Thomas T. Taber Museum image
Thomas T. Taber Museum
History museum
History museum with rotating exhibits, a Native American gallery & collection of 300+ model trains.
4.70 (209 reviews)
C&O Canal Lock image
C&O Canal Lock
Historical landmark
👍👍 Great place to day hike or biking at a scenic historic location with a variety of wildlife.
4.70 (153 reviews)
Byron Memorial Park image
Byron Memorial Park
👍👍 my son loves this park. lots to do! the main playground has the rubber ground instead of mulch making falls safer and cleaner clothes. they have fitness stations throughout and several nice pavilions. this is run by williamsport not wash co parks.
4.60 (700 reviews)
Cushwa Basin image
Cushwa Basin
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Great trail for all types of legs and wheels. Reminds me of the biking trail that heads north out of Burlington, Vermont. Mostly shaded; go anytime of the day. Plenty of parking. Listen to the light chirping of birds, strumming of small insects, or bring the friends for a gab session. Plenty of wil...
4.60 (121 reviews)
Canal Lockhouse 44 image
Canal Lockhouse 44
Hiking area
👍👍 Cant go wrong getting some exercise on the canal..a run, a walk, or a little bike riding. Enjoy the scenery.
4.60 (104 reviews)
Williamsport Falls image
Williamsport Falls
Scenic spot
👍 Very nice fall, especially after rain. Nice gravel trail 1 mike to the other end and mile back. 9 disc golf baskets along trail. Side trails available off main one. Viewing deck very close to parking lot. That's also where you climb down to get to waterfall.
4.50 (582 reviews)
C & O Canal National Historical Park Headquarters image
C & O Canal National Historical Park Headquarters
Tourist attraction
👍👍 My son and I walk this trail almost every morning and today we saw a doe with her fawn and it was absolutely beautiful! Such an amazing place to spend time at!
4.50 (42 reviews)
Millionaires' Row image
Millionaires' Row
Historical landmark
Historic stretch of Victorian mansions & landmark churches built by lumber barons in the 1800s.
4.30 (91 reviews)
Max M. Brown Memorial Park image
Max M. Brown Memorial Park
👍👍 Great park to take the kids to! They have added playground equipment. Carnival was setting up the day we went. Great place for cook-outs and parties. It would be nice if they could get the pool up and running again!
4.20 (147 reviews)
Young Woods Park image
Young Woods Park
👍👍 Very quiet park considering location. Huge old oak trees, nice playground equipment, and tons of squirrels running amuck.
3.90 (63 reviews)
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