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Experience the best that Yakima has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 20 places from Medical clinic category.

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The Covington Clinic image
The Covington Clinic
Medical clinic
5.00 (105 reviews)
Home Family Medicine image
Home Family Medicine
Medical clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Dr. Moyer is unlike any doctor I’ve had before. She is so kind, attentive, knowledgeable, and thorough. I feel like she truly cares about me as a patient. I never feel rushed or dismissed. She has always patiently answered all of my questions both in person and via email and text (and I’ve asked her...
5.00 (60 reviews)
MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care - Yakima image
MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care - Yakima
Urgent care center
4.90 (70 reviews)
Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center image
Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center
Medical clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Dr E an his staff are 10 stars. The best team in town. I have been with them since day 1 of their new clinic. The prices are amazing an very affordable. We are self employed and know the high end of paying for insurance. They have different options for coverage. Give Jason Larson a call an see what...
4.90 (43 reviews)
West Valley Family Health & OB/GYN image
West Valley Family Health & OB/GYN
Medical clinic
4.70 (150 reviews)
11th Avenue Family Medicine Clinic image
11th Avenue Family Medicine Clinic
Medical clinic
4.60 (182 reviews)
Yakima Pediatric Associates image
Yakima Pediatric Associates
Medical clinic
😠 I can never get through to anyone on the phone. They do not seem to care about their patients. If you are able to get through to finally speak to someone after days of trying and being on hold, appointments are very limited. If you need to speak to a nurse, their website says a nurse is available...
4.50 (243 reviews)
MultiCare Yakima Memorial Cornerstone Medicine image
MultiCare Yakima Memorial Cornerstone Medicine
Family practice physician
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I visited the enterologist and everyone was very kind and I am getting some answers.
4.40 (156 reviews)
Yakima Medical-Dental Clinic image
Yakima Medical-Dental Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 The lady referral specialist was so rude on the phone. She shouldn't be allowed to talk to people in that way and she's a liar. She said that they have been trying to reach me for days when I have 2 phones on file for them and my chart messenger and it was the weekend and labor day. I have no missed...
4.30 (441 reviews)
Lincoln Avenue Medical-Dental Center image
Lincoln Avenue Medical-Dental Center
Medical clinic
😠 My son has a cough, I decided to get him seen and make sure it's not phenomia. The covid policies has made our clinics lose thier minds. When i called they said we can offer you a video call. So how will you listen to my 6 year Olds chest over the phone?? Are you worried about covid or something tha...
4.20 (221 reviews)
Yakima Medical Clinic image
Yakima Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 As I was walking out the door I said to myself, self: RUN, RUN, RUN as fast and far away from this place and NEVER look back! I've been coming to this clinic for years but my most recent visit has all but assured me that "Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore!" What has happened to my provider, Sal...
3.80 (33 reviews)
Yakima Neighborhood Health Services: image
Yakima Neighborhood Health Services:
Medical clinic
😠 Unless you're Mexican American, you will be treated like garbage. Front counter gals will actually ARGUE with you. Doctor's (PA's and nurses? Do they have any actual MD's??) there only work for a paycheck. They have no clue what they're doing. They make you wait upwards of 3 months for lab results...
3.50 (161 reviews)
Best Practices Medical Clinic image
Best Practices Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
🫀 My experience started out great, it's slowly gone down hill. I had an MRI over a week ago and have yet to have my results given to me. I've called 3 times and I keep getting "he hasn't looked at them yet." the voicemail message says call backs are done in order of urgency. I haven't felt my toes in...
3.40 (42 reviews)
Central Washington Family Medicine Clinic image
Central Washington Family Medicine Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 This has been my clinic pretty much my whole life, and unfortunately this no longer the place for my care at all. In just the last two weeks, I’ve had to call on average 6-8 times before I get to talk to a receptionist. I got my call dropped when getting transferred. I called about a referral after...
3.30 (146 reviews)
Pacific Crest Family Medicine image
Pacific Crest Family Medicine
Family practice physician
🫀 Only giving 2 because my doctor is great, however the office operates very unprofessionally. First experience, they sent the wrong prescriptions and didn’t call me for the results, I had to call them. Second experience, they call me about needing to come sign papers for a referral, I drive down at l...
3.30 (39 reviews)
Quality Care Medical Clinic image
Quality Care Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 If I could give this place a zero I would. There was only one doctor there that I actually liked and he is no longer there. They make themselves so over booked that they don't have time to give "quality care" to their patients. The doctor I saw I had never seen before. She didn't listen to me, didn'...
3.00 (54 reviews)
Water's Edge: Memorial's Pain Relief Institute image
Water's Edge: Memorial's Pain Relief Institute
Pain control clinic
🫀 I believed I had an excellent specialist in Dr Ruiz. He listened, explained and educated me each visit. I felt he had good insight. I felt God had brought me an health professional who would help me. Following cervical surgery difficulties emerged. Dr Ruiz had told me there was no rush on the cer...
3.00 (49 reviews)
Family Medicine of Yakima image
Family Medicine of Yakima
Family practice physician
😠 My family have been patients for the past 3 years. When we first started going to this clinic it was great, but the last 2 times I've been I can not get an appointment or a staff member to call me back within a timely manner to set up an appointment (Took 3 days). Once at the appointment they keep y...
3.00 (34 reviews)
Yakima Ear, Nose & Throat image
Yakima Ear, Nose & Throat
Otolaryngology clinic
😠 Super strict on making a two year old wear a mask. So I went out to the car with my toddler, just to get a call telling me I needed to be inside since my son waiting to be seen wasn't an adult. Then after the appointment we tried to schedule his follow up. They said they didn't have the schedule and...
2.70 (53 reviews)
Yakima Gastroenterology Associates image
Yakima Gastroenterology Associates
😠 EDIT: In September, I left a message at this clinic asking if there were any consultation appointments available and I'd be willing to see a different Dr in case there were. I received a call early January regarding my appointment, which I already had, and "would I like to schedule it now?". I told...
2.00 (38 reviews)
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