 I'm not even sure if this place is supposed to sell plants or not. When I finally found my way in there it was locked, but the employee insisted it wasn't locked so I unlocked it and went in. Lots of big beautiful plants but it was unclear if they were for sale or not. Then to get to the other side...
3.00 (5 reviews)
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