Top rated Motels in Winter Haven

Experience the best that Winter Haven has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 12 places from Motel category.

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Motel92 in Auburndale image
Motel92 in Auburndale
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Room and pictures were as advertised. Everything was very nicely updated and we especially liked the shower. There were some people talking loudly in the parking lot late at night and that was bothersome but the AC can be adjusted to run continuously so that helped. The floors were very new but wer...
4.60 (142 reviews) (~8.62 km from centre)
The Lodge at Lake Lena image
The Lodge at Lake Lena
😠 FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Photos and positive reviews are fake - Don't be fooled - place doesn't look anything like that - charging $90/night for no kitchen area, no microwave, crumbling bathroom with brown water coming out of the tap, beds with styrofoam mattresses - total bait and switch! We cancelled...
3.60 (114 reviews) (~8.59 km from centre)
Camellia Motel image
Camellia Motel
😠 ***BED BUGS AND THIEVES!!!*** My mother is a disabled senor citizen who didn't wanna drive home so she booked a room here and had to be relocated to a different one because of bed bugs. When she checked out she forgot her wallet and in 10 minutes of leaving these THIEVES had stolen her money over $7...
3.60 (63 reviews) (~0.84 km from centre)
Lakmar Motel Winter Haven image
Lakmar Motel Winter Haven
Old-school low-rise motel on the lake with no-frills rooms & complimentary Wi-Fi & parking.
3.50 (153 reviews) (~5.44 km from centre)
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Winter Haven FL image
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Winter Haven FL
Casual hotel offering free breakfast & Wi-Fi, plus an outdoor pool, an eatery & a fitness room.
3.30 (767 reviews) (~1.52 km from centre)
Royal Inn Motel image
Royal Inn Motel
😠 The place is disgusting! There was a new cleaning crew a Spanish couple I believe, I only stayed because they worked a miracle in my room. It was super clean. I came back to get a room recently and I guess they got fired because It looks nasty again. The Indian desk clerk smelled like a bottle of Ja...
3.20 (147 reviews) (~4.02 km from centre)
Rose Motel image
Rose Motel
🫀 First off, anyone with common sense that's a business owner should know not to be rude, without adequate & sufficient reason, to their patrons who are paying. The owner AND his wife are very rude! Attitude is unacceptable, for people whose business is a service-related one. As well, people have to p...
2.70 (158 reviews) (~0.82 km from centre)
Economy Motor Lodge image
Economy Motor Lodge
😠 Don't Come here if you have pets. The worker and owner here are self centered. If Debbie here has an issue with you.. you're already on the "get out" list. Next door to us is a couple with 10+ cats who don't take care of them only but once a month at most. We have 3 cats. We keep their litter boxes...
2.70 (115 reviews) (~9.69 km from centre)
Economy Suites image
Economy Suites
😠 This place should be closed down. I knew upon arrival I made a bad choice. After paying, the owner had the audacity to write my card number down on a piece of paper and when I noticed it we immediately got in a shouting match and he tried to explain that he does that in case something is damaged in...
2.60 (199 reviews) (~3.67 km from centre)
Cypress Inn image
Cypress Inn
😠 It was horrible! They're scam artists and the rooms are DISGUSTING! While i stayed there i was hundreds of roaches, i literally went through 4 cans of raid!! The shower and toilet overflow and flood causing the whole room to reek!! Then to top it off once i check out, they take my deposit for no rea...
2.60 (101 reviews) (~8.14 km from centre)
Florida Garden Motel image
Florida Garden Motel
😠 Rented a room for my cousin who is a war wounded veteran, paid for one night and then came back with the cash to pay for the week. After staying one night with the roaches in this room he left and was told that I had to come and get the money returned to me. When I went back to get the money they w...
2.60 (95 reviews) (~2.81 km from centre)
OYO Hotel Dundee By Crystal Lake image
OYO Hotel Dundee By Crystal Lake
Simple rooms with flat-screens in an unassuming budget hotel offering free breakfast & parking.
2.20 (269 reviews) (~9.64 km from centre)
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